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Lynn is the only undefeated 10+win March-April pitcher in MLB history

Who could excuse Lance Lynn if he never wants April to end?

Even before his Saturday afternoon victory over the Washington Nationals, the right-hander had the best record in the first month of the regular season of any pitcher in MLB history with at least 10 wins. His March-April career mark now stands at 12-0 with one no-decision.

Let that sink in for a moment.

In fact, Lynn is the only pitcher in MLB history to have 10 or more wins and no career losses in March-April.

Here is the proof, courtesy of crack researcher Tom Orf and updated to include Lynn’s Saturday results.

MLB pitchers, highest career winning percentage in March-April, 10 wins minimum

Lance Lynn 13 1.000 12 0 2.60 13 0 0 0 79.2 60 23 23 8 26 85
Babe Ruth 16 0.929 13 1 2.29 15 0 13 0 129 98 39 33 1 44 53
Yu Darvish 14 0.909 10 1 1.92 14 0 0 0 93.2 68 21 20 2 34 114
Lefty Williams 16 0.909 10 1 1.36 12 3 9 1 119 79 28 18 1 39 51
Brandon Webb 31 0.900 18 2 2.66 30 1 0 0 203 178 69 60 11 69 155

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6 Responses to “Lynn is the only undefeated 10+win March-April pitcher in MLB history”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    Yu Darvish has pitched better during April, but Lance has been terrific in his own right. He seems very aggressive and likes to attack the season, holding nothing back.

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    One element of theatre for 2014 could be the rebound of Albert. Back in 2012, after hopping to the Angels, Pujols began slowly, not having a HR in the first 100 at bats; it was embarrassing. He ended up with respectable numbers, 105 RBIs, but the Angels were mediocre. During 2013, chronic foot woes knocked Pujols out.
    Meanwhile everything came up roses for the Cards: we reached the NLCS both years; added Wacha and Piscotty as comp picks; added Carlos Beltran who mostly exceeded Albert during 2013-13.

    2014 may have a different dynamic. Pujols had a foot operation and seems much improved as a result. His OPS is 960 and rising. Barring injury, Albert could have a big year, giving Artie Moreno more of what he hoped for.

  3. blingboy says:

    Lance’s second half will be the question. One way or another he will likely pitch a lot of innings and win a lot of games.

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