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Territory Rights Continue to Block Fan Game Access

Why can’t all Major League Baseball fans subscribe to a service at a fair price to see their favorite team’s games?

Biggest Cost Increase to Attend a Cardinals Game Since 2008

The St. Louis Cardinals rank sixth in the 2015 MLB Fan Cost Index with a 3.5 percent increase compared to 2014.

On Pham, Kelly, Roster Cuts and the Cardinals Disabled List

Like all MLB clubs, the St. Louis Cardinals must keep one eye on the rule book while managing the spring training roster.

MLB Needs to Get Selling on Pace of Game

Pace of game could be an issue with a future generation of baseball fans, but if so, MLB needs to explain before the idea is taken down from within.

Memphis a Hit Everywhere Except the Gate

Memphis Redbirds attendance dropped 23 percent this season and is down 45 percent over the last decade.

Forbes: Memphis Redbirds is eighth-most valuable MiLB franchise

A new Forbes report pegs the St. Louis Cardinals Triple-A franchise as being worth $29 million.

Improving Uecker-level seating – at a price

A new capability allows fans to upgrade their seats while sporting events are underway.

Yadier Molina joins New Balance team

St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina will be endorsing New Balance athletic shoes.

MLB national blackouts are not going away

Major League Baseball Saturday and Sunday blackout windows frustrate out of market viewers, but don’t expect the situation to change.

Peoria Chiefs bailout plan approved by City Council

The St. Louis Cardinals’ Midwest League affiliate will receive an additional $7.35 million to remain afloat.

Memphis Redbirds, AutoZone Park sale may have a ways to go

The rumored sale of the Memphis Redbirds and its state of the art stadium may hinge on the City of Memphis.

Upset about Trout’s salary? Then change the CBA

Major League Baseball’ labor agreement defines what pre-arbitration players can be paid – even for a player who may be the best in the game.

Cardinals initiate action to protect “Rally Squirrel” mark

The St. Louis Cardinals want to stop a company’s application to trademark the term “Rally Squirrel.”

Can MLB’s television blackouts be cracked in court?

A lawsuit was filed last month, alleging antitrust violations by Major League Baseball in the area of television blackouts.

Review of a review: Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

A recommendation to read a summary of an important event covering off-field aspects of sports, especially baseball.

Batavia Muckdogs sale reinforced by continued Rochester losses

Another year of operating loss from the Batavia Muckdogs increases the likelihood the New York-Penn League team will be sold.

Memphis Redbirds being prepared for sale

The St. Louis Cardinals Triple-A affiliate and its ballpark may soon be formally placed on the market.

The Binghamton Redbirds?

Several dominoes would need to fall for the St. Louis Cardinals’ New York-Penn League affiliate to end up in Binghamton, NY in 2013, but it could happen.

Previewing MLB’s new labor agreement

Preliminary details on the changes coming to Major League Baseball free agency, player salaries, draft spending, arbitration, HGH testing and more.

Money will not buy the 2011 MLB title

The top nine payroll teams in Major League Baseball are at home watching the LCS, with seven of them having missed the playoffs entirely.

Sizing the NLDS impact on St. Louis’ economy

According to a new report, the National League Division Series will generate $5.2 million per game to the St. Louis region.

Pujols as part owner of the Cardinals: Not so fast!

Examining inhibitors that might keep Albert Pujols from being granted an ownership stake in the St. Louis Cardinals.

Biggest cost increase to attend a Cardinals game since 2008

The St. Louis Cardinals rank eighth in the 2011 MLB Fan Cost Index with a 3.1 percent increase compared to 2010.

Forbes ranks St. Louis Cardinals #11 in team value

The St. Louis Cardinals are the 11th-most valuable team in Major League Baseball, according to Forbes Magazine.

Rochester group cuts Batavia losses but says 2011 is it

The Batavia Muckdogs are attracting interest and are expected to be sold this year. Where they will play in 2012 remains an open question.

A look inside St. Louis Cardinals finances

St. Louis Cardinals President Bill DeWitt III outlines team finances and specifically those surrounding new Busch Stadium.

More local TV revenue won’t cover Pujols’ contract

The St. Louis Cardinals’ local television contract has as many more years to run, seven, as the possible duration of Albert Pujols’ next contract.

Cardinals new dynamic ticket pricing plans set

The St. Louis Cardinals have selected the vendor for their new dynamic ticket pricing starting in 2011.

Cardinals lease trouble in Jupiter?

Palm Beach County Florida officials are holding Roger Dean Stadium improvements hostage until the St. Louis Cardinals and Florida Marlins agree to stay beyond 2017.

What is behind a proposal for MLB players to become owners?

Why would a former commissioner want Major League Baseball players to push for team ownership shares?

The Rangers television contract through Cardinals lenses

How might the record deal for Texas Rangers television rights affect the St. Louis Cardinals?

Cardinals minor league attendance trending downward

Despite solid play on the field, the St. Louis Cardinals’ top four minor league clubs had down attendance in 2010.

Slowly cleaning up the mess in Memphis

Progress is being made in improving the financials of the Memphis Redbirds while attempting to attract new events to AutoZone Park.

Batavia Muckdogs financial situation eroding

Lack of attendance is killing the St. Louis Cardinals New York-Penn League affiliate, the Batavia Muckdogs.

Another bad Bud idea: More MLB wild cards

Major League Baseball’s commissioner sees more Wild Card teams as “very attractive.”

Cost to attend a Cardinals game up slightly in 2010

The St. Louis Cardinals rank ninth in the 2010 MLB Fan Cost Index with a 0.7 percent increase compared to 2009.

La Russa sinks floating realignment speculation

A wild idea reportedly offered up in an MLB brainstorming session seems to have many overly concerned while a key member in the room denies it even came up.

Is Cards Cash right for you?

The St. Louis Cardinals have announced a new program to add money to tickets for spending at the ballpark. Like anything, there are both benefits and risks.

Busch Stadium debt may hurt players more than taxpayers

Some major league clubs have advantageous leases that offer flexibility but shackle their communities. Others carry stadium-related debt.

Is the international draft inching closer to reality?

Recent comments attributed to management and the union are positive, but will they actually get to work on it?

Cardinals minor matters: November 1

A collection of recent St. Louis Cardinals-related links of interest with a little commentary sprinkled in.

MLB spinmasters at work on down attendance news

As the old saying goes, figures never lie and liars never figure. Have it your way – 2009 is the fifth highest total attendance in history or the biggest single-season loss since Harry Truman was president.

Improved ticket sales mean improved regional economy

There is a greater benefit from increased ticket sales than just adding better players. It also means a stronger economy and more jobs.

Best minor league markets: Quad Cities at 31, Batavia ranked 48th!

A new study ranking minor league sports markets provides mixed results

Batavia franchise may be nearing its end

A 2008 New York-Penn League championship did not stem the flow of red ink from the Batavia Muckdogs’ operation

Cardinals spring training demographics

Who attends St. Louis Cardinals spring training games and how often do they do it?

Memphis’ emperor has no clothes

A corporate management group has taken over operations of the Memphis Redbirds and AutoZone Park. Guess what is coming next?

The Pujols “convenience fee”?

What if the St. Louis Cardinals asked fans to cover part of the cost of keeping Albert Pujols under contract?

SI: DeWitt third-best MLB owner

The Cardinals enjoy one of the top three owners in Major League Baseball, according to Sports Illustrated

Forbes: Cardinals revenue, value up slightly in 2009

Forbes ranks the Cardinals as MLB’s eighth most valuable franchise.

Cost to attend a Cardinals game down in 2009

The St. Louis Cardinals rank tenth in the 2009 MLB Fan Cost Index with a 1.2 percent decline compared to 2008.

Cards early attendance down more than MLB average

Depending on how you look at it, St. Louis Cardinals average attendance is down either 9.4% or 5.1% year-to-year.

Cardinals not alone in cutting payroll

The St. Louis Cardinals’ projected player payroll is down $8.6 million from 2008, very close to the average for clubs in the top half of spending across MLB.

Is there a business reason to play Colby?

Does having a Rookie of the Year translate to more fans in the stands? Would the St. Louis Cardinals consider trying it with top prospect Colby Rasmus?