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Archive for November, 2016

Could Molina Follow Pujols’ Path Out of St. Louis?

One to two years ahead of potential free agency, Yadier Molina’s agent plans to discuss the catcher’s long-term future with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Why the Cardinals Should Try to Extend Seung-hwan Oh’s Contract

St. Louis Cardinals closer Seung-hwan Oh is just one season into his US career, but is also just one year away from free agency. I make my case for trying to extend the relationship.

Making 1/3 of a Billion Commitment to the Cardinals

What might it cost for the St. Louis Cardinals to go all-in on player acquisition this winter? One proposal suggests a third of a billion commitment is needed.

SDI Shows Why No Cardinals Won Gold Gloves

SABR’s defensive metrics, 25 percent of the Gold Glove Award scoring, were not kind to the 2016 St. Louis Cardinals.

TCN’s 2017 Cardinals Top 50 Prospect Countdown Begins

The Cardinal Nation’s 12th annual St. Louis Cardinals prospect ranking has begun.

Cardinals Organization Roster Matrix: 2016-2017 Off-Season

The St. Louis Cardinals’ full system view by position and level reflects rosters and transactions during the 2016-2017 off-season.

2017 Cardinals Spring Schedule – November 7 Version

17 St. Louis Cardinals spring training games have been tentatively scheduled, including 15 in the Grapefruit League.

Cardinals Hot Stove Returns to FOX Sports Midwest

Special off-season St. Louis Cardinals programming returns to the club’s television home, FOX Sports Midwest.