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15 Cardinals Spring Training Games on MLB Network

With the publishing of MLB Network’s spring training television schedule, it is time for an update of the complete St. Louis Cardinals’ spring television and radio plans.

On the television side, we already knew that FOX Sports Midwest will be telecasting 15 Cardinals games from Florida (many of which will also be rebroadcast on a delayed basis). Three other Cards Grapefruit League contests will be on MASN (one at the Nats) and SportsNet New York (two at the Mets).

The new news is most interesting for those outside of the FOX Sports Midwest footprint as their opportunity to see 15 of those 18 games increases substantially.

15 is again the operative number, as MLB Network will be broadcasting that quantity of Cardinals spring games, as well. 12 of them overlap the FOX Sports Midwest games, with two live and 10 to be shown by MLB Network on a delayed basis. That leaves only three of the FOX Sports Midwest contests not picked up by the national baseball network.

As noted, MLB Network will be covering a total of 15 Cardinals contests from Florida this spring. In addition to the 12 FSM ones noted above, MLBN will broadcast all three of the aforementioned MASN/SNY games in which the Cardinals will be the visiting team. Two will be on a delayed basis and one will be live. To see the exact times of the delayed broadcasts, check MLB Network’s daily schedule.

More Cardinals spring contests could still be added to the television and radio schedule, as not all of their Florida opponents have announced their team-oriented broadcast plans. Same with ESPN, FOX and TBS. So stay tuned!

2/21 update: As expected, all 21 previously-announced Cardinals TV games will also be shown on MLB.TV. If you subscribed in 2014, you should be receiving an email with renewal plans for 2015.

2/23 update: The Miami Marlins will have five of their spring games against the Cardinals on television and/or radio. Two games will have both, one will be TV-only and the other two will be radio-only. All five games were previously on the FOX Sports Midwest and/or KMOX schedules, so the number of uncovered Cardinals games remains unchanged at four. Stay tuned for more related news.

Also 2/23: ESPN SportsCenter will visit Cardinals training camp on Saturday, February 28, but the national network has no Cardinals games on their spring training schedule.

02/26 update: The good news is that two early-camp games against the Astros, both previously with no radio or TV plans, will have radio coverage via the Astros network. The bad news is that they will be on a delayed basis. Both the March 6 and March 10 contests are scheduled to be aired at 8 p.m. CT. MLB Gameday Audio has not yet disclosed if it will offer the feeds live, on the same delayed schedule, or not at all.

02/28 update: The Atlanta Braves announced their radio schedule, which includes the March 11 home contest against the Cardinals. This leaves just one Cards spring training game, March 23 at the Red Sox, without some radio or television coverage. (None of the Braves games televised on FOX Sports South/SportSouth this spring include the Cardinals.)

St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training Television and Radio Plans – as of 2/28/15

Day Date Opponent Location CT StL TV Other TV StL radio Opp radio
Thu 05,Mar at Marlins Jupiter 12:05 KMOX/CRN
Fri 06,Mar Astros Jupiter 12:05 KBME 790
Sat 07,Mar at Nationals Viera 12:05 MASN/MLB Network (delay)/MLB.TV KMOX/CRN WJFK 1580
Sun 08,Mar Marlins Jupiter 12:05 KMOX/CRN WINZ/WAQI (Sp.)
Mon 09,Mar Red Sox Jupiter 12:05 KMOX/CRN
Tue 10,Mar at Astros Kissimmee 12:05 KBME 790
Wed 11,Mar at Braves Orlando 12:05 WIFN 1340
Thu 12,Mar Orioles Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest MLBN (delay)/MLB.TV KMOX/CRN
Fri 13,Mar at Marlins Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest FS Florida/MLBN (delay)/MLB.TV WINZ/WAQI (Sp.)
Sat 14,Mar Twins Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest FS North/MLBN (delay)/MLB.TV KMOX/CRN Go 96.3/TIBN
Sun 15,Mar at Twins Ft. Myers 12:05 FS Midwest FS North/MLB.TV KMOX/CRN Go 96.3/TIBN
Mon 16,Mar Tigers Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest MLB Network/MLB.TV KMOX/CRN
Tue 17,Mar at Marlins Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest MLBN (delay)/MLB.TV KMOX/CRN WINZ 940
Wed 18,Mar off day
Thu 19,Mar Mets Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest MLB Network/MLB.TV KMOX/CRN
Fri 20,Mar at Mets Pt. St. Lucie 12:10 SNY/MLBN (delay)/MLB.TV
Sat 21,Mar Braves Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest Plus MLBN (delay)/MLB.TV KMOX/CRN
Sun 22,Mar at Orioles Sarasota 12:05 KMOX/CRN 105.7 The Fan
Mon 23,Mar at Red Sox Ft. Myers 12:05
Tue 24,Mar off day
Wed 25,Mar Nationals Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest MLBN (delay)/MLB.TV KMOX/CRN WJFK 1580
Thu 26,Mar Marlins Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest FS Florida/MLB.TV KMOX/CRN
Fri 27,Mar Mets (ss) Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest MLBN (delay)/MLB.TV
at Nats (ss) Viera 12:05 WJFK 1580
Sat 28,Mar at Tigers Lakeland 12:05 KMOX/CRN WXYT 1270
Sun 29,Mar Mets Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest MLBN (delay)/MLB.TV KMOX/CRN WOR 710
Mon 30,Mar Nationals Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest MLBN (delay)/MLB.TV
Tue 31,Mar Marlins Jupiter 12:05 FS Midwest FS Florida/MLB.TV KMOX/CRN WINZ 940
Wed 01,Apr at Mets Pt. St. Lucie 12:10 SNY/MLB Network/MLB.TV
Thu 02,Apr Mets Jupiter 11:05 FS Midwest MLBN (delay)/MLB.TV
Fri 03,Apr Redbirds Memphis 5:05 KMOX/CRN

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6 Responses to “15 Cardinals Spring Training Games on MLB Network”

  1. Brian Walton says:

    Heads up that MLB.TV additions have been made above.

  2. Brian Walton says:

    More changes made to the master schedule.

    • crdswmn says:

      Seems like there were more early games televised by other teams last year.

      • Brian Walton says:

        There were more TV games early, but mostly from FOX Midwest. They televised the first three games, four of the first five and five of the first seven in 2014.

        This year, even though spring training is a week later, FSM is not showing its first game until 3/12, the eighth game of the spring schedule. FSM is still covering 15 games, same as last year. The difference is they are all later in camp.

        Some like that because they may see more of the regulars play longer. I actually enjoy seeing more of the prospects, but am likely in the minority.

        On the other team broadcast point, you are also correct. Three of the first 10 Cards games in 2014 were on other TV networks and 10 overall. This year, just three other games besides the FSM ones will be on TV, only one of which will be early in camp.

        Bottom line, more radio listening may be ahead this spring – at least until FSM’s schedule kicks in.

  3. Brian Walton says:

    For those who have Sirius/XM satellite radio, here is the link to their daily MLB schedule of games.

    It only runs one week ahead, so I can’t see the 10th yet, but the Astros’ delayed broadcast on the 6th is not listed.

    All games are shown at their regular times, including the two Astros ones, on MLB Gameday Audio’s schedule. However, nothing is filled in as of yet. So there is still hope to catch them live.

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