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Final Look at 2016 Cardinals Draft Spending

The St. Louis Cardinals spent over $9.5 million on top talent acquired in the 2016 First-Year Player Draft.

Cardinals 2016 Draft Signing Bonus Update

The St. Louis Cardinals are done with their heavy lifting from the 2016 Draft, with over a half-million dollars to use on tougher signs from the latter rounds.

Reviewing the Cardinals draft with Rob Rains

Brian Walton and Rob Rains of break down the St. Louis Cardinals 2013 draft.

Wacha to join Carpenter and Drew as Cardinals’ fastest risers

A look at the players who reached the St. Louis Cardinals the soonest after being drafted.

Cardinals draft bonus pool details released

The assigned pick values for the first ten rounds of the 2013 draft have been revealed.

Don’t forget to thank Pujols for Wacha

Spring pitching phenom Michael Wacha would likely not be a St. Louis Cardinal had Albert Pujols remained.

The unfortunate case of Mark Trentacosta

A drafted player came to terms with the St. Louis Cardinals but was sent home without signing his contract, and ended up losing his collegiate eligibility in the process.

The Cardinal Nation Blog top stories of 2009 #18: Shelby Miller

The St. Louis Cardinals ventured into unfamiliar territory when making their first-round pick in the 2009 draft.

Cardinals passing up comp draft picks

The St. Louis Cardinals have passed up the potential opportunity for 16 additional draft picks the last four seasons.

Checking Cardinals early draft pick return

A review of the St. Louis Cardinals early draft picks over the last six years, with special focus on regular versus compensatory selections.

Cards’ ninth-rounder McCully to sign

The St. Louis Cardinals have come to terms with their ninth-round draft pick, pitcher Nick McCully, reportedly assigning him to Quad Cities.

Jason Stidham to sign with Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals’ eighth-rounder’s coach says his junior infielder is turning pro.

Stock, Kelly, Jackson come to terms

The St. Louis Cardinals officially announced the signing of three top 2009 draft picks.

Cardinals draft yield – the Luhnow years

Percentage of St. Louis Cardinals draftees signed in recent years.

Cardinals sign 32 of 50 2009 draft picks

The St. Louis Cardinals’ sixth-round selection Virgil Hill among 32 players from last week’s 50-round MLB Draft to agree to terms.

Cards add 20 more to close out draft

The St. Louis Cardinals took 20 players on the third and final day of the 2009 First-Year Player Draft

Cardinals select 27 on draft day two

The St. Louis Cardinals took 27 players on the second day of the 2009 First-Year Player Draft.

Cardinals select three in day one of draft

The St. Louis Cardinals selected two pitchers and a catcher/pitcher in the first day of the 2009 First-Year Player Draft.

Fewer recent Cards top draft picks made the bigs

Looking at how many first-round and top 100 picks made by the St. Louis Cardinals in recent years became major leaguers.

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