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Minor league treatment of MiLB.TV device support

On Tuesday morning, Major League Baseball Advanced Media made an important announcement. The extremely popular MLB.TV application is now available for 2014 subscriptions. The benefit is the ability to watch every out-of-market MLB game live on 400 different types of supported devices.

Prices remain flat for the two offerings: MLB.TV Premium ($129.99) and basic MLB.TV ($109.99). For those who subscribed last year, there is an auto renewal process you should be contacted about very soon.

I have been a subscriber for years and will surely be back for 2014. So, why am I upset?

It is the ongoing shabby, second-class treatment given to MiLB.TV, the minor league little brother of MLB.TV. Sold separately or as an add-on to MLB.TV, MiLB.TV allows the subscriber to watch most Triple-A, many Double-A and selected other minor league contests throughout the season.

MiLB.TV’s price is reasonable at $39.99, sometimes offered at 50 percent off as part of an MLB.TV subscription.

What is the problem, you ask? Lack of supported devices remains the issue. MiLB.TV will work on just PC/Mac, iPhone and iPad.

In other words, almost all of the 400 devices that support MLB.TV and access the popular At Bat app cannot view minor league games.

No Android, Blackberry, PlayStation, Xbox, Roku, Apple TV or a variety of Blu-ray players. None of them work with MiLB.TV.

I can understand why MLB Advanced Media is putting its muscle behind keeping its biggest offering on new platforms as they are introduced, such as Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I understand that resource follows the money. I get it.

Then again, I am not asking for the world here – just for MiLB.TV to be delivered to its loyal subscribers on the basic devices that MLB.TV has supported for years.

Why is that such a seemingly hopeless wish?

Footnote: To be 100 percent fair, the 2014 MiLB.TV offering has yet to be announced. It would be great to be delighted when that occurs, but after so many years of continued disappointment on the device support issue, I have no reason to feel optimistic.

Update: MiLB.TV has been made available for 2014. Not only is there no improvement in device support, a $10 price increase for new customers was tacked on top of it!

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6 Responses to “Minor league treatment of MiLB.TV device support”

  1. crdswmn says:

    Yeah, that bugs me too. I am often out somewhere (school, errands, hair salon, etc) where I don’t have my laptop but have my Android phone or Kindle Fire. I would like to be able to access MiLB games if I want. It just makes sense, because people don’t drag their PCs around with them, and the Android phone is getting more and more popular over the Apple products because of cost and other factors (every tech person I know has told me not to buy an IPhone).

    • blingboy says:

      Crdswmn, if you ever fall in a river all your electronic crap will drag you to the bottom. After electrocuting you. Archaeologists will find you in 1000 years and think you were a robot.

      Whenever my flip phone dies I don’t know what I’ll do. I doubt you can buy them anymore. And I have the old fashined Kindle that just does books. Don’t want to be plugged into the www 24/7. I figure the world can do without my electronic interaction most of the time and vice versa.

      • crdswmn says:

        Well, let’s see, my phone and my Kindle Fire together weigh less than 5 pounds, so dragging me to the bottom seems unlikely.

        You can still buy flip phones. They come in the prepaid version that you can buy at Walmart.

        Smartphones are good for more than just accessing the internet. There are apps that will do all kinds of things that even a computer can’t do. I can take pictures, scan and fax documents and navigate my car with it, among other things. I can even control my TV with it. Don’t knock it til you try it.

        • blingboy says:

          I wonder if it is OK for a dude to ask directions from his phone?

          Anyway, I guess its all something I never new I couldn’t do without. Like bottled water.

  2. synmonger says:

    Here we are in 2015 and the situation is the same. I have found a workaround for android though. Install Dolphin web browser and set it to request the desktop version of the website by changing the user agent under settings > advanced. It will ask to install adobe flash. Do it. Enjoy!

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