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Cardinals on FOX Sports Midwest Ratings No. 1 in MLB

In the recently-completed 2014 Major League Baseball regular season, St. Louis Cardinals broadcasts on FOX Sports Midwest ranked number one in two different measures and third in another.

Against MLB overall

In a comparison against all MLB local markets, Cardinals games scored the highest ratings, a 7.9 household average/99,000 households. Next was the 2013 ratings leader, the Detroit Tigers at 7.7, closely followed by the Pittsburgh Pirates, also at 7.7.

It is a success story that parallels that of the team itself. In every year of this millennium, 15 consecutive seasons, the Cardinals have finished in the top three in MLB.

The 2014 picture is less positive across MLB. According to SportsBusiness Journal, only 12 of the 30 clubs showed local ratings increases from last season, while 16 experienced decreases and two were flat. The 16 teams with local ratings drops is the most since 2008, SBJ reports.

Despite having the highest ratings in the game, the Cardinals are among the decliners from 2013, down just over 10 percent year to year. The Cards had an especially strong final month, improving the season’s overall average from 7.76 to 7.9.

Against local programming in prime time only

In the most interesting subset to advertisers, prime time ratings, the Cards are number one locally. From Opening Day through the conclusion of the regular season, Cardinals telecasts were the highest-rated and most viewed programming in St. Louis.

Specifically, Cardinals telecasts averaged an 8.23 household rating/103,000 households in prime time. That was a whopping 60 percent higher than number two-ranked KMOV-CBS (5.2).

Against MLB in prime time only

In national data that focused on prime time only, the Cardinals came in third in MLB this season. The Tigers were on top at 8.58/159,000, followed by the Pirates at 8.49/100,000, as reported by Forbes. Those teams were also first in their local markets.

The Cards’ comparative numbers are the aforementioned 8.23/103,000.

All data sourced from Nielsen, 3/31/14-9/28/14

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9 Responses to “Cardinals on FOX Sports Midwest Ratings No. 1 in MLB”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    Last year’s triumph over the Dodgers was tainted a little by the broken rib pitch to Hanley Ramirez. 2014 is a cleaner win.

  2. Bw52 says:

    Nice job Cards.Miller did good enough and Bullpen held them down.Adams big HR versus Hollywood Kershaw.Kershaw has got to be having nightmares about the Cards.

  3. kray66 says:

    I read an article about how the Dodgers were shocked they’re out of the playoffs after spending all that money. Then it went on to talk about how they were going to spend the offseason trying to figure out how to win in 2015 (I bet they try by spending even MORE money). No where in the article did it mention focusing on the farm system and growing talent.

    I love seeing big-money teams bounced from the playoffs early.

  4. Nutlaw says:

    Fourth straight year of reaching at least the NL Championship game? Very solid.

  5. JumboShrimp says:

    I like our chances to exact revenge for 2012. In 2012, our lineup had right swingers (Freese, Craig, Holiday, Molina), with Beltran our best lefty threat. Against this, the Giants had Cain, Lincecum, and Vogelsong and they wore us down. The better team won in 2012 and it was the Giants.
    Today, the Giants still have right handed pitchers in Pevey, Vogelsong, Hudson, Petit, but we match up much better with Carpenter, Wong, Adams, Jay, and Taveras.
    Our rotation of Wainwright, Lynn, Lackey, and Miller is good, with Wacha in reserve.
    We just hit 7 homers in 4 games, the Giants hit 1 in 4 games.
    We have home field advantage.
    The Dodgers beat the Giants by 6 games, we beat the Dodgers.
    I like our lineup against their starting pitchers.

  6. Bw52 says:

    SF pitcher that worries me the most is Baumgarner the lefty.Vogelsong has been pretty tough on the Cards.Still should be a good series .Wainwright needs to return to form and if Rosey will quit his Izzy impersonation this looks like a return World Series visit for the Cards.

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