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Saturday 3/8 Cardinals television may be a mistake

When I put together the master broadcast schedule for the 2014 St. Louis Cardinals Grapefruit League schedule, I used many sources. They included the individual teams’ broadcast plans and that of their primary television partners. On top of that went the national schedules of FOX, ESPN and MLB.

In the latter case, there are two animals. MLB Network picks up many team spring broadcasts and plays them, either live or in many cases, on a delayed basis. Though rare, now and then, they originate their own coverage with their own broadcasters. is the place to watch or listen to any game coming from any source. I am not sure, but I think in the past they may have used in-stadium video to augment radio feeds at times.

You may ask, why am I going through that?

The reason is that there is a discrepancy in Saturday’s schedule, which affects the Cardinals-Nationals contest at Jupiter.’s spring schedule has listed this game all along – and still does. However, it is not being telecast by either the Cardinals’ or Nationals’ networks (FOX Sports Midwest and MASN, respectively), nor is it on a national schedule. So, where would the video feed be coming from?

The really concerning information is that’s media center page for Saturday shows only radio coverage for the game. Since that is place where one has to go to actually link to and see the game, I would tend to trust it most, unfortunately. In other words, it appears the Saturday contest will be on KMOX, the Cardinals Radio Network and Gameday Audio, but not on television.

Looking at the remainder of the Cardinals spring schedule, I see the potential for a repeat of this problem two additional times – next Saturday, March 15 with the Cardinals at Braves and Sunday, March 23 when the Astros visit Jupiter. Both games are on’s spring schedule despite no team affiliate coverage having been announced. However,’s media center page for those days have not yet been filled in, so we will not be able to tell for sure until the time gets closer.

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4 Responses to “Saturday 3/8 Cardinals television may be a mistake”

  1. […] Update 3/7: Though’s spring schedule still lists the Saturday 3/8 Nats at Cards game, it is not on their media center page for that day. I would tend to trust the latter, unfortunately. This discrepancy could also affect the 3/15 and 3/23 games noted below. Additional details here. […]

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    After enduring a long cold winter, its nice to get back to baseball. Spring training is a fun time with happy thoughts for fans of all teams, before the season begins and disappointments arise.
    The Post Dispatch must send a bunch of reporters to Jupiter and they all have to file stories, so there is a great outpouring of articles.

  3. Brian Walton says:

    To add insult to injury, KMOX’s over the air broadcast will be delayed until 5 PM due to a conflict with the Blues game. appears to be the only way to get Saturday’s Cardinals game live.

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