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Expanding 2016 Cardinals Spring Training Broadcast Schedule

One of my self-assigned tasks each spring is to scan the broadcast schedules of the St. Louis Cardinals’ spring training opponents to create something that is not available in one place anywhere else.

What follows is a list of all Cardinals television games, whether the broadcast originates from the Cardinals side, from their opponents or via a national network. After all, if you are like me, following the long winter, you have a thirst to watch any Major League Baseball no matter who is at the mike.

Last week, the Cardinals spring television schedule was jointly announced by the team and FOX Sports Midwest. 15 games will be shown on the home of the Cardinals, starting with three straight games at Roger Dean Stadium from March 5-7.

So far, five other Cardinals games will be televised by other sources, increasing the tentative TV plans to 20 contests.

ESPN’s spring schedule includes two St. Louis games, one of which overlaps FSMW coverage. The unique contest is Friday, March 25 at the Mets. (The duplicate is on Monday, March 21 versus the Red Sox.)

Spring opponents Washington (Sunday, March 13), Detroit (Thursday, March 17), Boston (Saturday, March 19) and the Yankees (Thursday, March 31) each add one unique Cardinals game to the overall television schedule. (FOX Sports Detroit will also telecast the Friday, March 18 contest along with FS Midwest.)

There is more to come.

Yet to announce their broadcast plans are five other Cardinals spring opponents, plus national entities MLB Network, FOX Network and TBS. Typically, MLB.TV picks up all televised games, as well, though no news from the subscription service is yet available.

For the first time, audio coverage of all Cardinals spring training games will be available either via KMOX and the Cardinals Radio Network (CRN) or Therefore, there is no need for me to track opposing team radio plans for spring 2016.

Keep an eye on this page as I will keep it updated as more information becomes available.

1/31 update: Houston announced 10 home game telecasts on ROOT Sports, including the March 4 game vs. the Cardinals. This increases St. Louis’ spring TV games to 21.

2/11 update: The Mets announced their spring television plans with three Cardinals contests, March 10, 12 and 25. The latter was already an ESPN game. Two will be on SportsNet New York and the other on WPIX channel 11. The two new telecasts brings the Cardinals current total to 23.

2/18 update: MLB.TV has announced its spring schedule and as expected, all 23 Cardinals televised games will also be available via the online subscription service.

2/22 update: The Braves and FOX Sports South will telecast one Cardinals contest. It is the March 11 game already scheduled on FOX Sports Midwest.

2/23 update: MLB Network has disclosed its slate of spring training telecasts. 16 of the 23 previously-announced Cardinals televised games will be picked up – five live and 11 on a delayed basis. (Times for the delayed broadcasts can be found at MLB Network’s website.) Note: Be aware that the two live MLB Network games that parallel FOX Sports Midwest coverage will be blacked out in the Cardinals home market – March 6 and 14.

2/25 update: The Marlins are the last Cardinals spring opponent to announce their schedule of TV games. While FOX Sports Florida will be carrying five Cardinals games, all were already on the FOX Sports Midwest schedule. It looks like the final total will be 23 televised contests of 29 with audio available for all. Not bad!

St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training Television and Radio Plans – as of 2/25/16

Day Date Opponent Location CT StL TV Other TV (all listed include MLB.TV) Audio
Wed 02,Mar Florida Atlantic U Jupiter 12:05
Thu 03,Mar Marlins Jupiter 12:05 KMOX/CRN
Fri 04,Mar at Astros Kissimmee 12:05 ROOT Sports, MLB Net (delay)
Sat 05,Mar “at” Marlins Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest MLB Network (delay) KMOX/CRN
Sun 06,Mar Nationals Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest MLB Network KMOX/CRN
Mon 07,Mar Mets Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest MLB Network (delay) KMOX/CRN
Tue 08,Mar at Twins Ft. Myers 12:05
Wed 09,Mar Marlins Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest FOX Sports Florida, MLBN (delay) KMOX/CRN
Thu 10,Mar at Mets Pt. St. Lucie 12:10 SNY, MLB Network (delay)
Fri 11,Mar Braves Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest FOX Sports South, MLBN (delay)
Sat 12,Mar Astros (split) Jupiter 12:05 KMOX/CRN
at Mets (split) Pt. St. Lucie 12:10 PIX11
Sun 13,Mar at Nationals Viera 12:05 MASN, MLB Network KMOX/CRN
Mon 14,Mar Twins Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest MLB Network KMOX/CRN
Tue 15,Mar off 12:05
Wed 16,Mar at Braves Disney 12:05
Thu 17,Mar at Tigers Lakeland 12:05 FOX Sports Detroit, MLB Network
Fri 18,Mar Tigers Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest FOX Sports Detroit KMOX/CRN
Sat 19,Mar at Red Sox Ft. Myers 12:05 NESN, MLB Network (delay) KMOX/CRN
Sun 20,Mar Marlins Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest FOX Sports Florida KMOX/CRN
Mon 21,Mar Red Sox Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest ESPN KMOX/CRN
Tue 22,Mar off 12:05
Wed 23,Mar Marlins Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest FOX Sports Florida, MLBN (delay) KMOX/CRN
Thu 24,Mar at Nationals Viera 12:05
Fri 25,Mar at Mets Pt. St. Lucie 12:10 ESPN/SNY
Sat 26,Mar Nationals Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest MLB Network (delay) KMOX/CRN
Sun 27,Mar “at” Marlins Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest FOX Sports Florida KMOX/CRN
Mon 28,Mar Mets Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest KMOX/CRN
Tue 29,Mar Nationals Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest MLB Network (delay) KMOX/CRN
Wed 30,Mar “at” Marlins Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest FOX Sports Florida, MLBN (delay)
Thu 31,Mar at Yankees Tampa 12:05 YES, MLB Network KMOX/CRN

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12 Responses to “Expanding 2016 Cardinals Spring Training Broadcast Schedule”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    Given odd statements by Mr correa and his lawyer, one possible rational explanation may be a mental health dimension.

    No, correa should not have reported results of his rogue investigation and hack to the police. This would have gotten him locked up faster. His lawyer might say this, because it’s he viewpoint of the client, but the client may be confused and incapable of making coherent sense. This could explain a strange story and why no one else was arrested.

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    How could correa have been selected to follow Kantrovitz? He might have seemed motivated and articulate.. But there can be a fine line between reality and confusion, as shown in the 2009 case of Khalil.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      We shall see what more emerges. Why did not correa choose to plead guilty by reason of insanity? This defense is not used much and might not have helped him? He did not want to admit this to himsel?
      It might Benefit the cards in the court of public opinion for correa to argue that the astro employes took software when they left the cards. If so, we might let correa allege this for a while.

    • blingboy says:

      How it happened is easy if you read between the lines, Jumbo. Mo obviously had become temporarily demented from getting too wrapped up in spreadsheets and simulations. When Dan was a youth he was honing the baseball skills that would one day serve him as a Cardinals farm hand. When Correa was a youth he was probably studying Chaos theory in between playing dungeons and dragons with his dorky friends. Mo was clearly horrified when he came to his senses and hired a baseball player to fill the position. Lesson learned.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        He reported what he learned to “colleagues.” Were these colleagues eight foot tall rabbits who only correa could see? Did correa call one of the bunnys Harvey?

  3. crdswmn says:

    This thread here is one of the best strings of nonsense I have read here in a while.


  4. JumboShrimp says:

    One good article on Correa is “Illini Grad played his Cards right.” It’s from a newspaper called the News Gazette.

    Correa grew up near Boston. He went to Hampshire College in Amherst Mass studying cognitive science.

    After that he earned a masters degree thru the Beckmann Institute at the university of illinois. This was 2004.

    Five years later when he talked his way inside luhnows section of the Cards as a volunteer, Correa was affiliated with a Phd program in psychology at u Michigan. After so much school, he must have been headed nowhere fast and wanted to escape to the real world of business.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      Ironically, in the 2013 Illini article, correa alludes to the cards aiming to do things the right way. At the time, he was himself doing things the wrong way.

      The judge asked if he was under the care of a psychologist or doctor. This may be a standard question when somebody admits guilt. Are they sane enough to admit guilt?

      A different question, unasked by his honor, was should you be under the care of a psychiatrist? Given all the psychology studied by Correa, it would be intersting to know what he thought if asked

      • JumboShrimp says:

        It would be interesting to know if the Astros asked the Cards or MLB for permission to make an offer to Correa.

        Jeff’s administration of the Astros hired away a lot of The guys who he had hired for the Birds. Did Luhnow want Correa as well? Did MLB say enough of personnel raiding your prior team, hire some non Cardinals too?

    • JumboShrimp says:

      The Beckmann Institute is in Urbana, Illinois. It is involved in interdisciplinary research. It’s graduate was involved in inter team research.

  5. blingboy says:

    It is a well known and time honored fact that a cigar chomper has been know to peek over another cigar chomper’s shoulder now and then. They settle it out back like real men. No lawyers, no cops, no emails. The commissioner is none the wiser. I’m afraid we’re going to see more and more hair pulling and bitch slapping as time goes on. Very depressing.

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