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My Monday Morning Appearance on SiriusXM

Brian Walton discusses the St. Louis Cardinals from a fantasy baseball perspective.

For those who are early Monday morning risers, you may have caught my appearance on RotoExperts on SiriusXM Fantasy and the Fantasy Sports Network. At 7:35 AM Eastern, I was talking young St. Louis Cardinals players with hosts Scott Engel and Adam Ronis. We also touched on a handful of players currently in the news across Major League Baseball.

As always, the place was Sirius 210 – XM 87, but in case you could not make it, the audio is here.

Link to audio: Brian Walton with Scott Engel (10:36)

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12 Responses to “My Monday Morning Appearance on SiriusXM”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    Grichuk has demolished southpaws at AAA, yet whiffed 3 times versus Duffy.

  2. Bw52 says:

    Grichuk had a bad game,but he still needs playing time.He`s the future along with OT.I wonder if Mo is checking out who is available for trade to help this pathetic offense.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      We are probably well served to sit tight. Sometimes the best deals are trades not made.

      • Bw52 says:

        Sometimes that`s right Jumbo.But this team is dead in the water.Flat,listless DEAD.Lousy pitching ,lousy hitting very lousy manager.Put all that together and you get a big steaming pile.

        • JumboShrimp says:

          Its hard to make late July deals. Other GMs want a lot of prospects. There is probably not an easy fix for what ails the Birds to be found in the summer trade market. The best fix may be gutting it out and trying to improve from within.

          One guy who has improved is southpaw reliever Freeman. A year ago, he was not ready, now he is making nice pitches.

          • Brian Walton says:

            It is a tough situation when the last guy in the pen is one of the few players having a better season this year than last.

            I agree that blowing up the team would make a segment of the uneasy fans happy, but it may not be the best answer.

            • Bw52 says:

              Pure speculation on my part but I have to wonder if there is a problem with Peralta and Holliday in the clubhouse.Holliday was very strong in his opinion about PED users.Could there be a discontent in the clubhouse? Team chemistry? Or is this just a carryover from the hitting slump that started in last World series? I don`t know what it is but something is off and Matheny isn`t helping with his poor managing moves.

  3. blingboy says:

    I missed the Wong dong. Dang.

  4. blingboy says:

    Tonight at Kauffman we have 9 hitters in the lineup and 3 of them are hitting over .250.

    Is it ‘still early’?

  5. crdswmn says:

    What happened tonight to Waino is the best example I can think of why pitcher “wins” as a stat is incredibly stupid.

    • Bw52 says:

      What about losses as a stat? There is a reason for these stats.Way before cyberstat geeks infested everything the win-loss record was a basic way of seeing if so and so was doing okay.Along with ERA the average joe could see how their favorite pitcher was doing or had done.
      Cybergeekdom statheads aside last I looked the team with the most wins still leads the division,not the best Batting average,RISP,WHIP,or fangraphs numbers.THe fact that AW pitched well and got nothing for his effort is probably what irks you.

  6. Bw52 says:

    While simple wins and losses stats for pitchers don`t tell a complete story it is still better than anything else.Anytime a pitcher gets the big W by his name in the boxscore that means both he any his team got a win.What`s the stated goal of most starting pitchers? To WIN 20 games.

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