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Oddsmakers Weigh in on NLCS, World Series

Courtesy of, here are the most recent odds for the Major League Baseball post-season as they relate to the St. Louis Cardinals. They are as of Thursday, October 9.

With the Cardinals having eliminated the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Baltimore Orioles are the new favorite to win the World Series. The Cards are favored over the Giants in the National League Championship Series.

Odds to win the 2014 World Series

Baltimore Orioles                       11/5
St. Louis Cardinals                    13/5
San Francisco Giants                13/5
Kansas City Royals                   13/4

World Series Exact Matchup

Baltimore Orioles vs St. Louis Cardinals             9/5
Baltimore Orioles vs San Francisco Giants         9/4
Kansas City Royals vs St. Louis Cardinals          11/4
Kansas City Royals vs San Francisco Giants      13/4

Giants vs. Cardinals

Series Price
St. Louis Cardinals                    – 130     (10/13)
San Francisco Giants                +110     (11/10)

Exact Series Result

San Francisco Giants 4-0           12/1
San Francisco Giants 4-1           6/1
San Francisco Giants 4-2           5/1
San Francisco Giants 4-3           9/2
St. Louis Cardinals 4-0               12/1
St. Louis Cardinals 4-1               11/2
St. Louis Cardinals 4-2               4/1
St. Louis Cardinals 4-3               15/4

Total Games in Series

4                      6/1
5                      5/2
6                      17/10
7                      9/5

If one is inclined to bet, one can do so on a wide variety of related subjects, such as the following:

How many games will go to extra innings?

Over                 ½         2/3
Under               ½         11/10

How many calls will get overturned after replay?

Over                 1          4/7
Under               1          7/5

Total Home Runs – San Francisco Giants

Over/Under                   4½

Total Home Runs – St Louis Cardinals

Over/Under                   4

Will any game end on a Walkoff hit?

Yes                  7/5
No                    4/7

Will a pitcher hit a Home Run in the Series?

Yes                  7/2
No                    1/6

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3 Responses to “Oddsmakers Weigh in on NLCS, World Series”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    Its worth remembering the 2012 NLCS. Our only solid hitters were Molina and Beltran, and Carlos had to miss one game owing to sore knee. Matt Carpenter hit, but did not play enough. Descalso, Jay, Holliday, Kozma, Craig, it was grim. The Giants had home field advantage. The Cards had to play through the other wild card, Atlanta, and go 5 games with the Nationals; we were tired.
    Chris Carpenter tried to come back from injury, but did not have it and never pitched again. Lance Lynn was inexperienced, came out throwing bullets, but could not get past the 4th inning. Lohse won a game and fizzled in Game 7.
    We seem in much better shape headed into this NLCS. There is a pretty solid 4 man rotation, backed by Wacha and Gonzales. Whereas the Giants had more left swingers in 2012, now we have as many and can match up better against Vogelsong and other RHPs.
    The Giants were lucky to catch the Cards at low ebb in 2012. After spanking the Dodgers, we should be ready for them in 2014.

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    Rather have Freeman over Kozma. Wong has showed he can handle 2B, so Super Pete is superfluous.

    • blingboy says:

      The extra lefty really was superfluous. MM has total confidence in the Kozmanator manning either middle infield spot in a high pressure situation. That eases the potential disaster of double switching one of the middle infielders out of the game and having to go with Descalso’s D up the middle. I am fine with that. AJ makes it that much less likely MM will use Pete to pinch hit.

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