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Big Changes Coming to The Cardinal Nation Blog

As hopefully all of you know by now, The Cardinal Nation is leaving the Scout network at the end of June, returning to independent operation. The details can be found in an article at the main site with a more detailed question and answer set located on the message board.

If you have not read them, please do so, as they provide important details – and then return here.

Link to article

Message board Q&A link

You may or may not have noticed in the fine print that the new The Cardinal Nation site is being built upon the base of the current TCN Blog. New additions include many features Scout users are already very familiar with and expect, including full team rosters, player pages, the same free and fee articles from the same staff of writers as well as two message boards – one for all readers and a members-only forum as well.

Balls-bat-bags-TCN-overlay-200The article history of the TCN Blog will remain here as will the popular Roster Matrix. However, with the new forum structure being added, comments will no longer be allowed on individual articles starting July 1.

Your existing user id and password here on TCN Blog will remain valid on the new TCN site. If you are a subscriber to The Cardinal Nation, your remaining subscription time on Scout will also be honored at the new TCN site. If choose to not subscribe, you will be able to sign up starting on July 1 for a free userid at the new The Cardinal Nation for ability to comment on the open forum.

As a bonus, for the foreseeable future, the new TCN site will be ad-free for everyone.

In preparation for these changes, please check your bookmarks. On July 1, here is where the following URLs will point: – Will point to the new TCN site – Will point to the old site, with over 12 years of history – Will point to the new TCN site

If you have any questions, please ask them below.


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