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Springfield introduces Hall of Famer costumes

We have all seen the grandfather of Major League Baseball character races, the nightly run of the Milwaukee sausages. Perhaps the best-known imitator is the Presidents Race in Washington, in which poor Teddy Roosevelt is usually about as successful as Wile E. Coyote.

The St. Louis Cardinals’ Double-A franchise in Springfield, Missouri, owned by the parent club, has commissioned its own twist on these popular characters. In a nod to Cardinals Hall of Famers, while staying true to the original sausage design, the following image of the first three costumes was Tweeted out by the club on Wednesday afternoon.

The three are apparently poised to make their first official appearance at Hammons Field very soon.

You can draw (and share below) your own reactions, but here are mine.

On the left, number 24, Whitey Herzog, is perhaps most recognizable due to the blond flat-top and the trademark 1980’s blue uniform. On the other hand, the rosy cheeks and jowls seem like they were borrowed from a beardless Jolly Saint Nick – or Jim Thome, perhaps.

The intended identity of the individual on the right is clearly given away by his number 10. Even so, I have to admit that my mind went elsewhere than Tony La Russa. The jet black hair, dark glasses and prominent chin answered for me the question of what Jake Blues would have looked like had he been a Cardinal.

Initially, I honestly thought the center figure was a tribute to newly-named Cardinals Hall of Famer Jim Edmonds. I was very wrong. The 1940’s uniform is right, but any other likeness to the intended subject of Red Schoendienst is only coincidental. Then again, with the costume having one stirrup visible, I should have known it could not have been Jimmy Baseball.

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5 Responses to “Springfield introduces Hall of Famer costumes”

  1. blingboy says:

    I agree with the Jake Blues reference. Maybe they will have a “Carrie Fisher” with a nerf rocket launcher

  2. blingboy says:

    Not wanting to be a pest, but the Matrix does not reflect the recent MLB roster moves.

    • Brian Walton says:

      Thanks for the reminder. Actually, I had them on the list, but did not update the spreadsheet. I don’t recall having done that before. Must have been interrupted part-way through. Anyway, finished now.

  3. kray66 says:

    That’s pretty cool. They have some good giveaways too this season (Joe Kelly standoff bobblehead for instance).

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