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Partial Unofficial Look at 2017 Cardinals Spring Schedule

With the 2016 World Series just getting underway, it may still seem too early to be thinking about 2017 Spring Training. Then again, with the St. Louis Cardinals missing the post-season for the first time in five years, perhaps thoughts of Florida in February and March are appropriate, after all.

While full spring game schedules for the major league club may not be announced until after the post-season concludes, bits and pieces of the Cardinals spring plans are becoming known. With the help of, here is the first cut at the schedule.

Day Date Opponent Location Time
Fri 24 Feb
Sat 25 Feb
Sun 26 Feb Marlins Jupiter
Mon 27 Feb
Tue 28 Feb
Wed 01 Mar
Thu 02 Mar
Fri 03 Mar at Nationals Palm Beach
Sat 04 Mar
Sun 05 Mar
Mon 06 Mar
Tue 07 Mar
Wed 08 Mar
Thu 09 Mar
Fri 10 Mar at Nationals Palm Beach
Sat 11 Mar
Sun 12 Mar “at” Marlins Jupiter
Mon 13 Mar
Tue 14 Mar
Wed 15 Mar
Thu 16 Mar
Fri 17 Mar at Mets Pt. St. Lucie
Sat 18 Mar
Sun 19 Mar at Braves Disney
Mon 20 Mar
Tue 21 Mar
Wed 22 Mar
Thu 23 Mar
Fri 24 Mar at Nationals Palm Beach
Sat 25 Mar
Sun 26 Mar “at” Marlins Jupiter
Mon 27 Mar
Tue 28 Mar
Wed 29 Mar
Thu 30 Mar at Memphis Memphis TBA
Fri 31 Mar at Springfield Springfield 5:05
Sat 01 Apr
Sun 02 Apr
Mon 03 Apr Cubs St. Louis 3:05 reg season opener

wbc_logo-200With the World Baseball Classic coming at around the same time (exact dates TBA), MLB spring schedules will be adjusted accordingly. Exhibitions may be scheduled as well as camp disruption from players temporarily leaving to play for their homeland.

I am excited about the opening of the new complex to be shared by the Astros and Nationals as Ballpark of the Palm Beaches remains on track to open in the spring. The Cardinals will play there for the first time no later than Friday, March 3 against the NL East Champions.

As had been previously announced, the Cardinals will close camp in Florida by Wednesday, March 28, as they conclude their spring exhibition campaign with single games at their top two minor league affiliates. AutoZone Park and the Memphis Redbirds will host St. Louis on Thursday, March 30 and Hammons Field fans will welcome St. Louis for a contest with Double-A Springfield on Friday, March 31.

The Cardinals will open the 2017 regular season at home against the NL Champion Chicago Cubs on Monday, April 3.

As more information is known about the Cardinals spring training plans, including when tickets will go on sale, as well as television and radio schedules, you know where to find it. Of course, everything to date is unofficial and is subject to change.

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9 Responses to “Partial Unofficial Look at 2017 Cardinals Spring Schedule”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    Glad to see Cubs start schwarber. Nice touch.

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    Ooh wee waited le a century. Put a fork in the cud, they are well done

  3. blingboy says:

    I had assumed the ballpark village strictures would would be architecturally compatible with the retro style of Busch. Glass and steel towers. Gad. The tower at the Broadway end will present issues with reflecting the sun into the ballpark. They have thought of that I am sure. I assume it will block the arch view. A new site specific sales tax added on. But of course.

  4. JumboShrimp says:

    Can the Tribe make like LeBron and become Champs?

    The Cubs could use a functional Jason Heyward. Instead he is a costly albatross.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      What a strange trade it has turned out to be, Shelby for Jason.
      Miller played for a terrible Braves team in 2015. He was tagged for a lot of losses, though he pitched well. In 2016, he suffers a collapse of confidence worthy of Ankiel and gets TLR fired from Phoenix.
      Jason played well in 2015 and lands a massive contract. He too collapses in 2016, for either psychological or undisclosed physical reasons.
      Both Shelby and Jason could stage comebacks, but what a terrible year for each.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        The reason Jason commanded a monster contract was he was seen as established and low risk owing to being in his prime years. He has confounded the hopes of Epstein and the ricketts family. Unless Jason rebounds in future, he will serve as a terrible warning to avoid long term contracts.

        • Brian Walton says:

          Teams will still make long-term offers.

          Theo has a long history of bad contracts, but has enjoyed the advantage of working for deep-pocketed owners.

          What I find most interesting about the Heyward deal is that many (myself included) thought he might opt out after the 2018 season. Now, it seems more like he would never get a $20+ million per season offer again and the Cubs could be stuck with him through 2023.

          So far, it looks like the Cards dodged yet another long-term contract albatross.

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