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Steroids Should Have Been Put Aside on Cooperstown Sunday

As Tony La Russa entered the National Baseball Hall of Fame, some tried to drag him down on the steroids subject.

Don’t blame the BBWAA or the Hall for the steroid era

Baseball writers and the Hall of Fame itself take the heat for a problem that was not of their own making. MLB needs to step in and demonstrate leadership in dealing with the legacies of players from the steroid era.

The Steroids Era Hall of Fame Matrix

An approach to frame consideration of steroids era players for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Roger Dean Stadium protects McGwire’s backside

“Tasteless” radio station stunt targeted at Mark McGwire leads to banishment.

Fleischer losing clients

The man behind the Mark McGwire media plan has lost a couple of high-profile gigs.

The McGwire family’s shortest book ever

In an odd twist, the wrong McGwire may turn out to be the family’s anti-steroid spokesman.

Mark, Jay and Dad

Jay McGwire’s book is coming out. Here is hoping his family members aren’t actually surprised.

Bonds’ ex-media expert pans Cardinals McGwire plan

Former Giants media relations director labels any plan “naïve” that keeps Mark McGwire from answering further questions about his past.

La Russa needed coaching, too

Just as when Mark McGwire spoke out, St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa is catching considerable heat for what he said and did not say.

McGwire falls on sword, but that isn’t enough for all

One aspect of Mark McGwire’s tearful interview on MLB Network is a stumbling block to many – his view of the impact of steroids on his results.

Theories for McGwire’s delay

Why has Mark McGwire’s coming out party remained in his most familiar place – limboland?

James says Cooperstown should expect steroid players

The “father of sabermetrics” Bill James explains why he thinks players from baseball’s steroids era will eventually reach the Hall of Fame.

Glaus: Guilty once, so guilty twice?

St. Louis Cardinals third baseman Troy Glaus’ alleged steroids use in 2003 and 2004 is back in the news again.

Mudslingers again take aim at Pujols

St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols is unquestionably the top name in baseball still untainted by proof of steroids use. That just makes him a bigger target for unsubstantiated allegations.

Steroid epidemic’s roots in race, says columnist

Writing for, columnist Jason Whitlock believes he has linked the origin of the steroids era to race. I can neither express how strongly I disagree with him nor understand why he went there, anyway.

A-Rod: So Sad

The only positive outcome from the steroids allegations against Alex Rodriguez was apparently the test itself.