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Cardinals vs. Twins – Regular season history

The St. Louis Cardinals and Minnesota Twins have met 15 times in the regular season prior to this weekend. Kyle Lohse had the last start for the Twins – in 2001.

Pineiro delivers career-best outing

St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Joel Pineiro shut out the New York Mets on two hits Tuesday.

Carpenter extends stingy streak

St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Chris Carpenter has gone ten games and counting without allowing more than six hits or three runs.

First Cards home run trifecta in almost two years

Until Friday, the St. Louis Cardinals hadn’t hit three home runs in an inning since July of 2007.

Rasmus among youngest Cards with four hits in a game

With four hits on Friday, Colby Rasmus is only the 15th youngest Cardinal since 1954 to accomplish the feat.

Pujols: one-man home run band

Albert Pujols tied the second-longest home run streak for the St. Louis Cardinals since 1954 until broken on Tuesday.

Pujols approaching Cards consecutive home run mark

On Saturday, Albert Pujols slammed consecutive home runs for his 27th time as a Cardinal.

Cards high-walk games occurring at record pace

The 2009 St. Louis Cardinals pitching staff is issuing walks in large groups with high frequency.

Carpenter’s current streak approaches Gibson in 1968

Chris Carpenter can tie a 41-year-old St. Louis Cardinals record with a fifth consecutive shutout start on Saturday.

More on Cardinals stinginess streaks

Curious about the best St. Louis pitching performances over five games and more during the last 50 years? If so, it’s right here!

The Milwaukee Cardinals?

The St. Louis Cardinals almost moved to Milwaukee in 1953. How might it have changed the face of the game?

Book review: “St. Louis Cardinals Past & Present”

A new photographic essay by Doug Feldmann covers the Cardinals’ rich history.

La Russa’s coaching legacy: Part two

The Cardinals manager’s staffs have been very static in recent years. It is a two-edged sword.

Where is La Russa’s legacy being passed? – Part one

Should the extent of a coach’s tree be a part of how he is assessed with the greats?

Los cincos de los Cardenales de San Luis

On Cinco de Mayo, a quick run through some of the players who have worn the number “5” for the St. Louis Cardinals over the years.

A Decade of Cardinals Grannies

Putting Albert Pujols’ Saturday grand slam into historical context.

Cardinals youth movement continues through NRIs

Colby Rasmus and David Freese will be the most St. Louis Cardinals non-roster players to make their MLB debut to open a season since 1998 and tie for tops in the La Russa era.

Cardinals minor league franchise census since 1974

The eighth look at St. Louis Cardinals minor league franchises offers a summary of all locations by season over the last 35 years.

Cardinals in the Gulf Coast, Arizona and Pioneer Rookie Leagues

The seventh in-depth look at St. Louis Cardinals minor league franchises continues with their complex rookie league club, currently the Gulf Coast League Cardinals.

Cardinals in Triple-A – 1977 to present

The sixth in-depth look at St. Louis Cardinals minor league franchises continues with their Triple-A entries, currently the Memphis Redbirds of the Pacific Coast League.

Cardinals in Double-A – 1966 to present

The fifth in-depth look at St. Louis Cardinals minor league franchises continues with their Double-A entry, currently the Springfield Cardinals of the Texas League.

September: Time for Cardinals streaks

Reviewing winning and losing streaks registered by recent St. Louis Cardinals baseball clubs

Cardinals in the Florida State League – 1966 to present

The fourth of six in-depth looks at St. Louis Cardinals minor league franchises continues with their Class A-Advanced Florida State League entry, currently the Palm Beach Cardinals.

Cardinals results against left- (and right-) handed starters

How have the St. Louis Cardinals fared against left-handed starting pitchers and at what frequency?

Trends in Cardinals left-handed and switch hitters

2009 signals a change in the traditional make up of the St. Louis Cardinals roster with the potential for the fewest number and left-handed and switch-hitters since 1999.

Three more Cardinals injuries ahead this spring?

Looking at a typical number of disabled St. Louis Cardinals players to start the season and wondering about any possible correlation with the team’s won-loss record.

La Russa’s lineups – a historical view

A 13-year analysis of St. Louis Cardinals Manager Tony La Russa’s defensive deployment of his starters as well as his starting lineups.

Quad Cities: Cardinals top minor league club has a long history

The St. Louis Cardinals Single-A entry, currently the Quad Cities River Bandits, is their top affiliate in terms of wins and playoff appearances. This is the third of six in-depth looks at the history of the Cardinals system’s minor league clubs.

St. Louis Cardinals streaks – a brief history

Looking back at winning and losing streaks registered by past St. Louis Cardinals baseball clubs

Cardinals in the Appalachian League – 1975 to present

The second of six in-depth looks at St. Louis Cardinals minor league franchises continues with their Appalachian League entry, the Johnson City Cardinals.

Cardinals in the New York-Penn League – 1981 to present

The first of six in-depth looks at St. Louis Cardinals minor league franchises begins with the New York-Penn League

A quarter century of Cardinals minor league results

A new series highlighting St. Louis Cardinals minor league results system-wide from 1984 through 2008.

La Russa’s lineup combinations increasing

The St. Louis Cardinals manager’s use of different daily lineups is trending upward and 2009 is shaping up to offer more of the same.

Cardinals non-roster invitees – an update

Revisiting current and past St. Louis Cardinals non-roster invitees to their major league spring training camps.

Cardinals emergency pitchers – 1996-2008

Since Tony La Russa has managed the St. Louis Cardinals, he has called upon non-pitchers to take the mound eight different times. The most recent three were by Aaron Miles. Who will get the mop-up job in 2009?

Who gets Cardinals number seven?

With second baseman Adam Kennedy on the waiver wire, what will the St. Louis Cardinals do with the uniform number 7?

Cardinals spring training second base failures

Trying 30-something year old second basemen off the scrap heap in spring training in recent years hasn’t proven to answer St. Louis Cardinals’ needs.

Breaking down Cardinals September call-ups

Are the St. Louis Cardinals bringing up more players from the minor leagues in September? Are more of them prospects, as compared to veterans? What about the ones passed over?

Cardinals arbitration history – 1974-2008

With Rick Ankiel and Ryan Ludwick heading for arbitration hearings, how have the St. Louis Cardinals fared in these salary disputes over the years?

Cardinals first-year players and rookies – 1996-2008

Breaking down which St. Louis Cardinals players debuted during the Tony La Russa years and which exhausted their rookie status in the process.

The changing face of Cardinals NRIs – Part two

In the second of two-part look at St. Louis Cardinals non-roster invitees, we look at past players that made the major league club out of spring training and some others that fell short.

The 2008 All Ex-Cardinals Team

56 players that were once St. Louis Cardinals property played elsewhere in the majors last season, to be joined by 15 more next year. How many of them were really a loss to the organization?

Mac declines La Russa’s suggestion to speak up

Tony La Russa suggested Mark McGwire come to spring training – and answer questions from the media. Big Mac passed on both.

The Cardinals “Let ‘em Go” Team

Looking back at some of the wise player departures from the St. Louis Cardinals this decade.

The lost art of Cardinals strikeouts

Big strikeout games from St. Louis Cardinals pitchers have become a very rare occurrence, but it wasn’t always that way.

Smith over Ford, August 1986

A reader asks a question to settle a brotherly bet that takes us back to 1986 and Ozzie Smith’s greatest-ever defensive play.

Ex-Cardinals: Where are they now? – John Rodriguez

Former St. Louis Cardinals outfielder John Rodriguez returns to his original organization while Chris Duncan’s brother takes a career hit.

Where Were You in ’82?

On Tuesday, starting at 10:00 a.m. Central, is running a free replay of the St. Louis Cardinals Game 7 win over the Milwaukee Brewers in the 1982 World Series. Where were you, Cards fans?

Cardinals: Where are they Now? – Ken Oberkfell

Former St. Louis infielder Ken Oberkfell remains loyal to the New York Mets as many Cardinals fans remain loyal to him.