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Cardinals Organization Roster Matrix: 2016 Draft and Short Season

NOTE: As of 11/1/16, this version of the roster matrix is no longer current. It reflects the changes from the start of the 2016 short season until the opening of the 2016-2017 off-season. It should now be considered a historical reference document. For the active roster matrix for 2016-2017 off-season, click here.

With the June 24th Opening Day for the Gulf Coast League – the last St. Louis Cardinals minor league team to take the field in the 2016 season – it is time for another refresh of the Roster Matrix.

This version incorporates the 2016 Draft and will reflect the changes made from the start of 2016 short season play until after the playoffs at all levels are complete. The previous matrix reflects the rosters as they evolved during the 2016 regular season to this point.

If you are new to the blog and not familiar with the Cardinals organization roster matrix, here is quick summary:

As 2016 short season play opened, the St. Louis Cardinals had 289 players under contract from top to bottom, including 39 players on the 40-man roster. The latter are called out in bold. The matrix places each of the 289 at his assigned level in the system as well as by position. It is kept updated daily or as transactions occur.

This version of the Matrix also includes the 2016 draft class, including their signing status and roster assignments, if applicable. Rounds taken are listed in parens following the player name, or (FA) for recent free agent signees. Unsigned players are noted but not included in the totals until official.

Nowhere else will you find this current and comprehensive single-page view of the entire Cardinals organization – plus multiple years of history.

(Do not be concerned about the order of the players’ names within position. It has no relative significance.)

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Looking ahead and back

Now that you’ve found this page once, remember one of three ways to get back here. Bookmark the page, type “Roster Matrix” in the dark blue search box at the upper right or use the dropdown menu at the top of the page: “Players/Staff” > “Depth Charts/Roster Matrix”.

For details behind past rosters and transactions, check out the earlier versions of the Cardinals organization roster matrix as follows.


Link to previous matrices


2009: Jan–March 2009, April 2009, May 2009, June 2009, July 2009-February 2010

2010: 2010 spring training, 2010 regular season, 2010 first half, 2010 short-season, 2010-11 off-season

2011: 2011 spring training, 2011 regular season, 2011 short-season, 2011-2012 off-season

2012: 2012 spring training, 2012 regular season, 2012 short season, 2012-2013 off-season

2013: 2013 spring training, 2013 regular season, 2013 short season, 2013-2014 off-season

2014: 2014 spring training, 2014 regular season, 2014 draft and short season, 2014-2015 off-season

2015: 2015 spring training, 2015 regular season, 2015 draft and short season, 2015-2016 off-season

2016: 2016 spring training, 2016 regular season


6/24: New matrix. Organization total: 289 players. RHS Andrew Morales off Spr DL. RHR Chris Thomas onto Spr DL. RHR Davis Ward from JC to PB. RHR Kurt Heyer from Mem to Spr. RHR Kevin Herget from Spr to Mem.

6/25: RHR Josh Lucas from Spr to Mem. RHP Corey Baker from Spr to Mem. RHS Jake Woodford to Peo DL.

6/27: RHR Kurt Heyer from Spr to Mem. RHR Kevin Herget from Mem to Spr. RHS Alvaro Seijas from DSL to GCL.

6/28: C Brayan Pena off StL DL. C Eric Fryer designated for assignment. New organization total: 288 players.

6/30: LHS Jacob Evans to PB DL. RHS Ryan Helsley to Peo DL. RHR Steven Gallardo off Peo DL.

7/1: LHR Kevin Siegrist to StL DL. RHR Sam Tuivailala from Mem to StL. 2B Mason Katz to Spr DL. OF Thomas Spitz from Peo to PB. OF Collin Radack to PB DL. OF Bladimil Franco from SC to Peo.

7/2: 3B Allen Staton from PB to Spr. 2B Andrew Brodbeck from JC to SC. RHS Dailyn Martinez from SC to Peo. 2B J.R. Davis (15) signed, assigned to JC. New organization total: 289 players.

7/3:  C Eric Fryer claimed off waivers by PIT. 13 July 2 players signed, all assigned to DSL. 4 active in 2016, 9 for 2017. RHPs Johan Oviedo (2016), Allinson Benitez, Enmanuel Solano (2016), Rodard Avelino. C’s Carlos Soto (2016), Joyser Garcia. SSs Franklin Soto, Yowelfy Rosario. OFs Victor Garcia, Carlos Soler, Diomedes Del Rio (2016), Luis Montano, Alexander Samuel. New organization total: 302 players.

7/4: OF Jeremy Hazelbaker to Mem DL. OF Nick Martini, RHR Pedro Echemendia from Spr to Mem. OF Blake Drake from PB to Mem. RHS Andrew Morales to Spr DL. OF Vaughn Bryan from Peo to PB.

7/5: 1B/OF Brandon Moss to StL DL. OF Randal Grichuk from Mem to StL. RHS John Walter from PB to Spr. RHS Junior Fernandez from Peo to PB.

7/6: C Brayan Pena to StL DL. C Alberto Rosario from Mem to StL (added to 40-man). OF Harrison Bader from Spr to Mem. OF Jhohan Acevedo from PB to Spr. RHR Josh Wirsu off PB DL. OF Craig Aikin from Peo to PB. OF Carlos Torres from JC to Peo.

7/7: IF Matt Carpenter to StL DL. C Michael McKenry from Mem to StL (added to 40-man). C Jesse Jenner from PB to Mem. C Michael Ohlman from Spr to Mem. C Jose Godoy from Peo to Spr. C Chris Rivera from SC to PB. RHS Jake Woodford off Peo DL. OF Craig Aikin from PB to Peo.

7/8: Mem OF Carlos Peguero to Japan. 1B/OF Efren Herrera from Mexico acquired, assigned to Mem. RHS Trey Nielsen from Spr to Mem. OF Michael Pritchard off PB DL. PB OF Collin Radack (DL) retired. New organization total: 301 players.

7/10: C Riley Drongesen from SC to Peo.

7/11: C Carson Kelly from Spr to Mem. C Jesse Jenner from Mem to Spr. RHS Trey Nielsen from Mem to Spr. LHS Austin Gomber from Spr to PB. 2B J.D. Murders (31) signed, assigned to GCL. New organization total: 302 players.

7/13: OF Nick Martini from Mem to Spr. C Jose Godoy from Spr to Peo. C Riley Drongesen from Peo to SC.

7/14: OF Jeremy Hazelbaker off Mem DL. 3B Andy Young from GCL to SC. FA IF Matt Davis signed, assigned to SC. New organization total: 303 players.

7/15: LHR Kevin Siegrist off StL DL. RHR Sam Tuivailala from StL to Mem. Three international players signed: OF Jonatan Machado (2016), SS Erik Pena (2017), C Ivan Herrera (2017). New organization total: 306 players.

7/16: RHR Pedro Echemendia from Mem to Spr. 2B Darren Seferina to PB DL. 2B Casey Turgeon off PB DL. RHS Derian Gonzalez off Peo DL. RHR Gerwuins Velazco from Peo to SC.

7/17: RHP Thomas Lee off Mem DL. RHR John Brebbia from Mem to Spr. Spr RHR Heath Wyatt released. LHS Jacob Evans off PB DL. RHR Josh Wirsu from PB to Peo. 2B Dylan Tice from SC to Peo. Peo 3B Dylan Becker released. RHR Harley Holt from Peo to SC. New organization total: 304 players.

7/19: StL IF Jhonny Peralta to 15-day DL. StL C Michael McKenry designated for assignment. OF Jeremy Hazelbaker, RHR Miguel Socolovich from Mem to StL. OF Anthony Garcia from Spr to Mem. New organization total: 303 players.

7/20: LHR Dean Kiekhefer from Mem to StL (26th man DH). RHRs Chris Perry, Josh Lucas from Spr to Mem. 2B Andrew Sohn, LHR Chandler Hawkins from PB to Spr. RHR Robby Rowland from Spr DL to PB.

7/21: LHR Dean Kiekhefer from StL to Mem.

7/22: C Michael McKenry clears waivers, declares free agency. RHR Chris Perry from Mem to Spr. SS Edmundo Sosa from Peo to PB. SS Jose Alexander Martinez from SC to Peo.

7/23: 2B Darren Seferina off PB DL. 2B Andrew Brodbeck, LHS Jacob Evans onto PB DL. 2B Eliezer Alvarez onto Peo DL. 2B Josh Swirchak from SC to Peo.

7/24: RHS Mike Mayers from Mem to StL, onto 40-man roster. RHR Miguel Socolovich from StL to Mem. RHS Arturo Reyes off Mem DL.

7/25: RHP Jerome Williams from Mem to StL, onto 40-man roster. RHS Mike Mayers from StL to Mem. StL RHR Jordan Walden from 15-day to 60-day DL. DSL LHP Luis Rosales to 60-day DL (exact date unknown – did not pitch). Cuba FA SS/OF Randy Arozarena tentatively signed.

7/26: RHR Trevor Rosenthal to StL DL. LHR Dean Kiekhefer from Mem to StL. RHR Sam Tuivailala from Mem to StL (26th man doubleheader). RHR John Brebbia from Spr to Mem. RHP Corey Baker from Mem to Spr. 2B Mason Katz off Spr DL. IF Andrew Sohn, RHS John Walker from Spr to PB. 2B Casey Turgeon from PB to Spr. 2B Bruce Caldwell to Spr DL. RHR Nick Frey from Peo to Spr. 2B Darren Seferina onto PB DL.

7/27: RHR Sam Tuivailala from StL to Mem (26th man DH). SS Alex Mejia, RHS Jeremy Hefner off Mem DL. 2B Jacob Wilson, RHR Josh Lucas from Mem to Spr. RHR Nick Frey from Spr to Peo. 2B Mason Katz to Spr DL.

7/29: RHR Rowan Wick to Spr DL. LHS Austin Gomber from PB to Spr. 2B Dylan Tice from Peo to PB. RHS Juan Perez to Peo DL. 2B Matt Davis from SC to Peo. RHR Greg Tomchick from SC to JC. 3B Yoenny Gonzalez from JC to SC.

7/30: RHS Sandy Alcantara from Peo to PB.

7/31: Trade: Mem OF Charlie Tilson to CWS for LHR Zach Duke. LHS John Kilichowski and RHS Ronnie Williams from SC to Peo. RHS Jordan Hicks from JC to SC.

8/2: StL SS Aldemys Diaz to 15-day DL. SS Jhonny Peralta, 1B/OF Brandon Moss off StL 15-day DL. OF Randal Grichuk, LHR Dean Kiekhefer from StL to Mem.

8/3: StL LHR Tyler Lyons to 15-day DL. LHR Dean Kiekhefer from Mem to StL. RHS Luke Weaver from Spr to Mem. RHS Deck McGuire from Mem to Spr. LHS Austin Gomber, RHS Trey Nielsen to Spr DL. SS Edmundo Sosa to PB DL. RHR Luke Harrison to Peo DL. LHR Bob Wheatley from SC to Peo.

8/5: IF Matt Carpenter off StL DL. LHR Dean Kiekhefer from StL to Mem. RHR Rowan Wick, 2B Bruce Caldwell off Spr DL. SS Juan Herrera from Spr to PB. RHR Davis Ward from PB to Peo. RHS Brennan Leitao from Peo to PB. RHR Greg Tomchick from JC to SC.

8/6: Mem RHR Juan Gonzalez released. 2B Eliezer Alvarez off Peo DL. OF Bladimil Franco from Peo to SC> RHP Connor Jones from GCL to SC. New organization total: 302 players.

8/7: RHS Matt Pearce from PB to Spr. RHP Dakota Hudson from GCL to PB.

8/8: C Chris Rivera to PB DL. C Stephen Zavala from JC to PB.

8/9: RHS Michael Wacha to StL DL. RHP Alex Reyes from Mem to StL, to 40-man roster. C Brayan Pena from StL 15-day to 60-day DL. IF Jacob Wilson from Spr to Mem. IF Casey Turgeon to Spr DL. OF Vaughn Bryan from PB to Spr. IF Matt Davis from Peo to PB. RHR Steven Gallardo to Peo DL.

8/10: RHR Pedro Echemendia from Spr to Mem. UT Cole Lankford to PB DL. RHR Harley Holt from SC to Peo.

8/11: 1B Matt Adams to StL DL. OF Randal Grichuk from Mem to StL. RHS Deck McGuire from Spr to Mem. RHS Johnny Walter, RHR Robbie Rowland from PB to Spr. RHR Daniel Bard from JC to PB. RHS Derian Gonzalez from Peo to PB.

8/12: 3B Patrick Wisdom off Mem DL. 2B Bruce Caldwell onto Spr DL. 2B Joey Hawkins from JC to Spr. 2B Jose Fernandez signed as free agent, assigned to PB. 1B Hunter Newman from GCL to JC. New organization total: 303.

8/13: Matt Holliday to StL DL. RHS Luke Weaver from Mem to StL. LHR Tyler Lyons from 15-day to 60-day DL.

8/14: RHS Ryan Helsley off Peo DL.

8/15: C Chris Rivera off Palm Beach DL. C Stephen Zavala from PB to JC.

8/16: RHR Seth Maness to StL DL. RHR Sam Tuivailala from Mem to StL. OF Anthony Garcia to Mem DL. OF Nick Martini from Spr to Mem. OF Thomas Spitz from PB to Spr.

8/18: 3B Danny Diekroeger off PB 60-day DL.

8/19: 2B Bruce Caldwell off Spr DL. C Chris Rivera to PB DL. C Erik Garcia from JC to PB.

8/20: 2B Dean Anna off Mem DL. IF Alex Mejia from Mem to Spr. IF Joey Hawkins from Spr to SC.

8/21: UT Cole Lankford off PB DL. IF Matt Davis from PB to Peo.

8/23: OF Anthony Garcia off Mem DL. IF Jacob Wilson from Mem to Spr. Spr OF Jhohan Acevedo released. OF Wadye Ynfante from DSL to GCL. New organization total: 302 players.

8/25: 2B Joey Hawkins from SC to JC.

8/26: RHR Sam Tuivailala from StL to Mem. RHR Miguel Socolovich from Mem to StL. RHR Ronnie Shaban from Spr to Mem. RHR Chris Perry to Spr DL. RHR Blake McKnight from PB to Spr. RHS Trey Nielsen off Spr DL. RHS Will Anderson off PB DL.

8/27: RHS Matt Pearce from Spr to Mem. OF Harrison Bader from Mem to Spr. LHR Ian McKinney from PB to Spr. OF Thomas Spitz from Spr to Mem. LHS Jacob Evans, C Chris Rivera off PB DL. OF Michael Pritchard onto PB DL. C Erik Garcia from PB to JC.

8/29: RHS Mike Leake onto StL DL. LHR Dean Kiekhefer from Mem to StL. RHR Josh Lucas, IF Bruce Caldwell from Spr to Mem. 2B Dean Anna to Mem DL. IF Cole Lankford from PB to Spr. IF Andrew Brodbeck off PB DL.

8/31: LHS Austin Gomber off Spr DL.

9/1: RHR Steven Gallardo released from Peo DL. New organization total: 301 players.

9/2: 1B Matt Adams off StL DL. OF Orlando Olivera to PB DL.

9/3: C Erik Garcia from JC to PB. C Chris Rivera from PB to Mem.

9/4: C Carson Kelly to 40-man roster, from Mem to StL. C Brayan Pena off StL 60-day DL. RHR Seth Maness from StL 15-day DL to 60-day DL. Mem 2B Dean Anna designated for assignment. New organization total: 300 players.

9/5: RHS Ronnie Williams to Peo DL. RHS Juan Perez off Peo DL.

9/6: RHPs Sam Tuivailala, Mike Mayers, OF Jose Alberto Martinez from Mem to StL. C Erik Garcia from PB to JC.

9/7: SP Matt Pearce, RPs Josh Lucas, Ronnie Shaban, IF Bruce Caldwell from Mem to Spr. LHR Justin Wright from Spr to Mem. RHR Dakota Hudson from PB to Spr. 1B Jonathan Rodriguez to Spr temporarily inactive list. LHS Ian McKinney, RHS Johnny Walter, RHR Blake McKnight from Spr to PB. Mem IF Dean Anna released. RHS Mike Leake off StL 15-day DL.

9/11: SS Aledmys Diaz off StL 15-day DL.

9/14: RHP Michael Wacha off StL 15-day DL.

9/15: RHR Trevor Rosenthal off StL 15-day DL.

9/30: OF Matt Holliday off StL DL.

10/1: 7 international players signed: OF Randy Arozarena (PB), RHPs Roy Garcia, Larimel Soriano, Leonardo Taveras, LHP Cristoffer Zapata, 1B Freddy De Jesus, SS Pablo Gomez, all to DSL. New organization total: 307 players.

10/13: RHR Mitch Harris off StL 60-day DL. Harris, C Alberto Rosario, C Michael Ohlman outrighted to Memphis. JC 2B Luke Doyle released. New organization total: 306 players.

10/20: 4 DSL releases: 3Bs Oscar Cotes, Hector Linares; RHRs Angel Estevez, Sebastian Nunez. New organization total: 302 players.

10/28: GCL RHP Blake Higgins released. New organization total: 301 players.

The St. Louis Cardinals Organization Roster Matrix (effective 10/28/16)

St. Louis (35+4) 40-man (38+4)
Wainwright Rosenthal
Molina Adams
G Garcia Peralta
Lynn (60DL) Maness (60DL)
B Pena
Gyorko A Diaz
Al Reyes
Siegrist (L) C Kelly
Wong Pham
Weaver Lyons (L 60DL)   Hazelbaker
C Martinez Walden (60DL) Grichuk
Oh Jose Alberto Martinez
J Williams
Duke (L)
Ja Garcia (L)
Kiekhefer (L)
Memphis (21+3)
McGuire Echemendia Ohlman Navarro B Valera M Williams Wisdom Washington
Ar Reyes Heyer C Rivera Martini
Hefner Waldron (DL) Rosario A Garcia
Cooney (L DL) Littrell (L)
Gonzales (L DL) T Lee
Sherriff (L)
Wright (L)

Springfield (25+8)
Reed (L DL) Perry (DL) Jenner Voit Katz (DL) Mejia DeJong McElroy (DL)
Nielsen Herget L Cruz Jon Rodriguez (TI) J Wilson Staton Drake
Poncedeleon R Rowland Turgeon (DL) Lankford Bryan
Morales (DL) Thomas (DL) Caldwell Bader
Baker J Lucas
Sulbaran C Hawkins (L)
Gomber (L) Wick
Pearce Shaban
Hudson (1)
Palm Beach (25+6)
Flaherty Beck Bean Grayson Seferina (DL) J Herrera Diekroeger Mercado
D Gonzalez Grana Brodbeck E Sosa (DL) Olivera (DL)
Ju Fernandez McKnight Tice Sohn Pritchard (DL)
Evans (L) Bard Spitz
Leitao S Garcia (DL) Arozarena (2017)
Alcantara Heesch (L) Jo Fernandez
Anderson Schumacher
McKinney (L)
Peoria (25+3)
Woodford Wirsu Chinea Dennard E Alvarez Jose Alex Martinez Pina Aikin
J Perez Harrison (DL) O’Keefe Swirchak Torres
Helsley Bray Godoy M Davis (FA) Sierra
D Martinez S DeLaCruz
R Williams (DL) Holt
Kilichowski (L 11) Then (DL)
Jor Rodriguez
Wheatley (L)
State College (28)
Dew Perez (L) Velazco McCarvel E Rodriguez Martin Edman (6) Hudzina (10) Ray
Cross C Jones (2) Je Martinez (4) Young (37) Jackson (14)
Farinaro DeLorenzo (L) Drongesen Y Gonzalez (FA) Fennell (22)
Dobzanski Almonte R Bautista
Hicks Bowen (L) Franco
Carter (26)
Trayner (25)
Johnson City (30+1)
Sexton (18) Yokley (ML) Knizner (7) Newman J Hawkins Cordoba Asbury-Heath
Castano (L 19) Arias Zavala Lopes (33) Bandes
Oxnevad (L) Y Medina J Lopez JR Davis (15) J Rivera
Oca (L) J Mateo E Garcia Fiedler (9)
Psrra N Gonzalez (29) Billings (13)
Tilley (32) Denton
MaVorhis (FA)
Shew (FA)
Siomkin (FA)
Vance (L FA)
R Santos
GCL (31+4)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Schlesener (L) Thomson (L FA) D Ortega C Rodriguez L Flores Balbuena Talavera
Casadilla C Rowland I Wilson Trosclair (20) Murders (31) Figuera Plummer (60DL)
J Alvarez Salazar Lancaster (16) Del Perez (1) Rosendo
Seijas Bohannan Whalen (12) Carlson (1)
O’Reilly (27) tandem Changarotty Robbins (5)
Ciavarella (L 24) tandem Calvano (38) Ynfante
Tewes (8 DL)
O Diaz Mulford (34)
Medrano (DL) Gordon (36)
Gallen (3)
DSL (31+21)
Nicacio Periera Melendez (60DL) D Gomez Delgado Ozuna E Montero Jimenez
Cordero (L) Blanco (L) Cedeno F DeJesus (2017) M Castillo B Sanchez
Ventura Lugo Ju Rodriguez E Pena (2017) A Luna
Jr Gonzalez Madera C Soto (FA) P Gomez (2017) C Luis
De Jesus Rosales (L 60DL) Jo Garcia (2017) F Soto (2017) Machado (FA)
Ramirez Trompiz (60DL) I Herrera (2017) Y Rosario (2017) V Garcia (2017)
E Perez (L) Soler (2017)
Rondon Del Rio (FA)
Je Garcia Montano (2017)
Geronimo (60DL) Samuel (2017)
Taveras (2017)
Zapata (L 2017)
Oviedo (FA)
Benitez (2017)
Solano (FA)
Avelino (2017)
R Garcia (2017)
Soriano (2017)
Draft unsigned (8)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Ellis (17  – Sr.) Burgmann (30) Cabbiness (21)
Krall (L 28) Lamb (35) Crowe (23 – Sr.)
Bond (39)
Ydens (40)
Internat’l in process (0)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF


(xx): Round selected in 2016 Draft
(FA): recent free agent signee
(DL): injured – on the disabled list
(TI): temporarily inactive list
(PL): paternity leave
(ML): military list
(RL): restricted list
(L): left-handed pitcher
(2017): July 2nd international signees whose contracts begin in 2017
bold: on the Cardinals’ 40-man roster
(#+#): for teams, the number of active players on the roster plus number of inactive/not under contract (DL+TI+PL+ML+RL+2017) players

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54 Responses to “Cardinals Organization Roster Matrix: 2016 Draft and Short Season”

  1. blingboy says:

    I love new matrix day. Outstanding, Brian.

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    The matrix shows how the cards try to protect newly drafted pitchers. The rotations at state college and Johnson city come out of EST and not from amateur ranks. There are three draftees in the GCL rotation, but are likely to be severely innings limited.
    There are six free agent pitchers added for sharing out the workload.

    • Brian Walton says:

      It is a nuance you may have missed, but for the GCL, both pitching columns are just labeled as “P”. Until I get the full plans for the draftees assigned to the GCL, I just listed them all as I might have guessed their roles to be.

      I expect some detail on the pitching plans in Paul Ivice’s first weekly GCL Notebook to be posted on the main site for members on Monday morning.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      We havepitching bonus babies saved for the short season. Dobzanski, schlessener, Salazar, Williams, farinaro, hicks, oxnevad. It’s great to protect arms by a light workload early. We could not do this a decade ago.

  3. JumboShrimp says:

    Trying to think of more comments tied to the matrix.

    It illustrates the development commitment to catchers. Three roster slots at Peoria for catchers, because we had three suited to this rung, which is unusual. One rung lower, Jeremy Martinez and Chris Rivera are a couple of highish picks out of California talent pool. One rung lower, knizner and bonus baby Lopez, plus Jaime Garcia’s bro and zavala the poet.

    Another rung lower, lancaster rang up gaudy numbers for Spartanburg, as did Caldwell during his one year there. This summer we can test how well hitting stats from this South Carolina juco translate to pro ball. If third year Lancaster does not hit much as a pro, it will suggest hitting stats with SC junior colleges are inflated.
    The cards seem to value defense in catchers. Good hitting big body catchers tend to be shifted to first base like Luke Voit, Matt Adams, Elier Rodriguez, and in future maybe Lancaster.

    • Brian Walton says:

      At Peoria, Chris Chinea is playing more DH and 1B than catching (23 to 14 to 12 games) this season.

      One good hitting, big bodied catcher to have stayed at the position had been Michael Ohlman, but that is changing with him back at Springfield and Carson Kelly being there.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        Chinea is well fed too, so a move toward first base may be in his future.

        Ohlmann is tall for the position, some others are thicker.

        It will be interesting what will happen with Pena. I could see him assigned to Memohis to continue to work on his comeback. They could elevate mckenry, keep fryer, or evenelevate Carson kelly to train with molina.

        • Brian Walton says:

          I can’t see any of those things happening. They are delaying Pena, but he is the reserve catcher.

        • JumboShrimp says:

          Chinea is hitting for a nice average in the mwl. This is impressive, to some extent, for a first year full season. It’s much better than Katz, wisdom, Wilson for instance. They showed at low A that they would not hit for a high average.

          Giving chinea time at catcher may be his best avenue up the ladder. He is probably not powerful enough to be a pure first baseman. But he could be a backups catcher and utility player who can hit for average. This is an unusual blend and might serve him well.

  4. JumboShrimp says:

    The commitment to defense at catcher is also illustrated by Bean. He made the FSL all star team, despite a batting average around .180. That’s unusual and implies he is a gifted defender, helpful for minor league pitchers. Should he someday switch to the mound like Jason Motte, Dave Carpenter, Gerwins Velasco, Rowan wick, Robert stock? Time will reveal all.

  5. birdemic says:

    At State College through 10 games, Chris Rivera and Jeremy Martinez have been the only players to appear at catcher. McCarvel has started 7 games at 1B and was the DH once. Drongesen has played 1B twice and DH once. Swirchak has appeared in 3 games…twice at 3B and once as the DH. I know this is a small sample size, but it might even out the depth chart a bit.

    • birdemic says:

      As for pitching, Dewin Perez has appeared twice out of the bullpen (no starts). John Kilichowski is slated to start for State College tomorrow (in what is essentially the 6th slot in the rotation)

      • Brian Walton says:

        Thanks, birdemic. I am glad you are following the matrix and took the time to comment.

        Good observations about early player usage. Here, I generally don’t move position players off their primary position on the matrix unless I think there has been a real position change vs. having to play out of position due to a roster logjam. For example, the Cards still list Drongesen and McCarvel as catchers.

        I will juggle starters and relievers after a couple of times through the rotations. A Kilichowski – Perez swap seems likely.

        • JumboShrimp says:

          While correct to continue to list mc carvel as a catcher, his future may be first base like Luke Voit, Alex Deleon Matt Adams and Elier Rodriguez. We like to sign amateur catchers to find what they can do. We also value defense at catch. If a guy can hit a bit but is not super defensively behind the plate, a move to first is often apt.

          • JumboShrimp says:

            Switch hitting got first baseman Eddie Murray to Cooperstown with 504 homers. Lance berkman was another switcher.
            Elier Rodriguez only has 1 minor league home run, so he has a ways to go to catchup.
            But e Rod is rated 20 pounds bigger than Eddie. He must have been injured in 2015, only a handful of at bats. I’d like to see him play steadily for state college, to learn what he can do. A cubAn kid out of Miami, good size, switch hitter, what’s not to like?

            • JumboShrimp says:

              Sometimes moves get made that are revealing. Injuries trigger roster moves among catchers that may tell some things.

              Promoting low profile Castillo indicates the high valuation on defense. This is not surprising, but is clearly confirmed.

              Cards gave a break to Godoy, letting him try AA. The Palm beach catcher bean is an all star, but the bat is not as ready. Plus we can still use a strong defensive catcher for Palm beach. Godoy was part time catcher for Peoria, he can backup kelly at AA.

              Ohlmann has been returned to memphis, because we need more catchers. Long term, the cards may doubt his defense.

              • JumboShrimp says:

                Rivera got skipped up to Palm beach. This might be a positive message in two ways. We value your D. Second, your crummy batting average at state college is not the end of the world. Have fun.

  6. JumboShrimp says:

    In 2012, there was a left swinging senior OF from Wingate who elected not to sign, Dodson McPherson. For seniors, teams are not going to offer much bonus. Since money provides encouragement, young men can reasonably see a small bonus offer as discouraging. They may have better opportunities to make money, than minor league ball. Thus we will see what happens with unsigned senior OF Crowe. If the birds choose not to make him an enticing offer, why should he sign?

    It easy to guess why Ellis, another senior, has not signed yet. He is a reliever with a good fastball. He can rest for a month and save his arm for later. He is not going to miss much by waiting a few more weeks to sign.

    Oklahoma state got eliminated. 2b Davis should soon sign.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      from a teams viewpoint, there is a market valuation on talent. For a senior Of in round 23, the market value is ultra low, maybe $1k. A team offers a path toward fabulous wealth for those game to climb the ladder. For a July signee, maybe we could uptick our first offer, but the second offer will be the final one and it will not be massive. Anyone serious about baseball will accept it. If a kid is not serious, there is no reason to increase the second offer, because the lad is not determined enough to reach the majors.

  7. JumboShrimp says:

    The 2016 draft had Oklahoma connections. Again.

    As generally known, Matt Holliday is a son of the Oklahoma State coach, josh. An OSU player, Davis, was drafted in the 15th round. Before osu, davis played at Seminole state. Another draftee, cabbiness, is heading toward Seminole state. Maybe he will later attend osu and hope to be drafted again in June 2019.

  8. JumboShrimp says:

    It might seem surprising Ellis has not signed yet, because a senior.
    MThe most plausible reason for delayed signing is he is a reliever type, good velocity former catcher, following in footsteps of Troy Percival. Does Ellisneed to pitch this summer? Not really. He can sign late, take the winter off, and report for spring training.

  9. JumboShrimp says:

    of the remaining 8 unsigned draftees from June, two were classified as college seniors. If they have collected their degrees, the cards retain monopoly control over their right to play minor league ball until the draft next June.

    If they were drafted by another team next June, they will have no more leverage with the next team, so there is no gain to holding out in hopes of a better deal.
    Since their college eligibility is used up, they can no longer play amateur ball in order to showcase themselves score the next draft.
    If either Ellis or Crowe has any interest in trying proball, it behooves them to sign.

    • Brian Walton says:

      Perhaps they have other life plans instead.

      Coincidentally, I asked Cardinals scouting director Randy Flores about Ellis specifically in a new interview just posted for members of The Cardinal Nation. He also shares his view of whether or not there will be more signings before the deadline and a lot more.

      For those reading this who are non-members, it is a great time to join up. We have a bunch of other new and interesting other interviews coming soon, as well.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        Glad to learn members can read the latest utterances and insights of mr flores. He seems grounded. We needed to add a mature adult presence to the wild world of scouting.

  10. JumboShrimp says:

    Weaver is listed on DL instead of Mike Leake

    • Brian Walton says:

      Corrected. Thank you for pointing it out.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        One of mos major questions moving forward is who to drop off the 40 man to make room for upwardly mobile talent. For instance, branyan Pena. We would have to eat his 2017 salary, but his days as a catcher may be numbered. Dean Anna was finally cast off, after losing us Luis Perdomo. We hope Mo learns a lesson.

        • Brian Walton says:

          I don’t recall you either criticizing leaving Perdomo unprotected or the Pena signing. Seems like Monday morning quarterbacking.

          • JumboShrimp says:

            New facts emerge thru time. We have learned Pena is washed up. He must be paid, but no reason to waste a roster spot on him for next year. Choosing Dean Anna over Perdomo was a curious decision, now revealed to be unwarranted. Dean can replace Jeter, but is not good enough for the cards.
            The serious point is we need to liberate roster space ruthlessly soon after the season ends.

  11. jlshetler says:

    How was OF José Martínez eligible for a September call-up? I thought a player had to have at least one major league appearance by the end of August 31 to be eligible. Is that not the case this year, and if not, is this also changed for eligibility on the postseason roster?

  12. jlshetler says:

    Brian (or anybody),

    Does the Wild Card Game follow September call-up roster rules, or postseason roster rules for both maximum number and player eligibility? I assume a play-in game 163 follows the September rules and is treated for stats as a regular season game.


  13. JumboShrimp says:

    RHP hicks is on two rosters, JC and SC

  14. jlshetler says:

    Recent news out there is Kiekhefer and Hazelbaker were claimed off waivers on Friday, but I hadn’t read here or anywhere else that/when they were outrighted / DFAed. Is anyone else vulnerable? Have Rosario and Ohlman cleared waivers and be re-signed to minor-league contracts?

    • JumboShrimp says:

      During the playoffs, news about out righting is deliberately reduced. The cards need roster spots for protecting prospects, so no surprise they would outright kiekhefer and hazelbaker. No surprise a couple of other teams want to give them a try.
      Ohlmann and Rosario cleared waivers, but could be minor league free agents or drafted by rule 5

    • Brian Walton says:

      MLB considers outrights to be internal matters, so generally no press releases or normal communications until there is an outcome.

      Yes, Rosario and Ohlman cleared waivers. Eligible for free agency, their future is TBD. The only way they would be Rule 5 eligible would be if they sign somewhere before Rule 5 rosters are due.

      I have been in Arizona all week, so very busy. Rosters on the main site are up to date. Hoping to post new, off-season version of the Roster Matrix on Monday.

  15. jlshetler says:

    Outrights must of course be public to some extent, or the Diamondbacks and Mariners would not have known to go after those two. I look forward to the new matrix, and to knowing whether anybody else was outrighted with this two.

    I’m also curious how the 60-day DL works when there are fewer than 40 players on the roster. Are they activated by rule once there is room for them?

    • Brian Walton says:

      Apparently, we have differing definitions of “public”. When I used the word, I meant the media and people like us.

      MLB has internal systems that they and the teams use for many matters – such as waivers. They don’t let non-employees access their internal systems any more than any other business would.

      They tell us the bottom line only. For example, as many as 29 teams could put in a waiver claim, but we are only told which one was the winner.

      On the DLs, first of all, they only exist during the season. The 60-day DL can only be used in-season when the 40-man is already full.

  16. jlshetler says:

    Brian, I appreciate the clarifications. On your last point regarding the DLs, by “during the season” you do mean before the World Series is over, not before a particular team’s season has ended? For example, you note that Mitch Harris was activated on 10/13.

    • Brian Walton says:

      A player can be taken off the 60-day DL any time after 60 days transpire. Teams are required to remove all players from the DL after the World Series.

      In the specific case of Harris, he had to be taken off the DL before he could be put on waivers.

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