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Cardinals Organization Roster Matrix: 2017 Regular Season

With the official opening of the minor league season, it is time for another refresh of the Roster Matrix.

This reflects moves during regular season 2017. The previous matrix reflects the rosters as they evolved during 2017 spring training.

matrix-grid-crop-200If you are new to the blog and not familiar with the Cardinals organization roster matrix, here is quick summary:

As 2017 regular season play opened, the St. Louis Cardinals had 261 players under contract from top to bottom, including a full 40-man roster. The 40-man members are called out in bold.

The matrix places each of the 261 at his assigned level in the system as well as by position. Full-season players are listed on their 2017 teams. Other players are shown on their 2016 season-ending rosters. The matrix is kept updated daily or as transactions occur.

Nowhere else will you find this current and comprehensive single-page view of the entire Cardinals organization plus multiple years of history.

Do not be concerned about the order of the players’ names within position. It has no relative significance.


Full team rosters and player profiles at The Cardinal Nation

Remember that to get detailed profile information on every single one of these 261 Cardinals players, simply check out their free player profiles freshly updated now at The Cardinal / You can see bios, photos, videos, articles, news items, links to current season and career stats and much more – everything you need to know about a player in one place.

Click on the following links to be taken to one of the nine team pages at The Cardinal Nation. You can also see rosters and player profiles all the way back to 2004:

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Looking ahead and back

Now that you’ve found this page once, remember one of three ways to get back here. Bookmark the page, type “Roster Matrix” in the dark blue search box at the upper right or use the dropdown menu at the top of the page: “Players/Staff” > “Depth Charts/Roster Matrix”.

For details behind past rosters and transactions, check out the earlier versions of the Cardinals organization roster matrix as follows.

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2017: 2017 spring training



4/6: New matrix. Organization total: 261 players.

4/6: FA 1B Rangel Ravelo signed to minor league contract. New organization total: 262 players.

4/7: 2016 23rd round draft pick OF JD Crowe signed. New organization total: 263 players.

4/9: Mem RHS Luke Weaver to 7-day DL retroactive to 4/7.

4/10: StL RHR Trevor Rosenthal off 10-day DL. RHR Sam Tuivailala from StL to Mem. RHS Daniel Poncedeleon from Spr to Mem.

4/11: Mem RHR Kurt Heyer released. New organization total: 262 players.

4/13: RHR Mitch Harris off Mem 7-day DL. Mem RHR Thomas Lee released. RHP Trey Nielsen off Spr DL. Peo OF Craig Aikin retired. New organization total: 260 players.

4/14: OF Magneuris Sierra to PB 7-day DL. 2B Casey Turgeon from EST (SC) to PB. OF Nick Plummer to Peo DL. OF Shane Billings from EST (JC) to Peo. IF Matt Davis from EST (SC) to Peo.

4/19: RHR Mitch Harris to Mem 7-day DL. RHR Kevin Herget from Spr to Mem. LHR Jimmy Reed to Spr 7-day DL. RHR Tyler Bray from PB to Spr. LHR Jacob Evans to PB 7-day DL. RHR Austin Sexton from JC to PB. RHR Steven De La Cruz from SC to PB.

4/20: LHR Ross Vance from PB to Spr. RHR Dailyn Martinez from Peo to PB. RHR Mike O’Reilly from GCL to Peo.

4/20: 3B Jhonny Peralta to StL 10-day DL (retro 4/16). LHR Tyler Lyons off StL 10-day DL.

4/21: Spr RHR Daniel Bard to TI list.

4/24: Spr RHR Daniel Bard off TI list. Mem OF Anthony Garcia off 40-man roster. New total 39. PB DL RHR Josh Wirsu released. OF Bryce Denton off Peo DL. OF Vince Jackson from Peo to SC. New organization total: 259 players.

4/25: OF Magneuris Sierra off PB DL. OF Austin Wilson from PB to SC.

4/27: Mem RHR Sam Tuivailala to StL as 26th man for double header. Optioned to Mem following game.

4/28: 1B Rangel Ravelo from SC to Mem. OF Anthony Garcia from Mem to Spr. C Jesse Jenner from SC to Spr. Spr C Luis Cruz released. New organization total: 258 players.

4/29: OF Blake Drake from Spr to PB. 2B Luke Dykstra to PB DL.

4/30: RHP Jorge Rodriguez from Peo DL to SC.

5/2: LHP Tyler Lyons to StL DL. RHR Sam Tuivailala from Mem to StL. 2B Mason Katz released. RHS Luke Weaver off Mem DL. RHR Kevin Herget from Mem to Spr. LHR Ross Vance from Spr to PB. RHR Austin Sexton from PB to SC. New organization total: 257 players.

5/5: OF Stephen Piscotty to StL DL. OF Tommy Pham from Mem to StL. OF Nick Martini from Spr to Mem. OF Thomas Spitz from PB to Spr.

5/7: OF Jose Alberto Martinez to StL DL. OF Magneuris Sierra from PB to StL. LHS Marco Gonzales from Mem DL to PB. IF Luke Dykstra off PB DL. RHR Eric Carter to Peo TI list.

5/8: OF Nick Plummer off Peo DL. OF Shane Billings from Peo to PB. RHR Brennan Leitao to PB DL. Peo RHR Greg Tomchick released. LHR Anthony Ciavarella from GCL to PB. RHR Frederis Parra from JC to Peo. RHR Austin Sexton from SC to Peo. LHS Marco Gonzales from PB to SC. New organization total: 256 players.

5/9: RHR Mitch Harris released off Mem DL. LHP Jimmy Reed released off Spr DL. New organization total: 254 players.

5/10: OF Blake Drake to PB DL. IF Juan Herrera from SC to PB.

5/11: RHS Daniel Poncedeleon to Mem DL. LHS Marco Gonzales from SC to Mem. RHR Eric Carter off Peo TI list. RHR Spencer Trayner from Peo to SC.

5/12: RHR Steven De La Cruz to PB DL. RHP Sam Tewes from GCL to PB.

5/14: RHR Rowan Wick to Mem DL. RHR Ramon Santos from Peo to PB. LHR Anthony Ciavarella to PB DL. 3B Danny Hudzina from Peo to SC. OF Vince Jackson, SS Jose Alberto Martinez and LHR Dewin Perez from SC to Peo. 2B J.R. Davis to Peo DL.

5/15: RHR Trey Nielsen from Spr to Mem. LHR Ian McKinney and RHR Landon Beck from PB to Spr. Spr RHR Daniel Bard released. RHR Estarlin Arias from Peo to PB. RHR Brennan Leitao off PB DL. RHR Max Almonte from SC to Peo. New organization total: 253 players.

5/16: RHS John Gant from StL DL to Mem. 2B Eliezer Alvarez to Spr DL. IF Danny Diekroeger from PB to Spr. OF Ricardo Bautista from SC to PB.

5/19: OF Magneuris Sierra from StL to Spr. 3B Jhonny Peralta off StL DL.

5/20: 1B Matt Adams traded to Atlanta Braves for 3B Juan Yepez (Peo). 40-man down to 38. OF Thomas Spitz from Spr to PB. RHR Frederis Parra from Peo to SC. RHR Yeison Medina from JC to Peo.

5/21: OF Shane Billings from PB to Peo. OF Bryce Denton, IF Matt Davis from Peo to SC.

5/22: OF Austin Wilson from SC to PB. OF Ricardo Bautista from PB to SC.

5/23: LHP Tyler Lyons off StL DL. RHR Sam Tuivailala from StL to Mem. RHS Arturo Reyes to Mem DL.

The St. Louis Cardinals Organization Roster Matrix (effective 5/23/17)

St. Louis (25+3) 40-man (38+1)
C Martinez  Rosenthal
Molina Carpenter Wong  A Diaz  Peralta
Wainwright Cecil (L) Fryer G Garcia Gyorko Piscotty
Lynn Siegrist (L) Fowler
Leake Lyons (L DL) Jose Alb Martinez (DL)
Wacha Duke (L 60 DL) Pham
Al Reyes (DL) Oh
Memphis (25+5)
Montgomery C Kelly  Voit B Valera  DeJong Wisdom Huffman
Ar Reyes Schafer (L DL) A Rosario Ravelo Tovar Cunningham
Gant Littrell (L RL) Bader
Mayers  Brebbia Martini
Gonzales (L) Sherriff (L)
J Lucas
Poncedeleon (DL) Wick (DL)
Phillips (L)
Springfield (25+3)
Flaherty Herget Lino Grayson E Alvarez (DL) Mejia Caldwell Sierra
Alcantara Bray Jenner J Wilson Diekroeger An Garcia
Gomber (L) C Hawkins (L) Thon McElroy (DL)
Hudson Echemendia Ad Garcia
Pearce Baker Mercado
McKinney (L)
Morales (DL) McKnight
Palm Beach (25+5)
Ju Fernandez Arias Je Martinez Chinea Seferina Sosa  Pina Spitz
Gallen Vance (L) Godoy Dykstra J Herrera Drake (DL)
D Gonzalez J Perez Brodbeck (DL) Arozarena
Helsley Evans (L DL) Turgeon A Wilson
Woodford Leitao
C Jones Almonte
D Martinez
S DeLaCruz (DL)
Ciavarella (L DL)
R Santos
Peoria (25+1)
Hicks R Williams O’Keefe McCarvel JR Davis (DL) Edman Young Plummer
O’Reilly Arias Knizner Trosclair Jose Alex Martinez Yepez Carlson
Oxnevad (L) Bowen (L) Billings
Farinaro Carter Jackson
Kilichowski (L) Dew Perez (L)
Dobzanski Y Medina
State College (15)
J Rodriguez DeLorenzo (L) Martin Y Gonzalez Ray
  Trayner M Davis Hudzina Franco
Then Fennell
Parra Denton
R Bautista
Johnson City (16+1)
Oca (L) Yokley (ML) Zavala Newman Lopes Asbury-Heath
Castano (L) Siomkin J Lopez Bandes Fiedler
N Gonzalez E Garcia J Rivera
GCL (27)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Schlesener (L) Thomson (L) D Ortega C Rodriguez L Flores Del Perez Balbuena Robbins
Casadilla Salazar I Wilson Murders Figuera Rosendo
J Alvarez Bohannan Lancaster Whalen Talavera
Seijas Changarotty Ynfante
Medrano C Rowland
DSL (52)
Nicacio Pereira I Herrera D Gomez Ozuna E Montero Jimenez
Cordero (L) Blanco (L) Cedeno F DeJesus M Castillo B Sanchez
Ventura Lugo Ju Rodriguez F Soto A Luna
Jr Gonzalez Rosales (L) C Soto Y Rosario Machado
De Jesus Trompiz Joyser Garcia E Pena V Garcia
Ramirez E Perez (L) Longa P Gomez Soler
Oviedo Je Garcia Del Rio
Geronimo Montano
Pirela Samuel
R Garcia
Zapata (L)
Prada (L)
H Soto




(DL): injured – on the disabled list

(TI): temporarily inactive list

(PL): paternity leave

(RL): restricted list

(L): left-handed pitcher

bold: on the Cardinals’ 40-man roster

(#+#): for teams, the number of active players on the roster plus number of inactive/not under contract (DL+TI+PL+RL) players

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10 Responses to “Cardinals Organization Roster Matrix: 2017 Regular Season”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    Baseball is expensive for the price of talent. The 25 man roster is about $148mm per year. The full 40 man would be about $180mm. Add another $10mm for signing amateurs. Add the costs of scouts, film, and minor league players and coaches. The rosters above help illustrate cost.

    Distinguished Veterans like Molina. Wainwright, fowler, and Leake simply cost a lot. We are trying to stay competitive in part with veterans and their salaries. If we did not lift spending, we would field a less competitive team.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      Related to this, if veterans do not defy time and decline post peak with age, only natural, fans can become frustrated. Everybody loves a young star whose performance is much higher than salary. Fans are tougher in higher salary guys.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        What I would like to see achieved during 2017 is improved hitting for average out of Wong and Grichuk. They are young players who can improve offensively, given sufficient play.

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    J D Crowe signed. He began at Auburn, redshirted 2012, little play 2013. Transferred to little Francis Marion, playing little year one, collecting 400 at bats over next two years. Played more amateur ball last summer, in no rush. Twitter posts suggest he marches to his own drummer, as indeed we all do, though some more than others.

  3. JumboShrimp says:

    Crowe was a 5th year senior when drafted. By apparently choosing not to play pro ball last summer, he is not ready to play this spring but has to wait until summer. This makes him in effect a sixth year senior.
    The quickest way to climb the ladder is to begin climbing. The later a guy starts climbing, the less potential time available at the tiop.

  4. JumboShrimp says:

    If by signing now, Crowe indicates he wants to begin work, why not begin June 2016? What did waiting 10 months for a 5th senior to begin play accomplish? Hamlet never reached the majors.

  5. jlshetler says:

    I’m not finding RHP Josh Wirsu on any of the team rosters currently, not even the DLs. Are we sure he is still with Palm Beach?

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