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In-Market Streaming Nice, but Not the Big Problem

Major League Baseball and FOX Sports are working on an agreement that would allow subscribers to FOX’s regional sports networks (RSNs) to view their local team’s MLB games on mobile devices starting next season. MLB’s back-end technology will deliver the data to FOX’s customers. The plan was disclosed by Sports Business Daily on Monday.

In essence, what this means for St. Louis Cardinals fans is that if you live in an area where you can view Cardinals games on FOX Sports Midwest via your television provider, you should soon be able to see those games on your phone, too, for example.

What this doesn’t do is help those who cannot see Cardinals games in the first place due to overlapping local territories where FSM is not offered. This remains the major sticking point for fans in certain areas including parts of Iowa.

This also does not help the 15 other MLB teams whose local rights are not carried by a FOX regional sports network. They are left to cut their own separate streaming deals with MLB.

The FOX RSNs will benefit as they can reach more customers with their offerings, potentially providing increased ad revenue opportunity.

Not surprisingly, MLB wins for sure, as they will receive an estimated 4 percent of the local rights deals between the teams and their FOX RSNs. Starting with St. Louis’ new TV deal going into effect in 2018, this could mean at least $2.67 million of Cardinals money annually flowing from FOX Midwest to MLB ($1 billion divided by 15 years times .04).

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6 Responses to “In-Market Streaming Nice, but Not the Big Problem”

  1. crdswmn says:

    So, since I can watch Cardinals games on FSMW in Jefferson City, I can watch them on my phone too? Because right now, on the MLB At Bat app, Cardinals games are blacked out for me. So if my cable goes out, or I am not at home in front of my TV, I can’t watch them.

    I guess what I am saying is that FSMW viewers are blacked out now from watching on MLB.TV but this will change that?

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    Its fun, Stephen Piscotty averaging .349 as I type.
    Its a perfect situation for him. He gets to play himself, in real life. As a hitter, he likes to make contact and go with the pitch. This is his natural state of well being.
    But for corner outfielders, there are expectations of HR power. Presumably Piscotty has been lifting weights and trying to get more muscular. And he has worked on adjusting his swing, to drive the ball more frequently, so maybe he can get promoted to the Show.
    Instead, OFs drop like flies, from injuries, and Piscotty reaches the majors anyway. He just tries to be himself and smack some singles. This is what he is good at, to begin with. Don’t try to clobber the ball, just make contact and see what happens. So far, the hits have been dropping and he is impressing on fans that he is a hit machine. Fun times.

  3. Brian Walton says:

    In case you missed it, this came to pass a few days ago.

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