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TCN Blog 2014 Top Story #18: Change in Scouting Director

Funny how time changes perspectives.

Back in 2005, when he assumed leadership over scouting for the St. Louis Cardinals, outsider Jeff Luhnow was attacked by many from within the baseball establishment. Some media members also took sides in an internal political fray that ultimately took down general manager Walt Jocketty, calling the Cards executive “Harry Potter” and worse.

Six years later, Luhnow, who added player development to his responsibilities as well, had earned his credentials through hard work, hiring the right people and making good selections in the draft. Many players signed and developed during his era became solid major league contributors.

As a result, others took notice. In late 2011, Luhnow was hired as the general manager of the Houston Astros. His replacement in St. Louis for his scouting role, Dan Kantrovitz, continued to keep the Cardinals draft machine on course for the next three years.

Kantrovitz came into the job with a varied portfolio of experiences, starting with being a local product, a former player with an Ivy League education, an advanced degree in statistics, business experience as well as prior scouting and international experience with the Cardinals and Oakland A’s.

Last month, Kantrovitz received a promotion to return to the A’s as one of their assistant general managers. His predecessor, Farhan Zaidi, had been named the new GM of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Replacing Kantrovitz as Cardinals scouting director was the club’s director of baseball development, Chris Correa. The 33-year-old has six seasons of experience in statistical analysis with St. Louis after earning his Masters in Psychology.

Correa’s skill base is clearly on the analytics side as he does not appear to have either been a player or scout in the past. Further, his baseball and business experience seems to be entirely with the Cardinals.

Yet with systems already in place, a strong support staff and a boss in GM John Mozeliak who once was a young scouting director himself, Correa should have access to all the tools necessary to be successful.

With over six months of preparation ahead, his first real test will be in the June 2015 draft.

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2 Responses to “TCN Blog 2014 Top Story #18: Change in Scouting Director”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    Luhnow was and is an ambitious self promoter. Since he wanted to become a GM, its good this has happened elsewhere.
    Kantrovitz seems less egocentric. An able and amiable guy, he got a great job offer and left town.
    This time, the Cards chose a low profile guy, from within. This may work out fine. There is no need for the draft guy to be flashy, giving interviews to reporters.
    Correa sounds like a worker, with practical ideas to improve draft data. He might do a good job and might not run off to another franchise.

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