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Cardinals Downturn Reflected in Attendance, TV Ratings

The 2016 St. Louis Cardinals missed the playoffs while experiencing fewer fans in attendance and lower television ratings compared to 2015.

Memphis a Hit Everywhere Except the Gate

Memphis Redbirds attendance dropped 23 percent this season and is down 45 percent over the last decade.

What course will the Cardinals chart next?

With declining attendance and the future of Albert Pujols to be determined, how will the St. Louis Cardinals approach this off-season?

Cardinals attendance lagging behind MLB again

The St. Louis Cardinals are on track for their lowest attendance total since 2004 and biggest year-to-year decline in at least that long, with four straight years of greater percentage declines than MLB.

MLB spinmasters at work on down attendance news

As the old saying goes, figures never lie and liars never figure. Have it your way – 2009 is the fifth highest total attendance in history or the biggest single-season loss since Harry Truman was president.

Cardinals spring training demographics

Who attends St. Louis Cardinals spring training games and how often do they do it?

Cards early attendance down more than MLB average

Depending on how you look at it, St. Louis Cardinals average attendance is down either 9.4% or 5.1% year-to-year.