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2016 Cardinals Spring Training Number Assignments

The St. Louis Cardinals have a new arrival wearing number 3, the lowest number for spring training. Many other changes from 2015 to 2016 are all noted here.

The Roster Matrix right here at The Cardinal Nation Blog and the St. Louis Cardinals 2016 roster on the main site, The Cardinal Nation, are fully up to date. The former indicates all players invited to Major League spring training camp, 40-man roster players, non-roster invitees and minor league STEP Campers, but their uniform numbers are not designated. The main site roster does include uniform numbers, with players listed based on a 25-man roster view, based on their official year-ending 2015 teams until they have a firm assignment to open 2016.

In other words, big-league spring training uniform numbers are not included in either place. However, do not despair, as I have all the specifics.

After all, with at least 20 Cardinals spring games to be televised, and likely more to be added, you need to know who is who.

Rather than organize the list below numerically by uniform numbers 1 through 99, I have placed them in their logical groupings. I also included who had those same numbers last spring.


On the left are the 23 non-roster invitees. The newest addition to the NRI contingent is the one with perhaps the best chance to make the team, outfielder Carlos Peguero. Despite being an NRI, his veteran status means he will be wearing Pete Kozma’s old number 38.

While several of the catchers and one infielder are returning NRIs from 2015, it is interesting that not one of the nine 2015 pitching NRIs are back – in that role, at least. Since last spring, 2015 NRIs Miguel Socolovich, Tim Cooney, Mitch Harris and Dean Kiekhefer earned 40-man roster spots.

Third baseman Patrick Wisdom is returning to MLB camp after a year absence. The third baseman received a big-league invitation in 2014, but was only assigned to STEP Camp last spring.

Catcher Luis Cruz holds the unofficial 2016 title of Mr. Longest of Long Shots, with the highest assigned number, 96.

40-man roster

In the center are the 39 players currently making up the 40-man roster.

Returning Cardinals with new numbers include Seth Maness, dropping down from 61 to Cody Stanley’s old number 43 and Tommy Pham changing from 60 to 28. Stephen Piscotty moved off his spring training 91 when joining St. Louis as number 55 last summer.

New arrivals include pitcher Mike Leake taking Peter Bourjos’ old number 8, Korean Seung-hwan Oh with Mike Matheny’s one-year number 26, Brayan Pena assuming Carlos Villanueva’s former number 33 and Jedd Gyorko taking coach Bill Mueller’s old number 3.


Then we have the right column, which is where this gets really interesting. OK, so maybe the coaches are not all that exciting, but there are two changes. Mueller is taking 23 this season, which was vacated by catcher Ed Easley. Now that Jason Heyward has left, Matheny returns to his customary 22.

Afterward are the retired numbers everyone is most familiar with from the outfield wall at Busch Stadium.

Next are four numbers that continue to be unofficially out of service in respect of former team greats. That quantity had been five until Mark McGwire’s number 25 was re-issued to bench coach David Bell for 2015. 69 is also not used.

By process of elimination, what remains are six potentially-available numbers ranging from 12 to 48, along with just three numbers in the 90’s. The latter group is available to be given to STEP campers and others brought into selected 1 p.m. games on an as-needed, by-game basis.

All six of the open numbers from 12 to 48 were vacated by members of the 2015 team not brought back for 2016. Any of them could be later re-assigned to any high-numbered NRIs who might make the team as long shots or given to new acquisitions in the future.  Likely, however, they will not be needed any time soon, at least early on in 2016.

Non-Roster Invitees (23)

40-Man Roster (39) # 2015 Coaches

11 11 Jose Oquendo
# 2015 Pitchers (12) # 2015 Pitchers (21) 22 Heyward Mike Matheny
58 Gast Jeremy Hefner 8 Bourjos Mike Leake 23 Easley Bill Mueller
61 Maness Juan Gonzalez 18 18 Carlos Martinez 25 25 David Bell
62 Greenwood Deck McGuire 26 Matheny Seung-hwan Oh 34 34 Derek Lilliquist
71 Freeman J.C. Sulbaran 30 open Jonathan Broxton 39 39 Jamie Pogue
72 Easley Tyler Waldron 31 31 Lance Lynn 47 47 John Mabry
74 Hatley Silfredo Garcia 40 40 Mitch Harris 49 49 Blaise Ilsley
75 Petrick Corey Littrell 43 61 Seth Maness 76 76 Kleininger Teran
78 Kiekhefer Trey Nielsen 44 44 Trevor Rosenthal 77 77 Chris Maloney
79 Mayers Robby Rowland 46 46 Kevin Siegrist 90 90 Dennis Schutzenhofer
83 Diaz Luke Weaver 50 50 Adam Wainwright
94 Austin Gomber 52 52 Michael Wacha
95 Daniel Poncedeleon 53 53 Jordan Walden 1 Ozzie Smith
54 54 Jaime Garcia 2 Red Schoendienst
# 2015 Catchers (5) 56 56 Marco Gonzales 6 Stan Musial
59 Scruggs Eric Fryer 60 Pham Dean Kiekhefer 9 Enos Slaughter
82 82 Carson Kelly 63 63 NRI Miguel Socolovich 10 Tony La Russa
88 88 Steve Bean 64 64 Sam Tuivailala 14 Ken Boyer
89 89 Alberto Rosario 66 66 NRI Tim Cooney 17 Dizzy Dean
96 Luis Cruz 67 Ortega Matt Bowman 20 Lou Brock
68 T Kelly Jayson Aquino 24 Whitey Herzog
# 2015 Infielders (4) 70 70 Tyler Lyons 42 Bruce Sutter /
86 Valera Patrick Wisdom Jackie Robinson
87 87 Jacob Wilson # 2015 Catchers (3) 45 Bob Gibson
92 Jonathan Rodriguez 4 4 Yadier Molina 85 August Busch
93 David Washington 33 Villanueva Brayan Pena
84 84 Michael Ohlman #
Unofficially out of service
# 2015 Outfielders (2) 5 Albert Pujols (since 2011)
38 Kozma Carlos Peguero
# 2015 Infielders (9) 29 Chris Carpenter (since 2013)
91 Piscotty Jeremy Hazelbaker 3 Mueller Jedd Gyorko 51 Willie McGee (since 1999)
13 13 Matt Carpenter 57 Darryl Kile (since 2002)
16 16 Kolten Wong 69
21 open Brandon Moss
27 27 Jhonny Peralta

Potentially available
32 32 Matt Adams #
(last worn by/year)
35 35 Greg Garcia 12 Mark Reynolds (2015)
65 65 Dean Anna 19 Jon Jay (2015)
73 83 Aledmys Diaz 36 Randy Choate (2015)
37 Matt Belisle (2015)

# 2015 Outfielders (6) 41 John Lackey (2015)
7 7 Matt Holliday 48 Tony Cruz (2015)
15 15 Randal Grichuk 97 none
28 60 Tommy Pham 98 none
55 91 NRI Stephen Piscotty 99 So Taguchi (2009)
80 Stanley Charlie Tilson
81 Tartamella Anthony Garcia

2/24 update: Upon reporting to spring training, 1B/OF Brandon Moss moved from #21 to #37. He wore the latter number for three seasons with Oakland from 2012-14.

For more information on Leake’s very unusual choice of number 8 and some historical reference, check out this article at The Cardinal Nation:

Leake in Line to Set Unusual Cardinals Record

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13 Responses to “2016 Cardinals Spring Training Number Assignments”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    Carlos Peguero is another Adam Dunn? Lots of power and whiffs, modest batting average. Peguero is a lot cheaper than Dunn.

    • Brian Walton says:

      No. Adam Dunn was already an NL All-Star at the age of 22.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        Dunn was a bonus baby Texas high school quarterback. Peguero mayhave been a poor kid out of the Dominican. Haven’t Maybe few were invested in getting him up to the majors at an early age, as with Dunn.

        When Dunn was a very experienced, he landed a four year deal from the white sox. He underperformed, with a batting average one year around .150. Peguero likely could exceed the last four seasons of Dunn, if he were given a chance, for a fraction of the cost. Dunn was a lumbering defender too.
        The cards like undervalued players, like Ryan ludwick in 2007 or maybe Carlos in 2016.
        I like replacing Heyward with minor league depth like hazelbaker and Carlos. Low cost gambles.

    • blingboy says:

      Offensively, Peguero seems like more of a Xavier Scruggs than an Adam Dunn. If he has a hot bat at the right time he could get a chance. We are thin in MLB ready corner outfielders.

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    Tilson for center, peguero, Garcia, and Hazelbaker are anice set of outfielders in Memphis.

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