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Polls: St. Louis Cardinals pitching leaders in 2013

Readers can vote on a series of pitching-related questions regarding the St. Louis Cardinals

How many games will the 2013 Cardinals win?

One view comes from Baseball Prospectus, adjusting its projections for the number of wins for each club along with their odds of reaching the post-season.

Potential reserves for the Cardinals reserves

Who might be next in line if one of the five projected season-opening position player reserves on the St. Louis Cardinals is injured?

On World Baseball Classic participation and funding

Documenting and dissecting a recent twitter exchange about the World Baseball Classic.

When does rooting for prospects cross the line?

A prospect-related question for fans of Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Washington, Texas, etc…

FOX Sports Midwest doubles Cardinals spring telecasts to 10

The television home of the St. Louis Cardinals, FOX Sports Midwest, has increased its number of televised spring training games to 10 in 2013.

Is the Cardinals’ window of opportunity closing?

Could 2013 offer the St. Louis Cardinals’ best chance in the near future of going all the way again?

Cardinals Winter Warm-Up photos: Saturday, 1/19/13

Selected St. Louis Cardinals player and executive photos from Saturday’s first day of the 2013 Winter Warm-Up at St. Louis’ Hyatt Regency at the Arch.

2013 Cardinals Winter Warm-Up shows on FOX Sports Midwest

FOX Sports Midwest will produce two 30-minute shows from the 2013 Cardinals Winter Warm-Up.

TCN Blog 2012 top story #1: NLDS comeback over Washington

In the 2012 National League Division Series, the St. Louis Cardinals came back to defeat the favored Washington Nationals.

Cardinals initiate action to protect “Rally Squirrel” mark

The St. Louis Cardinals want to stop a company’s application to trademark the term “Rally Squirrel.”

Will Mo play the prospect market this winter?

The St. Louis Cardinals are well-stocked in an in-demand commodity this off-season, but will they exploit their advantage?

Comparing Cardinals Winter Warm-Up autograph prices

Autograph prices at the St. Louis Cardinals fan event, Winter Warm-Up, are flat for 2013, though there will be many fewer freebies.

Cardinals Top 40 prospect countdown begins Monday, 12/3

The Cardinal Nation’s top prospect list for 2013 will be unveiled over the next 40 days.

2013 Cardinals Legends Camp accepting enrollments

Registration is open to the 2013 St. Louis Cardinals Legends Camp, to be held in Jupiter, Fla. in January.

What is your opinion of the Cardinals uniform changes?

A simple vote on the new alternate uniform to be worn by the 2013 St. Louis Cardinals and other minor changes.

Cardinals organization roster matrix: 2012-2013 off-season

The St. Louis Cardinals full system view reflects rosters for the 2012-2013 off-season.

Cardinals open at 14/1 to win 2013 World Series

Six teams are viewed to have a better chance to take next year’s World Series ahead of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Long Cardinals post-season run-scoring droughts

While scoring one run in their final 28 innings set a new post-season futility mark for the St. Louis Cardinals, similar problems occurred previously.

Jason Motte nearing a very unusual record

Jason Motte has every one of the St. Louis Cardinals saves in 2012 and is on track to become only the sixth closer ever to do so.

Troy Tulowitzki versus Chris Carpenter?

Could minor league fans see two recovering MLB heavyweights meet in Springfield on Saturday?

Astros mulling future of Tal’s Hill

A long-time rival of St. Louis is considering big changes off the field as well as on.

Cardinals, Braves taking different rotation route toward Wild Cards

The St. Louis Cardinals and Atlanta Braves may have both considered a six-man rotation, but the latter is doing it.

On bad Cardinals losses and making the post-season

Is one decisive defeat an isolated incident or an indication of a bigger problem?

What if the Cardinals had traded more prospects?

Comparing the rankings of prospects traded for major leaguers at the non-waiver deadline to St. Louis Cardinals prospects.

Cardinals having run-scoring problems

Since the All-Star break, the St. Louis Cardinals have scored no more than three runs in all six games.

Cardinals last at-bat road comeback wins

A look back at a rare, but satisfying method of winning a baseball game.

MLB All-Star Final Vote process loses any credibility

The lengths to which Major League Baseball is going to generate interest in the All-Star Game have crossed the line, in my opinion.

Cardinals run-scoring in consecutive innings

When the St. Louis Cardinals can score in four consecutive innings, they generally win.

Be the Cardinals GM: Who to trade?

Who should the St. Louis Cardinals consider making available in trade and which prospect should they keep?

Be the GM: What do the Cardinals need most?

What need should the St. Louis Cardinals address first in the trade market?

Cardinals organization roster matrix: 2012 short season

The St. Louis Cardinals full system view reflects rosters for the 2012 regular season and short-season clubs.

What is new at The Cardinal Nation?

Taking notice of new St. Louis Cardinals-related content on the main site,

Cardinals prepare for designated hitter in Detroit

Due to the schedule, the St. Louis Cardinals are the last MLB team to deploy the designated hitter in 2012. Here’s how they fared in the past against Tigers pitching.

How rough was the Cardinals’ last 30 days?

Looking back at the St. Louis Cardinals’ play over the last 30 days does not provide comfort.

Astros improving while Cardinals winning less in minors

Comparing two rivals’ minor league systems results over the first two-plus months of the 2012 season.

Varied Cardinals weekend ahead in New York

In a series changing daily, the St. Louis Cardinals will be visiting the New York Mets for four games starting Friday.

Which Cardinals injury will prove to be worst?

Vote for which player injuries will have the greatest impact on the 2012 St. Louis Cardinals.

A progression of Cardinals left-handed relievers

Looking back at St. Louis Cardinals’ season-opening left-handed relief pitchers since 1996.

17 strikeouts one off Cardinals worst outing ever

St. Louis Cardinals hitters had an unusually futile day with strikeouts on Thursday.

MLB schedule changes could limit I-70 Series

As a part of MLB schedule changes starting in 2013, the St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals may no longer play six times annually.

St. Louis Cardinals checkup: April 2012

Looking back at how the National League Central leaders performed in April and ahead to their May schedule.

Third and fourth chances for World Champs ring coming

Another chance to receive a free World Championship replica ring is coming in both St. Louis and Springfield.

To err is human, but the 2012 Cardinals do it rarely

Through the first 17 games, the St. Louis Cardinals are playing much improved defense.

Friday Cardinals home opener festivities

All the details behind the St. Louis Cardinals 2012 home opener this Friday, April 13.

Furcal, the other Greene and why March doesn’t matter

An Opening Day reminder that spring training results aren’t worth much of anything.

Cardinals organization roster matrix: 2012 full-season

The St. Louis Cardinals system view reflects rosters for 2012 full-season play with all organization players listed by level and position.

MLB social media policy answers some questions, opens others

Major League Baseball has defined its Social Media Policy. The nation’s labor-management arbitrators may be getting more work as a result.

Milwaukee’s Melvin still crying in his beer

Breaking down complaints from Milwaukee GM Doug Melvin about the impact of September roster sizes on the St. Louis Cardinals making the 2011 post-season.

How many games will the 2012 Cardinals win?

The gamblers have established opening betting lines on how many games each MLB club will win this coming season. Do you agree or disagree?

Roles of social media and the media itself continue to evolve

A look around the changing intersection of St. Louis Cardinals major and minor league baseball, Twitter and Facebook.

Cardinals exhibit coming to Clinton Museum

A St. Louis Cardinals-themed exhibit is coming to President Bill Clinton’s museum in Little Rock.

St. Louis Cardinals winter topic fatigue

Vote on which recent St. Louis Cardinals-related topic has been most beaten to death in your opinion.

Cardinals organization roster matrix: 2012 spring training

The St. Louis Cardinals full system view reflects rosters for 2012 spring training with all organization players listed by level and position.

Who cares about a face of the Cardinals franchise?

Some apparently believe the St. Louis Cardinals need a clear leader to replace Albert Pujols. I am not one of them.

Cardinals Winter Warm-Up photos: Sunday, 1/15

St. Louis Cardinals photos from Sunday’s second session of the 2012 Winter Warm-Up at St. Louis’ Hyatt Regency at the Arch.

Cardinals invite 19 NRIs to major league camp

19 St. Louis Cardinals players have been invited to major league spring training camp as non-roster invitees.

Cardinals Winter Warm-Up shows on FOX Sports Midwest

FOX Sports Midwest will produce two 30-minute shows from the 2012 Cardinals Winter Warm-Up.

Cardinals players on Twitter – January 2012 update

A regular update of St. Louis Cardinals major and minor league players on Twitter.

The Cardinal Nation Blog 2011 top story #4: Historic regular season comeback

No team in history overcame a Wild Card deficit of 10 or more games to win the World Series – until the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals did it.

Cardinals Winter Warm-Up autograph prices up selectively

Autograph prices at the St. Louis Cardinals fan event, Winter Warm-Up, are slightly up for 2012, though post-season heroes are up substantially.

A dream Cardinals job – for the right person is looking to hire stats stringers, digital scorers for games, for the 2012 season for several clubs, including the St. Louis Cardinals.

Reviewing the new book Wild Cards: The St. Louis Cardinals Stunning 2011 Championship Season

Reviewing the new book about the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals World Champions, penned by accomplished author Rob Rains and enhanced by dozens of full-page photos.

Cardinals organization roster matrix: 2011-2012 off-season

The St. Louis Cardinals full system view reflects rosters for the 2011-2012 off-season.

2004 Cardinals NL Championship ring on auction

Now is your chance to bid on an authentic 2004 St. Louis Cardinals National League Championship ring and other team memorabilia.

Cardinals World Series items to go on display in Cooperstown

Jerseys, spikes, caps and bats from the St. Louis Cardinals’ run to the World Championship will be displayed at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Rains’ new book on 2011 Cardinals season now available

Accomplished St. Louisan Rob Rains has written a new book about the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals World Champions.

Cardinals announce NLDS roster

The St. Louis Cardinals have announced their NLDS roster, consisting of 11 pitchers and 14 position players.

Putting Cardinals double plays into perspective

How the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals’ rate of hitting into double plays compares to other teams past and present.

Milwaukee cleaned up when St. Louis could not

Looking at the splits to help understand why Milwaukee is leading the National League Central and St. Louis is not.

Cardinals shadowy complaints reflect badly

Apparently legitimate concerns over late afternoon shadows making play dangerous could have been handled more discreetly by the St. Louis Cardinals.

Cardinals join MLB in offering tickets to emergency personnel

The St. Louis Cardinals are making a free ticket offer on 9/11/11 to emergency first responders.

What is the biggest problem with the 2011 Cardinals?

Vote for what you believe has been the biggest inhibitor to the St. Louis Cardinals’ 2011 season.

Win free pairs of tickets to Cardinals Social Media Night

The Cardinal Nation is giving away two pairs of tickets to a special evening at Busch Stadium.

When the Cardinals said goodbye to first place

A look at when Tony La Russa’s St. Louis Cardinals clubs let go of first place for the last time.

Cardinals-Brewers factoids

The St. Louis Cardinals are stranding twice as many runners when playing Milwaukee than against their other opponents.

Cardinals fail to register long winning streak

The St. Louis Cardinals have not been able to win five consecutive games this season. Not cracking off a long streak has not served them well in the past.

Ejections rise with temperatures

A recent study shows tempers are shorter in Major League Baseball when the heat is on.

Cardinals walk off losses on record pace

With over two months of play remaining, the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals have already taken as many walk off losses as in 13 of Tony La Russa’s 15 full seasons as manager.

Checking back on Cardinals releases

Auditing an earlier estimate of 2011 player churn across the St. Louis Cardinals system.

Opening up a Cardinals 40-man roster spot

What move might the St. Louis Cardinals make to clear space on their 40-man roster for a fresh pitcher?

Cardinals players on Twitter

More and more major and minor league players across the St. Louis Cardinals organization are using Twitter to share news.

Cardinals players hearing it from fans

A guest editorial on direct observations of the decline in decorum from St. Louis Cardinals fans.

Cardinals organization roster matrix: 2011 short season

The St. Louis Cardinals full system view reflects rosters for the 2011 regular season and short-season clubs.

Men, not machines

A reminder that player criticism should always have its bounds.

What’s in a name?

Trying to get the little things right – including first names of St. Louis Cardinals’ minor leaguers.

The Cardinal Nation post-draft minor league activity

The Cardinal Nation site has been an especially busy place since the draft.

“Whiny Birds” shirts take sides in Cards-Reds rivalry

A Cincinnati business is profiting from the bad feelings between the St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds.

Cardinals offense not helping overcome blown saves

The St. Louis Cardinals are blowing ninth-inning leads at a record pace, but aren’t receiving any help via offensive comebacks.

Four different Cards relievers with saves in last four wins

Who will be the next closer of the day for the St. Louis Cardinals?

Cardinals approach team record for runs in an inning

The St. Louis Cardinals’ sixth-inning offensive explosion on Thursday night ranked among their biggest ever.

Cardinals need 2001 results in 2011

The St. Louis Cardinals once made the playoffs with a 7-9 record over their first 16 games. This year, they are 8-8.

Cardinals with no compensation picks in 2011 draft

A lack of top free agents lost means the St. Louis Cardinals have no extra selections in the 2011 draft.

Tracking the St. Louis Cardinals hit parade

The St. Louis Cardinals offense is showing signs of life for the first time this season, with a quartet of 14-hit games.

Help the Cardinals help the needy in Japan

The St. Louis Cardinals and their fans are being active in support of Japanese earthquake and Tsunami victims.

David Freese increases his total of three-RBI games

Over his first 95 major league games, St. Louis Cardinals third baseman David Freese already logged has five contests with three or more RBI.

Ex-Cardinals 2011 season-opening census

Where 76 former St. Louis Cardinals major and minor leaguers are now playing.

Cardinals hitters versus Giants starting pitchers

How St. Louis Cardinals batters have fared against the three San Francisco Giants starting pitchers they will face this weekend.

Cardinals win-loss streaks signal season result

When Tony La Russa’s St. Louis Cardinals had more losing skids than winning streaks, they missed the post-season each time. 2010 continued that pattern.

Polls: How would you deal with Matt Holliday’s absence?

A series of questions to determine what you would do if you were the St. Louis Cardinals, having to decide how to deal with Matt Holliday’s unexpected time out of the lineup.