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Cardinal Talk: KXnO FOX Sports Radio: Pulling Ahead

Weekly St. Louis Cardinals-focused chat on KXnO FOX Sports Radio 1460 in Des Moines.

As is the case each Friday prior to the St. Louis Cardinals pregame show, I joined Ken Miller and Jim Brinson on KXnO FOX Sports Radio 1460 in Des Moines in our weekly series to discuss the St. Louis Cardinals.

This week, we discussed the Cardinals’ recent surge to the National League Central Division lead and the corresponding troubles with the slumping Milwaukee Brewers. In between was a lot of baseball talk before we reviewed how several of the Biogenesis-suspended players from 2013 are doing this season.

Once again in 2014, Cardinals followers in central Iowa are able to catch St. Louis Cardinals radio broadcasts on KXnO as well as my regular segment each week throughout the season, either over the air or via streaming. Or, if you miss it live, you can always catch the replay right here at The Cardinal Nation blog.

Click here for audio: Brian Walton with Ken Miller and Jim Brinson (7:08)

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26 Responses to “Cardinal Talk: KXnO FOX Sports Radio: Pulling Ahead”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    Given 5 seasons of full season ball, in the minors, Scruggs has 5 seasons with more than 20 HRs. 5 for 5. He has been a consistent power hitter.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      OPS as AAA rookie:
      Scruggs 864
      Grichuk 805
      ONeill 786

      Scruggs and Grichuk essentially tie on slugging percentage, but Scruggs gets on base more thanks to more walks and a higher batting average. These strengths explain why Scruggs has the higher overall OPS.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        Home run comparison, minors, cumulative:
        Scruggs: 134
        Little Mike O’Neill: 4 dingers

      • Bw52 says:

        Also remember that Scruggs is also several years older than Grichuk.Grichuk is able to play all 3 OF spots.Grichuk has a higher ceiling because he is still developing and Scruggs is what he is.Not knocking Scruggs at all and I hope he shows enough to keep around as a RH option for Adams next season.

        • Brian Walton says:

          Can’t carry two 1B-only guys on a 25-man roster.

          • blingboy says:

            I wish Scruggs would get regular paying time for a week while Adams rests up. It would be useful to know how his offense translates at the MLB level and whether his D can hold up to the faster game. The reason it would be useful is what if a GM were to be talking to Mo about a high profile guy, like a Stanton, but he says “I need a first baseman, Adams has to be part of the package”.

            Mo needs to know if he can say OK, and just how urgent it will be to come up with a replacement. If he was looking at Descalso until he could acquire somebody, that might put a crimp in things. But if Scruggs could handle the D, and put up .275/.775, well, that’s comparable enough to Adams to remove the urgency.

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    We will face another RHP today then four more in Cinci. It would be smart if Mad Mike gave Holliday an offday.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      X-man is very tough on southpaws, so its a shame we will not encounter one soon. Adams made an error yesterday, so may need another day off even against an RHP.

      Scruggs cut down on Ks during his AAA rookie season and his batting average correspondingly gained. Lets look at some data:
      2010 Palm Beach .269BA 107Ks in 316 ABs
      2010 AA .245 36Ks in 100 ABs
      2111 Palm Beach .260 125Ks in 411 ABs
      2012 AA .235 150ks 452 ABs
      2013 AA .248 177Ks 448 ABs
      2014 AAA .286 114Ks in 472ABs

      By making more frequent contact and reducing Ks by a terrific 63, Scruggs was able to lift his batting average to a new high, .286. When a batter whiffs, nothing good can happen, but put the ball in play, some will drop for hits.

      • Brian Walton says:

        Guessing you were dozing when Adams hit the big two-run homer to put the Cards in the lead.

        • blingboy says:

          Mo should get a Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering an instant cure for a strained oblique.

          • Brian Walton says:

            The return was fast, but perhaps every injury is not serious.

            To be accurate, the Cardinals did not call Adams’ injury a strain. They simply said “soreness.”

            On anything medical, the Cards cannot seem to please. If it is perceived that a guy stays out too long, they are accused of underplaying the injury or being slow to diagnose. If he comes back quickly, they get ripped for that, too. Holiday Inn Express must be fully booked these days. 😉

            • JumboShrimp says:

              Matt Adams is the new J. D. Drew. To really have a J D problem, however, you need an intense manager to make a molehill into a mountain. Happily, Mike has no problem giving Matt off days to un-sore.

              • blingboy says:

                Rolling out the J. D. comparison is surely premature Jumbo. Matt still has a chance to have a 145 game season, a feat accomplished by Drew only twice in 13 seasons. We should check back on that in a few years. He did bounce back strong once another 1st baseman was called up and put in the lineup, I’ll give you that. Descalso out there did not have much of a curative effect.

            • blingboy says:

              Holliday sits out with a sore back. Time to call up an outfielder.

            • kray66 says:

              Don’t forget the insurance angle Brian. There’s always an insurance claim when there’s an injury and the Cardinals are just part of the conspiracy ……

  3. blingboy says:

    We are 2 games out for best record in the NL and home field advantage.

    We could have a 98 win season.

      • blingboy says:

        Last night’s game can be illustrative. 4 hits, 3 errors, starter in trouble repeatedly, big star being a slug on the base path. All are legitimate justifications for criticism, but all teams put up that kind of a game sometimes.. What all teams can’t do is take that kind of a steaming pile and make an important win out of it. The Brewers were the team that could do that in June, but it is the Cardinals that are doing it in September.

        I encourage anyone who is discouraged by the negative details to take a step back and take in the panoramic view. Some ugly brush strokes are coming together into a glorious masterpiece.

      • Bw52 says:

        Glad to see the team winning.Impressed no.This is what they should have been doing all season.

        • blingboy says:

          That would have been nice Bw, but not necessary. What is necessary all through the dog days is for a team to hang around. That has been true in baseball since the beginning of time.

          We’ve both been around the block often enough to know that its not worth it to get to aggravated by details that are not of vital importance. The world isn’t perfect and neither are baseball players. Fortunately, in baseball as in anything else, perfection isn’t necessary.

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