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Nationals-Astros spring training plan moves to the front burner

The hope that the Toronto Blue Jays would depart their long-time Florida Gulf Coast home in Dunedin and move to the east coast of the Sunshine state has ended. As previously reported, plans to share a complex in Palm Beach Gardens with the Houston Astros failed due to local opposition. Since then, the Blue Jays have opted out of the entire idea of relocating, communicating their decision to stay in Dunedin.

Though no new teams may move into Florida’s east coast area, perhaps the Washington Nationals may not leave and in fact, could move closer.

The Astros and Nationals have joined forces in the exploratory stages of a plan to share a new spring training complex on 80 acres in Lake Worth, reports the Palm Beach Post. City officials appear to be behind the project, but the matter is complicated by the fact that the proposed site is a park owned by Palm Beach County.

If the deal could be hammered out, two clubs that are currently two-plus hours away from the St. Louis Cardinals and Miami Marlins in Jupiter – in Viera (Washington) and Kissimmee (Houston) – would then be just 25 miles from Jupiter. That would provide a great scheduling and travel benefit to all four clubs plus the nearby New York Mets, as well.

There is plenty of potentially rough road ahead before the proposed complex could become reality, however.

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19 Responses to “Nationals-Astros spring training plan moves to the front burner”

  1. Brian Walton says:

    The long message board outage continues. It appears a partial rebuild has occurred with the most recent two weeks worth of posts still to be restored. We remain unable to access the forums. Embarrassed and angry summarizes my feelings.

    • crdswmn says:

      Is it going to be back up before ST games start on Friday?

    • blingboy says:

      I really appreciate the work of those who provide content for the various Scout sites, especially TCN. Behind the scenes, though, it must be pretty bush league. It doesn’t seem prudent to trust that Scout is up to the task of responsibly safe guarding the credit card info they have attached to my account for purposes of automatically renewing my premium subscription. My wife and I recently had to change out a couple cards because of the Schnucks supermarket security breach so we have sort of a hightened awareness of the danger of taking that sort of thing for granted. The bad guys are sophisticated.

      I already found out there is no obvious way to delete credit card info from the “My Account” screen so I had to send a message on the ‘Contact Us” screen. Something tells me this is not going to go smoothly. At renewal time, I hope that payment can be made through Pay-Pal.

      • Brian Walton says:

        I understand why your confidence is shaken. I would not think there is any connection between credit card security and message board stability, but I cannot attest to anything with certainty. I do not have insider knowledge of Scout’s IT. I do have many years of experience in the IT industry, however, and I had rarely, if ever, seen problems to the extent of this and the botched FOX NEXT migration.

        Regarding your specific inquiry, the “Contact Us” messages from the TCN site are routed to me first. For security reasons, I (and my peers who run Scout sites from the content side) do not have access to stored credit card information, so I cannot directly take action on your behalf.

        There are several alternatives as I see it.

        From your “My Account” area, you can change your credit card number. I imagine you could enter a bogus number. Or, some credit card companies provide virtual account numbers that can be used one time only and have a shorter validity date. You could get one of those to use once. Of course, it would be incumbent on you to change it every time before your subscription is due. That would be a big hassle if you go month-to-month but less so if you subscribe annually.

        I am not aware that PayPal is a payment option, but that does not mean it is not accepted. I don’t know.

        My recommendation if you want to take action on your billing info would be to call the Subscription Center directly. It is a toll-free call and the center is open from 8AM to 8PM CT Monday-Friday. The number is 1-888-501-5752. If they are busy and you don’t want to wait, you can leave a message and they will call you back.

        I hope that helps.

    • Brian Walton says:

      This morning, a number of the other Scout boards are coming up. Ours appears to be restored to the February 13 level – however, our individual forums are not yet accessible from the overall forums list page. The Scout IT people are still working on correcting the problems. Even when restored, all forums will have lost all postings since February 13. That is the case for all Scout boards.

  2. Brian Walton says:

    Cardinals position players from team photo day posted now.

    • blingboy says:

      Descalso seems to be sporting more of a beard than stubble. There is evidence of grooming and the overall impression of facial hygene, so I will have to disqualify him. An unexpected turn after having embodied the gold standard since he arrived in the bigs.

      After considerable hand wringing, I have to go with Matt Carpenter this time, and he is now the holder of the Vern Rapp Cup recognizing the player showing up for photo day with the most impressive display of unkempt stubble.

  3. blingboy says:

    It seems Carlos Martinez has created a social media related distraction. If it was good enough to get on deadspin it must have been pretty juicey. Lucky for him the Cards are not the morality police.

    • Brian Walton says:

      Yes, his questionable choice of favorites appeared on my timeline a few days ago, but I am not Deadspin.

      • crdswmn says:

        There are some young men on Twitter that are quite upset with the Cardinals for making Martinez apologize, as they see nothing whatsoever wrong with what he did. Apparently they believe the Cardinals should cater to their particular sensibilities and no one else’s, as the possibility that some might have been offended by the images doesn’t compute.

        • Brian Walton says:

          One thing I have learned is anyone with any fringe idea has a voice on twitter.

          • crdswmn says:

            I got quite the lecture from one young man who was not only shocked and dismayed that MLB had a social media policy, but that ANYONE should be offended by such images, most especially any female to whom the particular body parts in the images didn’t belong.

            I am not sure it is a matter of fringe ideas, but a matter of some folks really believing theirs is the only point of view that should matter and that THEY should be the arbiter of what is appropriate.

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