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Talking Cardinals and Braves with Bill Shanks

With frequent trade partners the St. Louis Cardinals and Atlanta Braves doing it again this past weekend, I joined long-time friend Bill Shanks on his Macon, Georgia-based radio show on Monday afternoon.

ESPN-middle-GA-Shanks-200The primary subject was the Matt AdamsJuan Yepez trade and how the former would fit in his new home in Atlanta. We also discussed players we thought would have been more likely to be involved in the deal rather than a marginal prospect, the Class-A infielder Yepez.

The dialogue moved on to prior deals between the two clubs, including the future of Jaime Garcia, how the three former Braves in that trade are doing as new Cardinals as well as my assessment of the odds of Shanks’ long-time hopes of Georgia native Adam Wainwright finishing his career in a Braves uniform.

Bill is the host of ‘The Bill Shanks Show,’ a four-hour daily sports talk show on WXKO – 93.1 FM in Macon and 99.5 FM in Warner Robins. He is also a long-time sports columnist for The Telegraph in Macon, appears regularly on local television and was for a decade my peer covering the Braves in association with Follow Bill on Twitter.

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11 Responses to “Talking Cardinals and Braves with Bill Shanks”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    I implore and cordially invite others to post at this web site.

    Brian works hard and deserves your comments.

    So have at it cards fans!

  2. cardstatman says:

    Juan Yepez was on the DL from late May to early August of 2016. Anyone know what the injury was?

    • Brian Walton says:

      Welcome! I do not know his injury last year. Sorry.

      • cardstatman says:

        I think the injury and his young age are why he disappeared from the Braves top prospects lists.

        I understand he signed for $1.125M as a 16 year old with the Braves. That is one hefty signing bonus so I assume some Braves scouts thought very highly of him. Clearly it had to be his bat.

        The knock on him seems to be that he may not have a defensive position. He has already made 3 errors in 3 games at 3B for Peoria! Hopefully that is just new team jitters but his track record at 3B for the Braves was also bad. He may not even be able to play 1B so he needs to be an outstanding hitter to stand a chance of realizing his MLB dreams. Hopefully, he is working on his 1B/3B/LF defensive skills many hours per day!

        • Brian Walton says:

          The Braves are in a way like the Cardinals in that they have comparatively fewer hitting prospects in their system. Not sure if you listened to the radio segment, but Bill Shanks, who follows the Braves as closely as I do the Cards, was surprised they did not send a pitcher to StL. So if we guess the Cards wanted a hitter, they probably had to accept a higher-risk one.

          I hope I am wrong, but Yepez reminds me a bit of Roberto De La Cruz, a third baseman from the Dominican who received $1.1 million from the Cards as a teen in 2008. De La Cruz was defensively challenged and was moved to first. His bat did not develop, either, leading to his release in 2013. He never made it beyond A-ball, with a career average of .227.

          In fairness, Yepez’ career average is .278. But just six home runs in two-plus years is of some concern. We will have to watch to see how he develops. Still young enough there can be hope his bat comes through.

          For those who are TCN members, we have a Yepez feature coming very soon.

  3. cardstatman says:

    Jose Martinez is in today’s starting lineup! I’m hearing Grichuk is headed for Memphis.
    Yesterday, Wong to DL and DeJond promoted.
    The day before, it was Socolovich DFA’d and Brebbia promoted.

    Looks like the FO is trying to shake things up with bullpen and position players who have not been good. That’s a good thing.

    Not sure is Piscotty is back or not but I am assuming the bench is still only Fryer, Garcia, Peralta. 13th pitcher and Piscotty’s personal issue are the other spots. I do favor 13 pitchers and 12 position players when there are no off days in sight but 11 position players is just bit too tight.

  4. blingboy says:

    I should not have picked last night to try to watch a baseball game. It was even more insufferable than I expected. A nine inning game lasting 4 hours, featuring 13 pitchers and more than 140 pitches called balls. I don’t know if there were very many reviewed plays, I couldn’t pay that much attention for that long.

    On another note, Brian do you know if there is any insider talk about the fate of the 10 day DL in light of patent abuse by the Dodgers and probably others?

    • Brian Walton says:

      Yes, it seemed to me that game was played in slow motion and the result was clear long before the final out. I was slightly amused by those who chose Broxton as last night’s whipping boy. By the time he got in there in the ninth, half the stadium had already left with the Cards down 7-4.

      I haven’t heard anything yet about a 10-day DL movement, but it is bound to pick up a groundswell of support for change during the off-season if the abuses continue to pile up over the next four months.

  5. blingboy says:

    Last night and today the games were much better. The guys tightened things up. Offing some guys always works.

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