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2017 Cardinals Spring Training Number Assignments

Baseball is a game of numbers – and what is more relevant than the digits players wear on their uniforms?

We have an early look into the spring training number assignments for St. Louis Cardinals players and coaches for 2017. I will provide two tables below. The first is a straight 1-99 view. The second will be a more detailed breakdown, including changes from 2016.

Ortega-h-200_3800As you will see below, every number from 1 through 99 is currently spoken for, with the exception of five numbers – 7, 12, 40, 43 and 99. Five others remain out of commission in unofficial retired status.

As a result, it will be interesting to see what numbers players brought over from minor league camp for spot game appearances will be assigned. They would typically be given a number in the 90s for the day (with no name across the shoulders) – however, for the first time since I began tracking this, all of the digits from 90-98 are already spoken for. (99 is the only possibility, but it has not been used since the departure of So Taguchi in 2007.)

In recognition, catcher Dennis Ortega, spring training number 98, is featured in the above photo.

# Numeric Roster 2017
1 Ozzie Smith (retired) 34 Derek Lilliquist 67 Matt Bowman
2 Red Schoendienst (retired) 35 Greg Garcia 68 Alberto Rosario
3 Jedd Gyorko 36 Aledmys Diaz 69
4 Yadier Molina 37 Oliver Marmol 70 Tyler Lyons
5 Albert Pujols (since 2011) 38 Mike Shildt 71 Carson Kelly
6 Stan Musial (retired) 39 Jamie Pogue 72 Rowan Wick
7 40 Mitch Harris 73 Breyvic Valera
8 Mike Leake 41 Eric Fryer 74 Eliezer Alvarez
9 Enos Slaughter (retired) 42 Sutter/Robinson (retired) 75 Corey Baker/Jose Adolis Garcia
10 Tony La Russa (retired) 43 76 Kleininger Teran
11 Jose Oquendo (since 2016) 44 Trevor Rosenthal 77 Chris Maloney
12 45 Bob Gibson (retired) 78 Trey Nielsen
13 Matt Carpenter 46 Kevin Siegrist 79 Magneuris Sierra
14 Ken Boyer (retired) 47 John Mabry 80 Edmundo Sosa
15 Randal Grichuk 48 Todd Cunningham 81 Anthony Garcia
16 Kolten Wong 49 Blaise Ilsley 82 Gabriel Lino
17 Dizzy Dean (retired) 50 Adam Wainwright 83 Ryan Sherriff
18 Carlos Martinez 51 Willie McGee (since 1999) 84 Josh Lucas
19 Jordan Schafer 52 Michael Wacha 85 August Busch (retired)
20 Lou Brock (retired) 53 John Gant 86 Patrick Wisdom
21 Brett Cecil 54 Zach Phillips 87 Paul DeJong
22 Mike Matheny 55 Stephen Piscotty 88 Harrison Bader
23 Bill Mueller 56 Marco Gonzales 89 Arturo Reyes
24 Whitey Herzog (retired) 57 Darryl Kile (since 2002) 90 Dennis Schutzenhofer
25 Dexter Fowler 58 Jose Martinez 91 Robby Rowland
26 Seung-hwan Oh 59 Mike Mayers 92 Jack Flaherty
27 Jhonny Peralta 60 Kendry Flores 93 Sandy Alcantara
28 Tommy Pham 61 Alex Reyes 94 Austin Gomber
29 Zach Duke 62 Luke Weaver 95 Daniel Poncedeleon
30 Jonathan Broxton 63 Miguel Socolovich 96 Andrew Knizner
31 Lance Lynn 64 Sam Tuivailala 97 Jeremy Martinez
32 Matt Adams 65 Chad Huffman 98 Dennis Ortega
33 David Bell 66 Wilfredo Tovar 98 Junior Fernandez
99 Jake Woodford

Next is a view by grouping. In every case, I list the individual’s spring number as well as who wore it last spring or last season, as applicable.

On the left are the 25 non-roster invitees. In the center are the 40-man roster players.

Then we have the right column, which begins with coaches. The only unconfirmed assignments are the #76 worn by assistant bullpen catcher Kleininger Teran and #90 of batting practice pitcher Dennis Schutzenhofer in 2016. I am assuming they will be back.

Afterward are the retired numbers everyone is most familiar with from the outfield wall at Busch Stadium.

Next are the five numbers that appear to be unofficially out of service to honor former team greats. Joining that group for 2016 is Jose Oquendo, now a special assistant like Willie McGee. This category has been reduced by one in each of the last two years. Mark McGwire’s old number 25 was re-issued to bench coach David Bell for 2015 and Chris Carpenter’s 29 was worn again by Zach Duke last summer. 69 is not used.

By simple process of elimination, the final group of five are all that remain. (Update: That is down to four. See description below the table.)

Non-Roster Invitees (28)   40-Man Roster (40) # 2016 Coaches
22 22 Mike Matheny
# 2016 Pitchers (15) # 2016 Pitchers (21) 33 Pena David Bell
93 Washington (NRI) Sandy Alcantara 67 67 Matt Bowman 49 49 Blaise Ilsley
92 J Rodriguez (NRI) Jack Flaherty 30 30 Jonathan Broxton 34 34 Derek Lilliquist
60 Kiekhefer Kendry Flores 21 Moss (ST) Brett Cecil 47 47 John Mabry
94 94 (NRI) Austin Gomber 29 29 Zach Duke 77 77 Chris Maloney
75 Littrell (NRI) Corey Baker 53 Walden John Gant 37 Moss Oliver Marmol
84 Ohlman Josh Lucas 56 56 Marco Gonzales 23 23 Bill Mueller
78 78 (NRI) Trey Nielsen 8 8 Mike Leake 38 Williams Mike Shildt
54 J Garcia Zach Phillips 31 31 Lance Lynn 39 39 Jamie Pogue
95 95 (NRI) Daniel Poncedeleon 70 70 Tyler Lyons
89 Rosario (NRI) Arturo Reyes 18 18 Carlos Martinez # 2016 Unconfirmed
91 Hazelbaker (NRI) Robby Rowland 59 59 Mike Mayers 76 76 Kleininger Teran
19 Tejada/McKenry Jordan Schafer 26 26 Seung-hwan Oh 90 90 Dennis Schutzenhofer
83 Weaver (NRI) Ryan Sherriff 61 61 Alex Reyes
40 Harris Mitch Harris 44 44 Trevor Rosenthal # Retired
98 open Junior Fernandez 46 46 Kevin Siegrist 1 Ozzie Smith
99 open Jake Woodford 63 63 Miguel Socolovich 2 Red Schoendienst
64 64 Sam Tuivailala 6 Stan Musial
# 2016 Catchers (6) 52 52 Michael Wacha 9 Enos Slaughter
41 Hazelbaker (NRI) Eric Fryer 50 50 Adam Wainwright 10 Tony La Russa
96 Cruz (NRI) Andrew Knizner 62 62 Luke Weaver 14 Ken Boyer
82 Kelly (NRI) Gabriel Lino 72 Waldron (NRI) Rowan Wick 17 Dizzy Dean
97 open Jeremy Martinez 20 Lou Brock
98 open Dennis Ortega # 2016 Catchers (2) 24 Whitey Herzog
68 Aquino Alberto Rosario 71 71 Carson Kelly 42 Bruce Sutter /
4 4 Yadier Molina Jackie Robinson
# 2016 Infielders (3) 45 Bob Gibson
87 Wilson (NRI) Paul DeJong # 2016 Infielders (10) 85 August Busch
66 Cooney Wilfredo Tovar 32 32 Matt Adams
86 86 (NRI) Patrick Wisdom 74 S Garcia (NRI) Eliezer Alvarez # Unofficially out of service
13 13 Matt Carpenter 5 Albert Pujols (since 2011)
# 2016 Outfielders (4) 36 36 Aledmys Diaz 11 Jose Oquendo (since 2016)
88 Bean (NRI) Harrison Bader 35 35 Greg Garcia 51 Willie McGee (since 1999)
48 May (coach) Todd Cunningham 3 3 Jedd Gyorko 57 Darryl Kile (since 2002)
65 Anna Chad Huffman 27 27 Jhonny Peralta 69
75 Littrell (NRI) Jose Adolis Garcia 80 Tilson Edmundo Sosa
73 Diaz Breyvic Valera Potentially available (4)
16 16 Kolten Wong # (last worn by/year)
7 Matt Holliday (2016)
# 2016 Outfielders (7) 12 Mark Reynolds (2015)
25 Bell (coach) Dexter Fowler 40 Mitch Harris (2016)
81 81 Anthony Garcia 43 Seth Maness (2016)
15 15 Randal Grichuk 99 So Taguchi (2007)
58 58 Jose Martinez 60 Kendry Flores (2017)
28 28 Tommy Pham
55 55 Stephen Piscotty
79 Rowland (NRI) Magneuris Sierra


Of the major leaguers who left the Cardinals this past off-season, Matt Holliday’s number 7 most noticeably remains unassigned. The 37 of Brandon Moss (who shifted from 21 last spring) will now be worn by new first base coach Oliver Marmol. Jerome Williams’ 48 is now the property of new quality control coach Mike Shildt.

Bell gave up his number 25 for newly-signed center fielder Dexter Fowler and has taken Brayan Pena’s old 33, for his third number in three years. Jaime Garcia‘s 54 has been re-issued to a minor league free agent signee, lefty Zach Phillips.

Other changes include Jordan Walden’s rarely-worn number 53 moving to another former Atlanta Brave, pitcher John Gant. Free agent acquisition, left-handed pitcher Brett Cecil, takes the 21 worn by Moss in 2015 but given up early last spring.

It is interesting to note that Seth Maness’ 43 remains open, as is Mitch Harris’ 40. The latter, working his way back from elbow ligament repair surgery, was removed from the 40-man roster last fall. While the 31-year-old right-hander remains with the Cardinals, he was not invited to big-league camp.

Bookmark this page. After all, with at least 20 Cardinals spring games to be televised, and potentially a few more still to be added, you are going to want to know who is who.

Updates 2/16

With the suspension of non-roster pitcher Corey Littrell, Corey Baker has been added as an NRI, taking Littrell’s assigned #75. This change is reflected in the tables above.

#60 has been vacated due to the voiding of the minor league contract of non-roster invitee pitcher Kendry Flores.

Updates 2/17

Pitchers Mitch Harris (40), Junior Fernandez (98) and Jake Woodford (99) have been added to MLB camp. These changes are noteworthy for several reasons. First of all, this is the first time to my knowledge that number 99 has been assigned to any Cardinal since So Taguchi left in 2007.

Second, Fernandez is doubling up with catcher Dennis Ortega, both wearing 98. While this is common in minor league camp, as far as I can tell, this is a first in big-league camp.

Update 2/24

Newly-signed Cuban outfielder Jose Adolis Garcia has been assigned #75. Current #75, pitcher Corey Baker, is slated to pitch for Team Israel in the upcoming World Baseball Classic.

For more

The Roster Matrix right here at The Cardinal Nation Blog and the St. Louis Cardinals 2017 roster on the main site, The Cardinal Nation, are fully up to date. The former indicates all players invited to Major League spring training camp, 40-man roster players and non-roster invitees, but their uniform numbers are not designated.

The St. Louis roster on the main site does include uniform numbers, with players listed based on a 25-man roster view, on their official year-ending 2016 teams until they have a firm assignment to open 2017. All eight minor league affiliates’ rosters are kept up to date, as well.

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  1. blingboy says:

    Off topic but Baseball Prospectus thinks the Cards are going to stink.

  2. jlshetler says:

    It looks like Littrell (drug suspension) and Flores (failed physical) are out and RHP Corey Baker (Springfield) is in. Do we know what number Baker will wear?

  3. Brian Walton says:

    Don’t know yet if this means they now have two #98s or if Ortega received a number “promotion”!

    • jlshetler says:

      Brian, I know you’ve been tracking this for a while. Can you recall them ever assigning two players the same number?

      Also, you mention that Teran’s #76 and Schutzenhofer’s #90 are “unconfirmed.” What are you using for confirmations on these, generally? Press releases, sightings, player announcements, all of the above? For example, how did you know right away that Baker was getting Littrell’s #75?

      (Not to ask you to give away all your secrets…)


      • Brian Walton says:

        No, I can’t recall two in Major League camp with the same number, but it is common in minor league camp. The second bullpen catcher and batting practice pitcher do not appear on official rosters provided by the team, but I know they were there last year. I may not confirm until I get in camp myself, which won’t be until minor league games begin.

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