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New World Series Odds Reflect Cubs Optimism While Cardinals Fall

Oddsmaker is back with new odds on the 2015 World Series, reflecting bettors’ actions based on the first month and a half of the hot stove league.

The big news is the ascension of the Chicago Cubs, storming from back in the pack at 50/1 at the end of the season to just 12/1 today. If you wanted to put big cash on the Baby Bears, you missed your chance for the huge payday – if they could actually win next October, that is.

The St. Louis Cardinals remain in the second tier of clubs, sliding from 12/1 to 14/1, same as the current champion San Francisco Giants. While the Los Angeles Dodgers remain the favorite at 15/2, the Boston Red Sox vaulted to the top of the AL, going from 22/1 to 9/1.

The other three clubs in the National League Central – the Pittsburgh Pirates, Milwaukee Brewers and Cincinnati Reds – are huddled together in the bottom half of the 30 teams – in the 33/1 to 40/1 range.

Red indicates longer odds while green denotes shorter odds compared to last time. NL Central clubs in bold.

Odds to win the 2015 World Series as of 10/30/14 as of 12/15/14
Los Angeles Dodgers 15/2 15/2
Boston Red Sox 22/1 9/1
Washington Nationals 10/1 15/2
Chicago Cubs 50/1 12/1
Detroit Tigers 10/1 12/1
Los Angeles Angels 10/1 12/1
San Francisco Giants 12/1 14/1
Seattle Mariners 18/1 14/1
St. Louis Cardinals 12/1 14/1
Baltimore Orioles 20/1 18/1
Toronto Blue Jays 33/1 18/1
Kansas City Royals 16/1 20/1
New York Mets 40/1 25/1
New York Yankees 22/1 25/1
Atlanta Braves 22/1 28/1
Chicago White Sox 40/1 28/1
Cleveland Indians 25/1 33/1
Miami Marlins 50/1 33/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 20/1 33/1
Cincinnati Reds 33/1 40/1
Milwaukee Brewers 40/1 40/1
Oakland Athletics 20/1 40/1
San Diego Padres 66/1 40/1
Texas Rangers 33/1 40/1
Tampa Bay Rays 33/1 66/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 100/1 75/1
Colorado Rockies 100/1 100/1
Houston Astros 100/1 150/1
Minnesota Twins 100/1 150/1
Philadelphia Phillies 75/1 150/1

As the free agent season continues, the 2015 odds will shift and shift again. I will present periodic updates as warranted.

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17 Responses to “New World Series Odds Reflect Cubs Optimism While Cardinals Fall”

  1. crdswmn says:

    Jason Motte is a Cub.

  2. Bw52 says:

    A one year deal with 4.5 million guarantee by Cubbies.Kind of risky for a guy who lost some velocity and command.Guess Theo the boy blunder must feel Jason is okay now.

  3. Bw52 says:

    What has Theo Epstein ever done WITHOUT A huge pile of money? Has he ever built a team on a small budget ? He has had pretty much unlimited dollars in Boston and now Chicago.Most people would do okay buying from the Cadillac car lot instead of the buy-here-pay-here lot.

  4. JumboShrimp says:

    Jason Motte helped us prevail in 2011 and he pitched his arm off for Mad Mike in 2012, collecting all the saves for the team. Great contributions and a great story, for the super defensive catcher who could not hit and switched to the mound.
    Motte was rewarded with a two year deal for 2013 and 2014. The first year encountered Tommy John and this past season was for physical rehab. Motte has not done much since the great 2012 season.
    The Cards showed zero interest in retaining him. Matheny did not like using Motte in 2014 and after the season, the Cards sought Belisle and Waldren.
    The good news is Jason has landed another $4.5MM, despite 3 years removed from stardom. It was nice when the Cubs gave millions to little Aaron Miles and tens of millions to our old pal Edwin Jackson. Its nice Jason is grabbing Cubs money too, like Jim Edmonds and John Mabry before him.

  5. Bw52 says:

    Dan Descalso signs a 2 year deal with Rockies per MLB trade rumors

    • Brian Walton says:

      The Rockies release with my comments appended are here. As always, the Roster Matrix was updated immediately.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      On the open market, Descalso commanded not just a one year ML deal, but a two year one. This normally implies a bit of competition for his services. He is 28, a good age to be a free agent. He is a good defender at 3B and 2B, who hits ok, provided given enough work.
      The Cards chose to fine tune their roster by adding Reynolds to provide occasional days off for Adams and Carpenter. Reynolds costs a bit more than Descalso would have earned, so the Cards did not economize by cutting Danny loose.

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