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Cardinals Team Payroll in MLB Top 10 for Second Time Since 2005

The St. Louis Cardinals’ player payroll grew by $22.8 million over last season, placing them ninth overall in MLB.

On Cardinals Mulder, Garcia and Lynn

The cries of concern over the contract the St. Louis Cardinals gave injured left-hander Jaime Garcia are reminiscent of those expressed over Mark Mulder six years ago.

Why the Cardinals could afford Tulowitzki and Ellsbury

The 2014 St. Louis Cardinals seem to have room to take on payroll and build what could be an unstoppable lineup.

Cardinals attendance lagging behind MLB again

The St. Louis Cardinals are on track for their lowest attendance total since 2004 and biggest year-to-year decline in at least that long, with four straight years of greater percentage declines than MLB.

Cardinals “dry powder”: Use it or lose it?

Is it better for a team to spend its entire payroll budget early or hold some in reserve?

Busch Stadium debt may hurt players more than taxpayers

Some major league clubs have advantageous leases that offer flexibility but shackle their communities. Others carry stadium-related debt.

Fixing the USAToday Salary Database

A significant discrepancy in a widely-used database reflecting the St. Louis Cardinals’ player payroll has been corrected.

Holliday re-signing hype and hysteria receiving too much ink

With three weeks still remaining in the regular season, speculation over Matt Holliday’s future is getting out of hand

Time to admit there WAS “dry powder”

Despite what some think, the St. Louis Cardinals are spending money. Where is all the “DeWallet” whining now?

The Pujols “convenience fee”?

What if the St. Louis Cardinals asked fans to cover part of the cost of keeping Albert Pujols under contract?