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Cardinal Talk: KXnO FOX Sports Radio: Pittsburgh and beyond

Weekly St. Louis Cardinals-focused chat on KXnO FOX Sports Radio 1460 in Des Moines.

In our first regular-season installment in our normal late-Friday time slot, I joined Ken Miller on KXnO FOX Sports Radio 1460 in Des Moines to discuss the St. Louis Cardinals.

We touched on the Cardinals’ opening series in Cincinnati as well as summarizing the early National League Central Division schedule. Then we looked ahead to the home opener in St. Louis this coming Monday.

Once again in 2014, Cardinals followers in central Iowa will be able catch St. Louis Cardinals radio broadcasts on KXnO as well as my regular segment each week throughout the season, either over the air or via streaming. Or, if you miss it live, you can always catch the replay right here at The Cardinal Nation blog.

Click here for audio: Brian Walton with Ken Miller (7:27)

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Brian Walton runs The Cardinal Nation and The Cardinal Nation Blog, covering the St. Louis Cardinals and minor league system.
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6 Responses to “Cardinal Talk: KXnO FOX Sports Radio: Pittsburgh and beyond”

  1. crdswmn says:

    I miss the days when there were game threads on here and enough posters to have a nice discussion. Folks were pleasant and upbeat for the most part.

    Twitter has become a nightmare, and the message board is not much better. Every one is negative and constantly in attack mode. No one seems to have the patience to weather the ebbs and flows. No mercy is the theme.

    Spoiled and entitled fans if you ask me. I don’t have the stomach for it right now.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      The views among people are very diverse. This particular web site has tended to be accepting of diverse views.
      The message board of TCN tends to bill itself as a “community.” Community’s can have a way of being intolerant of some.
      You crdwmn have a tendency to be loyal to players and not like criticisms of them. Loyalty is generally laudable. Critics with a short term focus do abound among fans, however.

      • crdswmn says:

        I don’t have an issue with criticisms of players as long as they are reasonable and well founded. The problem is most of them aren’t. Some players start slowly. Some players need time to adjust to new surroundings if they are new to the team. No player can be good 162 games, but the tendency now is to expect them to be. No one seems to have the patience for the normal ebbs and flows of baseball.

        It used to be “well player X had a bad day, better luck next time”. Now it is “player X SUCKS”. Attack, attack, attack, that is the theme when things go wrong, and they always go wrong sometimes. Instant gratification or bust.

        I am just weary of it.

        • JumboShrimp says:

          Baseball is a marathon sport suited to discipline aggression and patience. Fans used to the fast pace of basketball or the hype of football can be an uneasy fit with baseball. Culture today seems to value loud and short-term. Good to let others choose to be themselves.

          • crdswmn says:

            Lots of varying personalities that don’t always mesh well. I’m an old fogey from a different time and I have strong opinions, which makes it worse. The internet is a tough place, especially when you are dealing with people who choose to be anonymous. Not like when you used to be able to set down face to face and work out differences or at least be tolerant of them. You can’t defend an opinion anymore without pissing someone off.

            I’m not feeling sorry for myself, just indulging in a little self-reflection.

  2. blingboy says:

    The Yankees have some career minor league guy they got from the Padres filling in for Brendan Ryan as Jeter’s backup. Made his debut the other day at age 27. He was sort of a SS/2B/3B UT the last couple years for the Padres at AA/AAA before breaking out with the stick last year. I think he was the PCL batting champ.

    The Yankees gave up a pretty good mid level (A) RHR. Cheap, but this Dean Anna guy was not really considered a major league prospect anymore, at least until this past season. The Pads had Ronnie Cedeno playing short last year, and could have DFAd him to get Anna onto the 40 man ahead of the Rule 5 draft, or made some other move, but decided to trade him instead.

    This interests me because of all the talk about Descalso vs Kozma. The Cardinals are clearly well placed to have sacrificed a pretty good mid level RHR to get ahold of this guy to get a look. Not that he is a sure thing to do anything in the bigs. But still. Its not like we are stoked with middle infield/UT depth.

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