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A History of Cardinals Substance Suspensions

When catcher Ed Easley was called up by the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday, the move seemed odd. The regular season of the Triple-A Memphis Redbirds had ended on Monday. So what was the reason for the delay?

On Saturday, we learned why.

St. Louis’ third catcher for September, Cody Stanley, has been after testing positive for a performance-enhancing substance. The 26-year-old tested positive for dehydrochlormethyltestosterone and will start serving his 80-game suspension immediately.

As noted in the table below, it is a second offense for Stanley. He also was suspended for 50 games starting in March 2012 for testing positive for Methylhexaneamine and Tamoxifen in violation of baseball’s minor league drug program.

This is the Cardinals organization’s third drug suspension in the last two years. The full list of 32 positive tests since the program began in 2005 follows.

Date Player Name Substance Length
4 04 05 Sal Frisella not announced 15 games
5 13 05 Jeremy Cummings not announced 15 games
4 18 06 Yonathan Sivira not announced 50 games
8 02 06 Marcos Chavez not announced 50 games
8 02 06 Jonathan Gonzalez not announced 50 games
2 20 08 Scott Vander Weg not announced 50 games
7 29 08 Braulin Beltre Boldenone 50 games
7 29 08 Andres Beras Boldenone 50 games
7 29 08 Yedilson Pena Boldenone 50 games
8 25 08 Juan Castillo Stanozolol 50 games
12 01 08 Wilfred Vivas Methandienone 50 games
4 09 09 Deryk Hooker Drug of Abuse 50 games
5 15 09 Kenny Maiques Drug of Abuse 50 games
6 23 09 Dail Villanueva Nandrolone 50 games
10 06 09 Alan Ahmady Amphetamine 50 games
12 04 09 Jefferson Segundo Stanozolol 50 games
12 21 09 Tyler Bighames Drug of Abuse 50 games
8 31 10 Jean Carlos De La Cruz Boldenone 50 games
8 31 10 Delvi Rodriguez Boldenone 50 games
9 30 10 Lainer Bueno Clenbuterol 50 games
6 24 11 Andrew Moss Drostanolone 50 games
11 01 11 Reggie Williams Methylhexaneamine 50 games
3 06 12 Erick Hurtado* Stanozolol 50 games
3 27 12 Cody Stanley Methylhexaneamine, Tamoxifen 50 games
4 19 12 Jose Pasen Nandrolone 50 games
6 25 12 Michael Swinson Methylhexaneamine 50 games
9 06 12 Alan Ahmady Drug of Abuse 50 games
8 22 13 Yoenny Gonzalez not announced 50 games
9 04 13 Brett Wiley Amphetamine 50 games
1 22 14 Andrew Pierce Amphetamine 50 games
9 16 14 Yeison Medina Heptaminol 50 games
9 12 15 Cody Stanley (MLB) dehydrochlormethyltestosterone 80 games
11 09 15 Alex Reyes # Marijuana 50 games
3 04 16 Luke Doyle Amphetamine 50 games
8 02 16 Luke Doyle Refusal to take test 100 games
2 15 17 Corey Littrell # Drug of Abuse 50 games
*  signing voided  #  active in organization

Note: The above table was updated in March and August 2016 and in February 2017.

Also, free agent Stanley received a third suspension of 162 games in July 2016, after having been non-tendered by the Cardinals last December and before completing his September suspension.

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6 Responses to “A History of Cardinals Substance Suspensions”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    Cody was innovative in terms of using a molecular variant of testosterone, not used by any of our other employees, according to the table above.

    Too bad for Cody that MLB believes it has the analytic accuracy, to discriminate this particular molecule, among the thousands of others in every persons body. Thank goodness MLB does not test fans, or the stands might be empty!

    Cody’s oppression calls to mind Deflategate, in which the NFL used Keystone cop inaccurate methods to allege malfeasance by the Patriots. Tom Brady had the money to defend himself. Easy for mlb to beat up on minor leaguers.

    • blingboy says:

      At least he was hitting. Obviously a deficiency of testosterone is an issue with the team. I have suspected as much for some time now and am glad to have confirmation. Too bad we can’t decide the WS with a bake off.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        Good one. Testosterone enables boys to become men. Maybe Cody had a normal level, but this seemed high because others are lacking a healthy amount.

        The list above pretty much tells it like it is. Mlb and the players union do not want to catch stars, heaven forbid, so they gang up to persecute minor leaguers.

  2. blingboy says:

    Does anybody know if Andro, like Big Mac had in his locker, is still used or has it been surpassed by other stuff? I noticed its not on the list.

    Also, an item I had not thought about for a while is that Mo’s special assistant Ryan Franklin was suspended for PEDs as a player, but I can’t remember what team. He was also a Mitchel report guy. So Cody doesn’t necessarily have to figure a second offense is a kiss of death with this organization. After all, months after his first offense, he was rewarded with an AFL slot.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      We doled out bib bucks to Peralta. Johnny must be exhausted and could use a massive transfusion of testosterone.

      The Cards have a wise outlook about PEDs. Officially, we uphold the testing program. It’s part of the game. Like the DH.

      We need to look hard at Cody”s case, to try to learn how it happened, so our guys do not get tripped up again. It might be a metabolite of anti inflammatory medications. We would not want our guys getting suspended for their necessary mess.

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