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How Do 88 to 89 Wins from the St. Louis Cardinals Sound?

It is once again time to take a look at how the bettors see the upcoming Major League Baseball season. The following come from courtesy of Bovada, (, Twitter: @BovadaLV).

Reflected is what are called “MLB Proposition Bets,” or more commonly, Overs and Unders. If you believe the St. Louis Cardinals will win 89 or more games during the regular season, you take the over. If you think their total will be 88 games or less, you take the under.

As a point of reference, the 2014 Cardinals finished the regular season with 90 wins, two ahead of Pittsburgh for the National League Central Division title.

Listed below are the 30 MLB clubs. At the left, they are from high to low, and on the right, the teams are listed alphabetically.

MLB Wins 2015 as of Feb. 16 High
MLB Wins 2015 Alphabetically
Los Angeles Dodgers 92½ Arizona Diamondbacks 71½
Washington Nationals 92½ Atlanta Braves 73½
Los Angeles Angels 89½ Baltimore Orioles 82½
St. Louis Cardinals 88½ Boston Red Sox 86½
Boston Red Sox 86½ Chicago Cubs 82½
Seattle Mariners 86½ Chicago White Sox 81½
San Diego Padres 85½ Cincinnati Reds 77½
Detroit Tigers 84½ Cleveland Indians 83½
San Francisco Giants 84½ Colorado Rockies 71½
Cleveland Indians 83½ Detroit Tigers 84½
Pittsburgh Pirates 83½ Houston Astros 74½
Baltimore Orioles 82½ Kansas City Royals 79½
Chicago Cubs 82½ Los Angeles Angels 89½
Toronto Blue Jays 82½ Los Angeles Dodgers 92½
Chicago White Sox 81½ Miami Marlins 81½
Miami Marlins 81½ Milwaukee Brewers 78½
New York Mets 81½ Minnesota Twins 70½
New York Yankees 81½ New York Mets 81½
Oakland Athletics 80½ New York Yankees 81½
Kansas City Royals 79½ Oakland Athletics 80½
Milwaukee Brewers 78½ Philadelphia Phillies 68½
Tampa Bay Rays 78½ Pittsburgh Pirates 83½
Cincinnati Reds 77½ San Diego Padres 85½
Texas Rangers 77½ San Francisco Giants 84½
Houston Astros 74½ Seattle Mariners 86½
Atlanta Braves 73½ St. Louis Cardinals 88½
Arizona Diamondbacks 71½ Tampa Bay Rays 78½
Colorado Rockies 71½ Texas Rangers 77½
Minnesota Twins 70½ Toronto Blue Jays 82½
Philadelphia Phillies 68½ Washington Nationals 92½

As bets come in, these odds will be adjusted from time to time with the goal of keeping the over and under bets balanced. As these shift, I will report back from time to time on the changes.

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8 Responses to “How Do 88 to 89 Wins from the St. Louis Cardinals Sound?”

  1. Bw52 says:

    I go for 90 to win.Pirates distant 2nd 84.Reds 80.Brewers 76.Cubs 74.I don`t think any team improved itself enough to pass the Cards.

  2. crdswmn says:

    Goold writes the Matt Holliday is encouraging Matt Carpenter to be more “aggressive” at the plate. Whatever that means.

    Folks keep wanting to change Carpenter as if what he already is isn’t good enough. The guy was a 7 WAR player in 2013.

    I hope whatever changes Carpenter makes (if he makes any) doesn’t negatively affect his ability to get on base. I get that the Cardinals want more offense, but I don’t think Carpenter is the problem.

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