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Revenue Increase and MLB Hard Cap Could Aid Cardinals

What is essentially a hard cap in the new CBA is already limiting MLB team spending. Clubs with payroll flexibility and financial muscle could prosper – like the St. Louis Cardinals.

Cardinals are cost-efficient, but not the best

A look at wins versus player payroll spending might lead to an unexpected conclusion about the recent success of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Why the Cardinals could afford Tulowitzki and Ellsbury

The 2014 St. Louis Cardinals seem to have room to take on payroll and build what could be an unstoppable lineup.

The $75 million 2014 St. Louis Cardinals

A theoretical exercise to determine how difficult would it be for the St. Louis Cardinals to reduce payroll to $75 million in 2014.

Cardinals arbitration, spending and more dry powder

The St. Louis Cardinals wouldn’t have to wait until their arbitration cases are settled to make their next move, but they may have good reasons for doing so.

Cardinals’ financial onion peeled back

St. Louis Cardinals chairman Bill DeWitt Jr. offers up more information on the team’s past and present financial picture.

Reyes exhausts Cards’ dry powder

The St. Louis Cardinals’ signing of reliever Dennys Reyes may signal the end of any more spending until at least mid-season.

Cardinals not alone in cutting payroll

The St. Louis Cardinals’ projected player payroll is down $8.6 million from 2008, very close to the average for clubs in the top half of spending across MLB.

Is reducing the Cardinals payroll unreasonable?

The St. Louis Cardinals appear to have revised their player payroll budget down for 2009. Is it justified? How can we know?