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Early 2017 Cardinals Spring Training Broadcast Schedule

One of my self-assigned tasks each spring is to scan the broadcast schedules of the St. Louis Cardinals’ spring training opponents to create something that is not available in one place anywhere else.

TV-RDS-200What follows is a list of all announced Cardinals Grapefruit League television games for 2017, whether the broadcast originates from the Cardinals side, from their opponents or via a national network. After all, if you are like me, following the long winter, you have a thirst to watch any Major League Baseball no matter who is at the mike.

Though the Cardinals spring television schedule has not yet been announced by the team and FOX Sports Midwest, I am aware of six games that will be televised by other sources. Five will be away from Jupiter’s Roger Dean Stadium. Three will be Minnesota Twins contests on FOX Sports North, two more will be against the Atlanta Braves on FOX Sports Southeast and one New York Mets game on ESPN.

There is much more to come.

In addition to the Cardinals’ originated telecasts and radio plans, yet to announce their broadcast schedule are five other Cardinals spring opponents, plus MLB Network. Typically, MLB.TV picks up all televised games, as well, though no news from the subscription service is yet available.

Keep an eye on this page as I will keep it updated as more information becomes available.

Update January 26: The Astros have announced their spring TV schedule on ROOT Southwest, with one addition to St. Louis’ dates, the evening game on March 27.

Update January 31: The Cardinals have announced their slate of 15 television games as well as 31 of 32 Florida games to be available via radio and/or audio streaming.

The FOX Sports Midwest televised games start from the very beginning, on February 25. All FS Midwest contests will also be streamed via the FOX Sports GO app. This schedule is designed for the working fan, as nine of the 10 spring Saturday and Sunday contests are being picked up by FS Midwest. And if you forget to set your DVR, don’t worry, as most live spring telecasts will be repeated during prime time that evening.

Audio coverage will be offered for all Grapefruit League games with the exception of a road split squad game on February 27. 18 contests will be broadcast on KMOX and the Cardinals Radio Network of 153 stations, however, check your listings as some of the local stations may opt for weekend-only schedules.

The other 13 games not on KMOX/CRN will be streamed via and the MLB At Bat app. These contests are listed below in the Audio column as “stream”. KMOX will also broadcast the Memphis exhibition on March 30.

Of course, as more Cardinals opponents announce their schedules, this table will be updated, so stay tuned! So far, 18 of the 32 Grapefruit League games will televised across four different networks.

Update February 10: The Mets have announced their 15-game spring television slate. Three Cardinals games are included, though one coincides with the already-announced ESPN game on March 28. The unique telecasts are March 5 (WPIX) and March 17 (SportsNet New York). This increases the Cardinals spring TV game count up to 20.

Update February 17: The Nationals have no televised Cardinals contests this spring. Last among Cardinals Grapefruit League opponents to announce are the Marlins, whose spring TV slate is just five games, four of which are against St. Louis. All four are shared telecasts with FOX Sports Midwest, so the Cardinals’ overall total for spring 2017 seems complete at 20 games.

As one would hope, all 20 TV contests are also on the MLB.TV spring schedule, important for those who partake in their telecasts online. At this point, MLB Network has not announced its TV slate, which typically has been a subset of the total, offered in combination of live and taped formats.

Update February 21: MLB Network has announced its spring slate of games. It is important to remember that these are not in addition to already-announced telecasts. They usually select feeds to pick up live or on a delayed basis. Still, especially for those outside of the FOX Sports Midwest footprint, this provides another avenue to watch selected Cardinals spring training games.

For spring 2017, MLB Network is picking up eight of the 20 previously-announced TV games – three live and five on a delayed basis. They are listed below in the column entitled “MLB Net”. For exact times of the delayed broadcasts, check MLB Network’s website.

St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training Television and Radio Plans – as of 2/21/17

Day Month Date Opponent Location Time# StL TV Other TV MLB Net Audio
Saturday February 25 Miami Jupiter** 1:05 FOX Midwest Delay KMOX/CRN
Sunday February 26 Miami Jupiter 1:05 FOX Midwest KMOX/CRN
Monday February 27 Washington Jupiter 1:05 stream
Boston Ft. Myers 1:05 WEEI/stream
Tuesday February 28 Atlanta Disney 1:05 stream
Wednesday March 1 Mets Jupiter 1:05 KMOX/CRN
Thursday March 2 Atlanta Jupiter 1:05 KMOX/CRN
Friday March 3 Wash. (ss) WPB 1:05 stream
Saturday March 4 Washington Jupiter 1:05 FOX Midwest Delay KMOX/CRN
Sunday March 5 Mets Pt.St.Lucie 1:10 WPIX Live KMOX/CRN
Monday March 6 Minnesota Ft. Myers 1:05 FOX North Delay stream
Tuesday March 7 Miami Jupiter 1:05 FOX Midwest FOX Florida KMOX/CRN
Wednesday March 8 Washington Jupiter 1:05 FOX Midwest stream
Thursday March 9 Houston Jupiter 1:05 FOX Midwest KMOX/CRN
Friday March 10 Washington WPB 1:05 stream
Saturday March 11 Atlanta Jupiter 1:05 FOX Midwest FOX Southeast KMOX/CRN
Sunday March 12 Miami Jupiter** 1:05 FOX Midwest FOX Florida KMOX/CRN
Monday March 13 Houston Jupiter 1:05 FOX Midwest Live KMOX/CRN
Tuesday March 14 OPEN
Wednesday March 15 Minnesota Ft. Myers 1:05 FOX Midwest FOX North stream
Thursday March 16 Minnesota Jupiter 1:05 FOX Midwest FOX North Live KMOX/CRN
Friday March 17 Mets Pt.St.Lucie 1:10 SNY stream
Saturday March 18 Mets Jupiter 1:05 FOX Midwest Delay KMOX/CRN
Sunday March 19 Atlanta Disney 1:05 FOX Midwest FOX Southeast KMOX/CRN
Monday March 20 Houston WPB 6:05 KMOX/CRN
Tuesday March 21 OPEN
Wednesday March 22 Washington Jupiter 1:05 stream
Thursday March 23 Miami Jupiter 1:05 stream
Friday March 24 Wash. (ss) WPB 1:05 stream
Saturday March 25 Miami Jupiter** 1:05 FOX Midwest FOX Florida KMOX/CRN
Sunday March 26 Miami Jupiter 1:05 FOX Midwest FOX Florida KMOX/CRN
Monday March 27 Houston WPB 6:05 ROOT SW Delay KMOX/CRN
Tuesday March 28 Mets Pt.St.Lucie 1:10 ESPN/SNY stream
Wednesday March 29 Washington Jupiter 12:05 stream
Thursday March 30 Memphis Memphis 7:05 KMOX
Friday March 31 Springfield Springfield 5:05
** “away”
# local time


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15 Responses to “Early 2017 Cardinals Spring Training Broadcast Schedule”

  1. mikei4444 says:

    Mar 27th against Houston on ROOT Southwest

  2. mikei4444 says:

    Feb 25th
    Feb 26th
    Mar 4th
    Mar 8th
    Mar 9th
    Mar 11th
    Mar 12th
    Mar 13th
    Mar 16th
    Mar 18th
    Mar 19th
    Mar 25th
    Mar 26th

    These are the scheduled Cardinals TV games right now but not yet posted publicly

  3. jlshetler says:

    It looks like you are showing times local to the venue, correct? My understanding is that the @ Memphis and @ Springfield games are at 7:05 and 5:05 pm CT respectively.

  4. Jeremy says:

    March 5 vs the Mets will be aired on WPIX

    March 17 vs the Mets will be aired on SNY

  5. jlshetler says:

    When is the MLB Network schedule expected? For those who don’t get Fox North, Florida, or SE, it’s an invaluable way to see some more of the games, even if delayed several hours.

  6. Phawk says:

    Trying to find out why I am not getting the Cardinal Spring TV on my Sling TV? I have Fox Sports Midwest and believe I got them last year?


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