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Holliday Enters New Top 10 On-Base List

Many St. Louis Cardinals fans – at least those watching the game telecast Wednesday evening – are aware that left fielder Matt Holliday set a new Cardinals and National League record for consecutive games reaching base at the start of the season at 43.

Now that Holliday, 35, has passed Albert Pujols on that list, it is time to check where he stands on the team’s all-time consecutive games on-base leaders – at any time, not just to begin a season.

Thanks to researcher Tom Orf, we are reminded that Holliday also reached base in the final two regular season contests in 2014. That makes his current total of 45 games, tied for 10th all-time among Cardinals.

Stan Musial is on top at 55, a mark set in 1943 when Stan the Man was just 22 years of age. The man Holliday tied on Wednesday, Keith Hernandez, is the only player listed in the team’s top 10 twice.

St. Louis Cardinals, consecutive games on base, team history

Rk Name Strk Start End Games AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SO BB SB CS BA OBP SLG OPS
1 Stan Musial 08,08,43 10,01,43 55 215 40 82 19 6 7 30 9 27 3 0 0.381 0.450 0.623 1.074
2 Ray Blades 05,28,25 08,13,25 54 214 57 78 21 6 8 30 17 33 3 2 0.364 0.456 0.631 1.087
3 Vince Coleman 04,23,87 06,21,87 50 209 45 67 2 5 0 17 42 27 34 9 0.321 0.403 0.378 0.781
T4 Albert Pujols 07,28,01 09,22,01 48 183 46 69 22 1 12 52 27 22 1 1 0.377 0.447 0.705 1.152
T4 Solly Hemus 05,12,53 06,27,53 48 199 37 64 10 5 7 27 16 27 0 1 0.322 0.413 0.528 0.941
T4 Ray Sanders 07,18,44 09,03,44 48 186 35 68 12 5 4 45 12 31 0 1 0.366 0.459 0.548 1.007
T7 Jim Edmonds 06,30,04 08,25,04 47 150 41 53 9 2 18 41 46 39 2 2 0.353 0.490 0.800 1.290
T7 Keith Hernandez 08,06,82 09,26,82 47 164 25 60 12 4 1 28 20 37 3 5 0.366 0.476 0.506 0.982
9 Ken Boyer 07,26,59 09,12,59 46 178 22 63 5 2 10 30 28 16 2 4 0.354 0.405 0.573 0.978
T10 Keith Hernandez 09,08,80 05,05,81 45 170 30 58 15 2 5 26 26 31 3 2 0.341 0.443 0.541 0.984
T10 Matt Holliday 09,26,14 05,27,15 45 153 18 48 10 0 3 24 32 30 2 1 0.314 0.434 0.438 0.872

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15 Responses to “Holliday Enters New Top 10 On-Base List”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    Matt Holliday has been a wonderful contributor, since 2009. Thanks are owed to Mo, TLR, Skip, and The Super Agent!

  2. Nutlaw says:

    This is a pretty amazing feat!

  3. blingboy says:

    Holliday did it the hard way, with the lowest batting average of the bunch. Too bad the table doesn’t include HBP.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      On base percentage may include HBPs. Vince Coleman’s .403 is the lowest above, Jim Edmonds is highest at a remarkable .490. Holliday’s .434 is well within this range. Walks and HBPs help him.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        Holliday is the second lowest from a slugging percentage, with only Coleman lower. Vince was never a slugger or a good hitter, rather played slap and run. Holliday is post-peak and does not slug as much as he once did. He appears to be adapting his game to remain helpful.

  4. OldSchool says:

    Matt is awesome. Anytime anyone breaks into the top ten of anything in baseball is more than just impressive: It’s incredible. Let’s hope he continues the streak…for years!

  5. Bw52 says:

    16 million dollars for a singles hitter just don`t cut the mustard.It`s really nice to see Banjo Holliday gets his singles which is a change of pace from the usual clutch GIDP he is outstanding at.
    Will Holliday hit 10 Homers this year? If MH can continue the BA and up the power that would be great.

    • blingboy says:

      Holliday’s lack of homers, and increasingly sporadic gap power, is only a problem because the Cards have not developed or acquired enough middle of the order thump to take over the role from a post-prime player.

      I agree with a comment above to the effect that Matt is doing a great job of adapting his game to match his evolving abilities. The problem is that when the middle of the order is staffed by singles hitting OBP guys it takes stringing together a bunch of stuff to accomplish anything. Matheny is not going to move Matt out of the #3 slot unless and until somebody steps up. So far nobody has, and that is not on Matt.

      As to the $16M, it is normal and expected that there will be a drop off in the last years of a big contract when the player is into his mid-thirties. You have to accept that reality if you want to lock up the prime years. The thing to complain about is when the player doesn’t provide value during prime time. Holliday certainly did that.

      • Brian Walton says:

        Well-stated bb. Believe it or not, I had a conversation with Scott Boras about Holliday’s value to the Cardinals just this afternoon. I hope to have time to write it up later tonight.

        • blingboy says:

          Dang. If you ever get the chance, could you ask if he will expand on his position that the first game of the World Series should be played at a neutral site?

          For some reason that intrigues me, more because its him thinking it than anything.

          (My dad is sitting here watching the game and says he thinks Scottie would say “Its better than having the All Star Game decide it”.)

      • Bw52 says:

        I don`t dislike MH at all.I dislike his declining power numbers because some pop is needed now and MH isn`t providing much.Same with Yadi.Of course Yadi`s main value is behind the plate.Matt Adams was supposed to provide some pop and Heyward also.Now Adams is likely done for this year and Heyward has fallen short of early expectations.So the pop will be from Peralta,Carpenter,and Grichuk.There are no real power bats in the system now that Wick is trying to pitch and Wisdom stuck at AA with contact issues.Makes me wonder how will the Cards draft this year?

    • JumboShrimp says:

      Will Molina hit one HR in 2015?
      Yadier hit 22 during 2012. Maybe the injury he suffered last year has taken away his ability to drive the ball.

  6. Brian Walton says:

    Holliday’s streaks ended at 45 (to start season) and 47 (any time) Tuesday night when he was ejected by umpire Joe West.

    • blingboy says:

      Congrats to Matt. I see he got a new streak started today.

      Joe West being Joe West.

      Holliday’s homerless streak now at 17 games.

      I saw Westie dropped in. Don’t be a stranger.

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