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WHO News Talk Radio: Off-Season Catch-Up

St. Louis Cardinals-focused chat on WHO News Talk Radio 1040 in Des Moines.

Invited back for my first appearance of the new year, I joined hosts Chuck Reed and former Iowa State head football coach Jim Walden on their weekly Sunday night show, “Two Guys Named Jim” on WHO News Talk Radio 1040 in Des Moines.

We had a lot of catching up to do in a short period of time. The primary focus was to recap the St. Louis Cardinals’ off-season moves, both players going and coming, as well as a look at the projected starting lineup, rotation and bullpen to open the 2015 regular season.

Once again in 2015, Cardinals followers in central Iowa are expected to be able to catch Cardinals radio broadcasts on WHO’s sister station, KXnO FOX Sports Radio 1460.

Brian Walton with Chuck Reed and Jim Walden

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10 Responses to “WHO News Talk Radio: Off-Season Catch-Up”

  1. blingboy says:

    In his chat, Goold was asked if Peter Bourjos was the only player who might conceivably win a starting role, however unlikely.

    His response: “No. Mark Reynolds could at first base.”

    My thought: WTF?

  2. blingboy says:

    This was in Goold’s article on today’s lineup this morning:

    “The lineup this morning actually says more about who won’t be going north to Viera for the first road trip of the schedule than it does who is ready for added at-bats and consecutive starts.”

    Interesting to find out who won’t be going to Viera, I thought. Perhaps even Derrick’s view of Mike’s thinking behind it. But wait. I am at the end of the piece and nothing more was said about it! I have no clue what the lineup says about who will go on the road trip.

    Having already done a double take to make sure I wasn’t reading Strauss by mistake, I reached the only possible conclusion. I am nowhere near as baseball savvy, in the know and hip as the author. That, and Derrick went through the pupa stage this winter and has emerged as Joe.

  3. blingboy says:

    For some reason I have been running into one eyebrow raiser after the next. This time Shawn Childs’ 2015 Cards Preview article on the main site.

    In the section on Piscotty he says he is ready for the big this year. He then says he believes Piscotty will get the most starts in CF this year. Reading on, it is clear he meant RF as he says for that to happen Heyward will have to move to CF. It follows, that if he thinks Piscotty will get the most starts in RF he also thinks Heyward will move to CF.

    So, who is this guy and would somebody remind him to take his meds.

    That said, it would be fun if it happened. Nothing against Jay. (Or does he move to LF and Belly Ball Boy to 1B ? ! )

    • Brian Walton says:

      There is no defense. It is wrong. I will at least explain what I know. Once the Cards preview was published on the fantasy site, I had to decide whether or not to also run it on my site. I did read that Piscotty section but decided to let it run anyway. That is on me, as it was an all or nothing decision. Of course, the part you mention makes no sense, but I did/do not have editing rights.

      In a tightly-run organization, these previews would have been run past the site publishers first, but that did not happen. It did, however, give me a reason to seek out the still fairly-new-to-Scout fantasy guys. As a result of starting a dialogue, I am going on their SiriusXM satellite radio show on Tuesday for the first time.

      Regarding who Shawn is, I have known him for years, though this is the first time I have seen his writing at Scout. He is doing this fantasy team preview series as a contractor. He is known for being one of the very most successful high-stakes fantasy sports players out there. I competed against him a number of times in the past and he generally kicked my butt. Being a top fantasy player does not mean he knows as much about all 30 MLB organizations as we do about this one, however. In this particular case, he whiffed, plain and simple.

      • blingboy says:

        I imagine one must be ever vigilant to keep one’s fantasy baseball worldview safely tucked away in its box when dealing with real life baseball.

        Heyward shouldn’t have to bat lead off anymore, so hopefully by this time next year his power numbers will play better in RF. 🙂

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