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Cardinals Telecasts Top-Ranked in St. Louis, No. 2 in MLB

The St. Louis Cardinals may have spent most of the 2014 season in second place, but their telecasts are tops by a huge margin.

From the start of the season on March 31 through July 24, St. Louis Cardinals telecasts on FOX Sports Midwest are the highest-rated and most-viewed programming on prime time television in St. Louis.

2014 Cardinals telecasts are averaging a 7.56 household rating and 95,000 households in prime time (the hours from 7 to 11 p.m.). That is 41 percent higher than No. 2-ranked KMOV-CBS during the same period, according to Nielsen data.

Prime time ratings average – St. Louis market

Rank Network HH Rtg
1 Cardinals on FOX Sports Midwest 7.56
2 4 KMOV CBS 5.35
3 5 KSDK NBC 4.42
4 2 KTVI FOX 3.77
5 30 KDNL ABC 1.85
6 TBSC 1.33
7 11 KPLR CW 1.26
8 TNT 1.15
9 ESPN 1.13
10 HIST 1.10

The Cardinals have the second-highest local TV ratings in all of Major League Baseball – 7.56 (all FOX Sports Midwest telecasts). That has them on pace to finish in the top three in MLB for the 15th consecutive season.

In an indication of the strength of MLB nationwide, in addition to the Cardinals, 11 other MLB teams were also the top programming in primetime across all of television, including broadcast, in their markets.

MLB Games on Regional Sports Networks No. 1 Primetime in Market

Market/Team Ratings Households
Detroit Tigers 8.38 156,000
St. Louis Cardinals 7.56 95,000
Pittsburgh Pirates 7.56 89,000
Cincinnati Reds 7.01 64,000
Cleveland Indians 6.73 100,000
Milwaukee Brewers 6.16 56,000
Baltimore Orioles 6.03 66,000
Kansas City Royals 5.93 56,000
Seattle Mariners 5.72 106,000
Boston Red Sox 5.64 137,000
San Francisco Giants 4.86 122,000
Phoenix/Arizona Diamondbacks 3.92 73,000

* All data provided by Nielsen for the period of 3/31/14-7/24/14

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16 Responses to “Cardinals Telecasts Top-Ranked in St. Louis, No. 2 in MLB”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    Mo says its all about performance. Will Jason Motte be sent to Memphis?

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    Its easy to forget Carlos Martinez skipped over AAA. He started games for Springfield in 2013, before being promoted to the majors to work as a reliever.
    Its valuable that he got the experience of 7 starts this summer, in the majors. Its also good the Cards use him in the less challenging role of reliever for the time being. He could grow into a starter in 2015 or 2016, but for now, relief is challenge enough. We will use Lackey and Masterson to eat innings.

    • Brian Walton says:

      Martinez made 13 Triple-A starts last season and performed very well. Like Marco Gonzales this year, he had made the temporary jump from Double-A to the bigs to fill an immediate need with St. Louis before making his Memphis debut.

      But, yes, his immediate role is back in the pen, perhaps partly because as you noted above, Motte has not returned to his prior level of effectiveness.

  3. blingboy says:

    A few assorted musings (I’ve always wanted to work that word in somehow):

    1) I noticed Blaine Boyer’s name in the box score from yesterday. Man, that guy must have nine lives. I know he’s been with the Cards org a couple times and been out of affiliated ball a couple times.

    2) I also understand Miller looked good, albeit vs a shitty team. My hope is he comes screaming down the stretch and beats out Munsterman for a post-season rotation slot with Wainy, Lynn and Lackey.

    3) Next year’s rotation could have a nice mix of experience levels. Grizzled veterans Wainwright and Lackey, mid career Lynn, and newbies Miller/Wacha/Martinez.

    4) It seems like lots of folks have written off Motte’s comeback chances. As I understand, the first season back from TJ is often so-so. He could be his old self next year. Of course, he is a FA after this year. But I was just thinking that Mo has learned the perils of relying on too many young unproven pitchers in the rotation, so maybe he’s thinking the same about the pen. So perhaps there is a way Motte is back here in 2015. If he shows enough promise the rest of the way and indicates a willingness to go with an incentive based one year contract. Something Mo could eat if necessary. But you just never know how much moolah somebody could throw at him hoping for the best.

    Speaking of Motte, I know he has given up a ton of homers. Does anybody have a feel for where he stands as far as velocity, movement and location?

  4. Bw52 says:

    Another bullpen question.What about Neshek? Could the Cards bring him back next year ? I thought I read Motte has a lot of his velocity back but is still struggling with location.I wonder if Cards will only keep one of either Motte or Neshek……………… will play a factor in the decision and if Fornataro,Butler or Rondon develop enough for the Cards to feel comfortable not retaining another veteran RH arm with Maness.

  5. blingboy says:

    Neshek will probably get some bucks from somebody after the numbers this year. And his history argues against a repeat performance. Like Motte, if its something Mo can eat if need be, I’m for it.

    One of the keys to what Mo may do as far as making up a pen for next year will be how Siegrist looks the rest of this year.

    • Bw52 says:

      Bling don`t forget about Freeman who has done well most of his appearences this year.Even Greenwood pitched adequately most of his games and he took a couple for the team in blowouts.With those two and Siegrist and Choate I figure the LH side of the pen should be covered.

  6. CariocaCardinal says:

    Do you have the household data for the other 18 teams (tat aren’t #1 in their markets)?

    • Brian Walton says:

      All I have are those that finished in the top three.

      Market/Team Ratings/Households   Rank
      4.32/79,000       2
      Minneapolis/Twins       4.09/71,000            3
      Philadelphia/Phillies   3.43/102,000         3
      New York/Yankees    3.37/251,000           3
      Atlanta/Braves   3.36/80,000       3
      San Diego/Padres      3.19/34,000          3
      Denver/Rockies    2.95/46,000         3

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