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Cardinals World Title Odds Shorten

Coming into September, the 2016 St. Louis Cardinals have shorter post-season odds compared to the month before, according to the most recent lines from

August and September lines are included for the World Series win and both league’s pennants. While those divisions still in reasonable contention have lines, the National League Central is not among them. As one might expect, the Chicago Cubs have the shortest lines across the board.

For the Cardinals to win the World Series, one can get 28/1 odds versus the longer odds of 33/1 one month ago.

Odds to win 2016 World Series 8/3/16 9/1/16
Chicago Cubs 7/2 3/1
Washington Nationals 15/2 11/2
Texas Rangers 13/2 13/2
Toronto Blue Jays  9/1 15/2
Cleveland Indians 15/2 9/1
Boston Red Sox 12/1 10/1
Los Angeles Dodgers 16/1 10/1
San Francisco Giants 13/2 14/1
Detroit Tigers 20/1 22/1
Baltimore Orioles 16/1 25/1
St. Louis Cardinals 33/1 28/1
Houston Astros 18/1 28/1
Kansas City Royals 75/1 33/1
New York Mets 28/1 50/1
Seattle Mariners 50/1 50/1
Miami Marlins 33/1 66/1
New York Yankees 75/1 66/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 66/1 66/1
Arizona Diamondbacks Off the Board Off the Board
Atlanta Braves Off the Board Off the Board
Chicago White Sox 75/1 Off the Board
Cincinnati Reds Off the Board Off the Board
Colorado Rockies 100/1 Off the Board
Los Angeles Angels 500/1 Off the Board
Milwaukee Brewers 500/1 Off the Board
San Diego Padres 1000/1 Off the Board
Minnesota Twins Off the Board Off the Board
Oakland Athletics 500/1 Off the Board
Philadelphia Phillies 500/1 Off the Board
Tampa Bay Rays Off the Board Off the Board

At 14/1, the Redbirds have the fifth-shortest odds to take the NL crown, which makes complete sense since they were the second wild card leader as September began.

Odds to win 2016 AL Odds to win the 2016 NL
Texas Rangers 13/5 Chicago Cubs 5/4
Toronto Blue Jays 4/1 Washington Nationals 11/4
Cleveland Indians 17/4 Los Angeles Dodgers 5/1
Boston Red Sox 5/1 San Francisco Giants 13/2
Baltimore Orioles 12/1 St. Louis Cardinals 14/1
Detroit Tigers 12/1 New York Mets 28/1
Kansas City Royals 16/1 Miami Marlins 33/1
Houston Astros 16/1 Pittsburgh Pirates 28/1
Seattle Mariners 28/1
New York Yankees 33/1

A final thought not related to odds: At 70-62 coming into September, St. Louis would need 30 wins in their final 30 games to match their 2015 won-loss record.

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2 Responses to “Cardinals World Title Odds Shorten”

  1. blingboy says:

    This season illustrates how something like the WC arrangement alters the game. In past times a 16 game out team showing no sign of improving as the season has moved along would be acknowledged to be what it is. Nothing much. Anything can happen once you are in the tournament, so the 28-1 odds is probably about right. And we might even win it all. Somehow, that is supposed to obscure the fact that we are expected to be excited about a team that isn’t much, just because the system allows it to remain in contention. The DeWits are, I think, taking advantage of this, and of the fans fanatical loyalty, which is disappointing in a way far beyond this present situation.

  2. blingboy says:

    Nice debut for Carson Kelly. I must officially eat crow. Pass the ketchup.

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