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TCN Blog 2012 top story #12: Motte logs every save

The St. Louis Cardinals ninth-inning relief situation changed 180 degrees between 2011 and 2012.

Boggs’ 3-for-3 in saves a good start, but not unusual

St. Louis Cardinals closer Mitchell Boggs is 3-for-3 in saves, but so were 45 other Cardinals since 1950.

Where does Motte’s baby step lead?

St. Louis Cardinals reliever Jason Motte delivered in a non-pressure situation on Saturday. What is next?

Dealing with adversity – Motte’s time is now

St. Louis Cardinals reliever Jason Motte blew his first 2009 save opportunity on Opening Day. What happens next could be crucial.

Pedro for Cardinals closer?

A rumor has surfaced that the St. Louis Cardinals might be considering an offer to veteran Pedro Martinez to be their 2009 closer. That seems a bad idea for many reasons.