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Miscellaneous Cardinals links: March 8, 2010

Offering up some links to interesting St. Louis Cardinals-related reading around the web.

A glance at St. Louis Cardinals 2010 betting odds

Just for fun, not for keeps, we’ll take a quick look at where the 2010 Cardinals line up with the gamblers.

The Cardinal Nation Blog:’s Blog of the Day again!

McGwire family story and association with Yardbarker leads to repeat national exposure for St. Louis Cardinals-oriented blog.

The Cardinals organization roster matrix: Pre-camp update

The St. Louis Cardinals full system rosters are refreshed to reflect spring training camps, both major and minor league.

A St. Louis Cardinals Twitter directory

One man’s view of those to consider following on Twitter for St. Louis Cardinals-major and minor league-related information.

Philly driver guilty in death of Cardinals fan

The drunken driver who killed a St. Louis Cardinals fan and seriously injured another in Philadelphia last summer accepts a pair of guilty pleas.

Defending Cardinals Nation to the Cardinal Nation

A St. Louis Cardinals promotional program new to some has them strangely angry.

Random newspaper-related thoughts

A series of somewhat-related, somewhat non-related newspaper-oriented items in the news.

Cardinals Winter Warm-Up autograph prices reflect economy

Autograph prices at the St. Louis Cardinals fan event, Winter Warm-Up, demonstrate an appreciation of the down economy.

The Cardinal Nation Blog top stories of 2009 #10: Kennedy’s final season Skip-ped

After the St. Louis Cardinals ate the final year of Adam Kennedy’s contract, they turned second base over to neophyte Skip Schumaker – and it worked!

The Cardinal Nation Blog named’s Blog of the Day

McGwire story and association with Yardbarker leads to national exposure for Cardinals-oriented blog.

Cardinals minor league defense below average

Using unearned runs to measure fielding prowess, St. Louis Cardinals minor leaguers don’t measure up to par.

Busch Stadium debt may hurt players more than taxpayers

Some major league clubs have advantageous leases that offer flexibility but shackle their communities. Others carry stadium-related debt.

Elias Ranking the St. Louis Cardinals roster

Rankings for the entire Cardinals team, not just their free agents, offer some interesting comparisons.

Happy Birthday to!

This blog is officially one year old today, December 12.

Cardinals spring training ticket prices this decade

The progression of St. Louis Cardinals spring training ticket prices since 2000.

2010 Cardinals major and minor league schedules

The title pretty much says it all – links to 2010 schedules for the St. Louis Cardinals and their top minor league affiliates.

Spying on Cardinals reader’s queries: November 29

Commentary on 20 search arguments that recently brought readers to

A scouting market correction taking hold?

Toronto offers at least one recent indication of scouts coming back into prominence.

St. Louis Cardinals lose one owner

Chicagoan Nick Kladis, a member of the St. Louis Cardinals ownership group, passed away on Monday.

2009 recap of Cardinals pitchers hitting eighth

Tony La Russa’s use of pitchers in the eighth spot in the St. Louis Cardinals lineup ended in late July. Did it matter this season?

Walton on KXnO FOX Sports Radio Friday

Catch Brian Walton talking Cardinals baseball with Matt Perrault and Ken Miller on KXnO FOX Sports Radio 1460 in Des Moines today (Friday) at 6:05 p.m. Central.

Cardinals Futures Game history uneven

An in-depth look at St. Louis Cardinals participation in the mid-summer prospect showcase shows strong representation from the 2005 draft class.

Cardinals spur Houston in-season managerial changes

The last two Astros managers lost their jobs when St. Louis arrived in town.

Cardinals early September results mean next to nothing

Looking at the results of the first dozen games in September by world champions this decade.

Cardinals crush classy closers

The St. Louis Cardinals have fared very well against elite closers recently

St. Louis and Memphis: Like father, like son

Calling out stat sheet similarities between the St. Louis Cardinals and their Triple-A affiliate, the Memphis Redbirds Cardinals site gets new name

The Birdhouse has become The Cardinal Nation, while The Cardinal Nation blog… remains The Cardinal Nation blog!

Mediocre starters dominating Cardinals

The title pretty much says it all.

Is publishing players’ home addresses going too far?

Riverfront Times did just that with some current and former Cardinals. Their wrists were slapped as a result. Was it warranted?

Time to admit there WAS “dry powder”

Despite what some think, the St. Louis Cardinals are spending money. Where is all the “DeWallet” whining now?

The Cardinals organization roster matrix: Short-season update

The St. Louis Cardinals system rosters are refreshed to reflect the three US-based short-season clubs: Batavia, Johnson City and the Gulf Coast League Cardinals.

Cardinals New York minutes – 06/23/09

Reporting from the new Citi Field in New York as the Cardinals visit the Mets.

Walton on KXnO FOX Sports Radio Tuesday

Catch Brian Walton live on KXnO FOX Sports Radio Des Moines at 5:30 P.M. Central today, Tuesday.

Productive Cardinals Balks

St. Louis Cardinals runners have scored as a result of each of their last three balks received.

The Cardinals organization roster matrix: DSL update

The St. Louis Cardinals system rosters are refreshed to reflect the start of the regular season of the Dominican Summer League.

Tandem starting ends early in Quad Cities

The St. Louis Cardinals are dropping their use of tandem starting pitchers in their second of two full-season affiliates where deployed.

Open letter from Dr. Mike Marshall

The former Cy Young Award-winning pitcher turned doctor and pitching coach responds to recent articles related to his interaction with the St. Louis Cardinals

Cardinals inherited runners in context

The St. Louis Cardinals’ relievers are leading the world in lowest percentage of inherited runners scoring. That is good, but not the end-all.

The Cardinals organization roster matrix: VSL version

The St. Louis Cardinals system rosters are refreshed to reflect the start of the regular season of the Venezuelan Summer League.

Is not signing minor league vets really the Cards’ problem?

Complaints that the St. Louis Cardinals didn’t sign enough veterans to minor league contracts do not hold water.

The Cards’ 25th man, the DH and MLB indecision

A take off on a current issue as a way to reconcile a long-standing inconsistency across MLB.

Why cutting Cardinals errors is important

Committing the most errors in MLB over a season doesn’t rule out making the playoffs, but it sure is rare.

Breaking the early Cardinals-Cubs “tie”

Head-to-head stats from the six Cardinals-Cubs games to date indicates a leader among “equals”.

Hill the Homeless Hitman

Springfield Cardinals utilityman Steven Hill is leading the Double-A Texas League in batting average, slugging and OPS.

Cards early attendance down more than MLB average

Depending on how you look at it, St. Louis Cardinals average attendance is down either 9.4% or 5.1% year-to-year.

Cardinals are atop the stat sheets

The St. Louis Cardinals are hitting and pitching well in the early going of the 2009 season.

The Cardinals organization roster matrix: regular season

A complete listing of all 282 players currently known to be under contract in the St. Louis Cardinals organization from top to bottom by level and position.

Walton on KXnO FOX Sports Radio Wednesday

Catch Brian Walton on KXnO FOX Sports Radio in Des Moines on Wednesday, April 8 at 2:30 p.m. Central time.

Projecting the Palm Beach Cardinals roster

Not yet having the roster for the St. Louis Cardinals A-Advanced club won’t stop us from speculating.

Cardinals in NL Tout Wars fantasy drafts

How St. Louis Cardinals players were treated in the Tout Wars industry drafts in New York over the weekend.

Cards minors spring game reports – March 26

St. Louis Cardinals minor league spring training game action from Thursday, March 26.

Cardinals pitcher hitting ninth – a good thing?

Tony La Russa has made a change to the bottom of the St. Louis Cardinals lineup again, though it is not cut and dried.

Khalil Greene’s springs point to regular season success

During spring training, new St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Khalil Greene has been either really good or really bad. It seems to transfer to his regular seasons, as well.

Cardinals not alone in cutting payroll

The St. Louis Cardinals’ projected player payroll is down $8.6 million from 2008, very close to the average for clubs in the top half of spending across MLB.

Spying on Cardinals reader’s queries – February 18

Looking at what readers are currently asking about the St. Louis Cardinals through a search of their web queries.

Cardinals minor matters – February 11

St. Louis Cardinals news include three former hurlers finding new homes, three additional spring training invites and more.

Cardinals first-year players and rookies – 1996-2008

Breaking down which St. Louis Cardinals players debuted during the Tony La Russa years and which exhausted their rookie status in the process.

How about some relief around here?

Digging into the numbers to try to understand how the 2008 St. Louis Cardinals bullpen went south.

Is reducing the Cardinals payroll unreasonable?

The St. Louis Cardinals appear to have revised their player payroll budget down for 2009. Is it justified? How can we know?

Cash-strapped Post-Dispatch parent sold Cardinals stake

Lee Enterprises announced their sale of 2.7% of the St. Louis Cardinals to the team’s majority ownership group. It is not enough to solve their deep financial problems.

Cardinals minor matters – January 15

A series of quick hits on and links to recent St. Louis Cardinals baseball news.

McGwire’s Hall of Fame Support Erodes

Former St. Louis Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire, tainted by steroids suspicion, loses ground in the 2009 Baseball Hall of Fame voting.

The Cardinals Organization Roster Matrix: Preseason 2009

A complete listing of all 306 players currently known to be under contract in the St. Louis Cardinals organization from top to bottom by level assigned and primary position.

Cardinals Winter Warm-Up gauges player popularity

Autograph prices at the St. Louis Cardinals fan event, Winter Warm-Up, offer one view of fan valuation of current players.

Smith over Ford, August 1986

A reader asks a question to settle a brotherly bet that takes us back to 1986 and Ozzie Smith’s greatest-ever defensive play.

Cardinals spring training: Reporting for duty

When will the St. Louis Cardinals major and minor leaguers report to camp and how does the World Baseball Classic affect spring training?

Cardinals television update

Taking a look at television-related St. Louis Cardinals news

Four Cardinals Caravans Itineraries Set

The St. Louis Cardinals have announced the schedule for the team’s 2009 Cardinals Caravan, making stops in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Tennessee this month.

Merry Christmas from TCN to The Cardinal Nation!

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Odalis Perez: Better off with the Enemy

The St. Louis Cardinals would be better off if free agent left-hander Odalis Perez lands in the National League Central – with one of their competitors!

Top 20 Cardinals Stories of 2008: #16-20

A look back at the biggest stories across the St. Louis Cardinal Nation during 2008 begins with numbers 16 through 20.

Cardinals Minority Owner in Serious Financial Trouble

The parent of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Lee Enterprises, Inc. is on the verge of bankruptcy. They also own a minority stake in the St. Louis Cardinals.

Cardinals increasing ticket promotions acknowledge the economy

The St. Louis Cardinals seem to be pushing special ticket deals more furiously than ever before. Is the economy a factor?

Houston Writer says “Don’t Count out the Cards” in 2009

Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle is not counting the St. Louis Cardinals out of the 2009 National League Central race, though he sees the local Astros at risk of hitting bottom.