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Cardinals 2016 Draft Signing Bonus Update

As of Monday, June 20, the St. Louis Cardinals have signed all 12 of their draft picks from the first 10 rounds of the 2016 First-Year Player Draft, aka Rule 4 Draft. In addition, so far they have used slot money to go over $100,000 on two later picks.

Of the initial 12, it looks like perfect symmetry, as four signing at slot value, four coming to terms for less than slot and four others receiving an over-slot bonus. The four over-slot players were given between $122,000 and $180,000 extra each. The draftee in the photo, second-rounder Connor Jones, received the largest overage. The vast majority of the savings came from 33rd overall pick Dylan Carlson signing for $559,500 under his slot value.

Note: The table below has been updated with the reported signing of 12th rounder Brady Whalen on Tuesday. $185,165 remains before draft pick penalty.

Round Name Pick value Signed plus/minus
1-23 Delvin Perez $2,222,500 $2,222,500 $0
1A-33 Dylan Carlson $1,909,500 $1,350,000 $559,500
1A-34 Dakota Hudson $1,878,000 $2,000,000 ($122,000)
2-70 Connor Jones $920,100 $1,100,000 ($179,900)
3-106 Zac Gallen $563,100 $563,100 $0
4 Jeremy Martinez $421,600 $600,000 ($178,400)
5 Walker Robbins $315,600 $450,000 ($134,400)
6 Tommy Edman $236,400 $236,400 $0
7 Andrew Knizner $185,300 $185,300 $0
8 Sam Tewes $172,900 $100,000 $72,900
9 Matt Fiedler $161,700 $100,000 $61,700
10 Danny Hudzina $156,600 $3,000 $153,600
$9,143,300 $8,910,300 $233,000
plus10 rdrs > $100K Not in totals Signed
11 John Kilichowski $100,000 $200,000 ($100,000)
12 Brady Whalen $100,000 $475,000 ($375,000)
19 Daniel Castano $100,000 $130,000 ($30,000)
1-10 pool $9,143,300 $8,910,300
1-10-unsigned all signed $0
revised pool $9,143,300
105% total $9,600,465
“extra” $457,165
+/- all ($272,000)
no pick loss $185,165

When all the puts and takes are added up, the Cardinals underspent by $233,000 over the first 10 rounds. However, they used $130,000 of that to get their 11th and 19th rounders to sign.

In addition to the $103,000 of pool money remaining, clubs can spend over their allocation by up to five percent before incurring a loss of their first-round draft pick the next year. That adds a potential $457,165 to the Cardinals’ signing war chest, for a total of $560,165.

From the Roster Matrix here at The Cardinal Nation Blog, here is the list of 11 unsigned draftees, with their draft round following. How this $560,165 is used to bring one or more of them on board remains to be seen. Again, any bonuses over $100,000 would have to count against this remaining total.

Four Three high schoolers are among the unsigned – 12th round shortstop Brady Whalen (Washington), 21st round outfielder Cade Cabbiness (Oklahoma), 31st round second baseman J.D. Murders (Missouri) and the last player selected in the entire draft, outfielder Jeremy Ydens from California.

Draft unsigned (11) (10)

P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Ellis (17) Krall (L 28) Davis (15) Whalen (12) Cabbiness (21)
Burgmann (30) Murders (31) Crowe (23)
Lamb (35) Bond (39)
Ydens (40)

To go deeper on any of the Cardinals’ 42 draftees, check out this in-depth article at The Cardinal Nation.

(Note that the signings of Jones and Gallen have not yet been formally announced by the Cardinals. Their bonuses, as in all of the other cases, were disclosed by Jim Callis of

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16 Responses to “Cardinals 2016 Draft Signing Bonus Update”

  1. crdswmn says:

    The Cardinals appear to have made a nice haul there.

    I would like to see Whalen and Murders signed, but from what I hear, both are pretty set on going to college. Despite what certain scouting director wannabes think, taking chances on some high upside HS picks is well worth the investment, in my opinion. Where would we be without Yadier Molina? Or Adam Wainwright? (despite the fact that we didn’t draft him, the reasoning still applies).

    • Brian Walton says:

      What tickles me the most are those who vigorously defend the manager by pointing out that he has access to considerable information not available to fans, yet do not give the scouting director the same courtesy, instead criticizing the team’s draft approach. Pot, meet kettle.

      • crdswmn says:

        Not very consistent to be sure.

        I think of the draft like a financial portfolio, in that the best strategy is to have a balance of a mixture of risk levels. No financial adviser worth his salt would recommend an investor avoid all high risk investments, because the possible return is too great, You balance things with lower risk investments, which is Investment 101. The draft is really no different.

  2. Brian Walton says:

    I consider everything said by potential signees during this time first and foremost as public negotiating. The threat of college ball is their only leverage to get more than $100,000. Past experience tells me that enough cash (along with college tuition paid, etc.) can and will change the mind of a young man or two between now and mid-July. We shall see…

  3. JumboShrimp says:

    Nice table, because it reveals much.
    kralls college issued a press release that he not signing. I doubt he will change his mind.
    Doubt the final pick will sign, ydens. He has a scholarship to a great baseball program and is already playing summer ball.
    0TOH, Unless he has a medical problem, Ellis should sign, being a senior. Same with Crowe. Davis should sign after CWS.

    The cards have decent money left for trying to land Whalen, cabbiness, Burgmann, murders or bond.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      Have not noticed them up bonus college juniors at high picks. Interesting. No had a blast in this draft. Got back to basics

      • JumboShrimp says:

        It makes sense Whalen signed, because by selecting him high, this implies signability.
        The next target should be Cabbiness. His alternative is a junior college in Florida. We do not have to spend to outbid a top college program. He should be signable. If he chooses college, the cards can fall back on Aaron bond and sign him.

  4. JumboShrimp says:

    2012 was the first year of the draft with a budget per team. The budget limit has greatly influenced how the draft unfolds. Since money is constrained, oddities seem to happen, like a few guys raised in the draft in order to bonus them very low. Overall, this process seems to work well for MLB.

    Under this process the cards have been innovative and aggressive. Maybe sometimes too inventive.

    This year, they got back to putting more value on college juniors, like Hudson, jones and Hernandez. It’s unusual to up bonus college juniors. We wanted those guys and paid a premium.

  5. JumboShrimp says:

    Cabbiness is joining Krall and Ydens in the will not sign category. He must have gotten a scholarship from Oklahoma state university. It’s a big deal for an Oklahoma kid. Much better than a Florida junior college offer, as he had when drafted.

    Davis, Ellis, Crowe, and Lamb have value under $100k, in some cases way below. We do not have to use any discretionary budget on them.

    This leaves Burgmann, Murders and first year juco Aaron Bond as candidates for higher bonuses. Canadian Burgmann has an offer from a four year major college. Murders has an offer from Texas Tech. The birds can offer somebody $285,000. It’s a lot of money.

  6. JumboShrimp says:

    Davis signed, now the NCAA World Series is past. Unlikely he got any of the extra $185k

  7. JumboShrimp says:

    42 selected in draft, 33 signed, $185k of investable budget remaining. About another week for cabbiness, Burgmann, murders, bond, or ydens to grab the remaining bucks.

    The impressive budget busting blow out on the international side has been months in the making. Already Knowing they were going to be able to load up on young Latin talent may have nudged the birds to go selectively older in the U.S. draft.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      After we gave Castano $130k in the 19th round, it is not impossible we could break the $100k barrier for Krall as well. Southpaws command a higher bonus than do RHPs of the same talent. There is a market premium for lefties.

  8. JumboShrimp says:

    Right after the U.S. draft ended, the Cards signed six lads who were bypassed in the draft. Five were college pitchers. Good to stock up on pitchers, in order to spread out the work and protect the arms of all.
    The sixth sign is Yariel Gonzalez, a switch hitter, who has been hitting well for Johnson city. Best UDFA switch hitter since the famous David popkins inked in 2012.
    Gonzalez is interesting. He was born in the US territory of Puerto Rico. This island has been experiencing an exodus to the US of people looking for better opportunities.
    A previous guy like this was Brian Vigo Sanchez who moved to the Dallas area, then played junior college at Connors State in Oklahoma. He finished at NAIA college of sciences and arts in Oklahoma. Vigo Sanchez was recruited by the cards three years ago as an UDFA, injured in 2014, released 2015.
    Now we have another puerto Rican coming out of the same obscure Oklahoma naia college, also undrafted and inked by the cards. We know the colleges of Oklahoma well.
    And we know NAIA all Americans can hit. The cards also have many ties to Puerto Rico.
    Yariel looks like he can hit. He takes advantage of the great attribute of switch hitting. Finding a position will be important when climbing the ladder. But a guy who can actually hit can be useful.

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