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Of course, three eligible Cardinals filed for arbitration

For some who may not fully understand the arbitration process to set Major League Baseball salaries for players between three and six years of service time, Tuesday was an exciting day. For the rest of us, not so much.

146 MLB players filed for arbitration. It is simply a formality – the first step in a multi-step process intended to get these players’ 2014 salaries agreed-to before the season begins.

The 146 represent every eligible player, including the three Cardinals in that population – outfielders Peter Bourjos and Jon Jay and infielder Daniel Descalso. They would have absolutely no reason to not file.

The next step, coming Friday, is far more important. Players and teams will exchange their salary figures, with the player’s request always coming in higher, of course. This enables both sides to see where the other stands, with the logical next step of agreeing in the middle.

If player and team cannot come to an agreement, they will be scheduled for an arbitration hearing before a three-person panel to be held during the first three weeks of February. If it would get as far as an actual hearing, the arbiters would select either the team’s or player’s amount, with no compromise.

In reality, hearings are usually not required. The process is designed to drive agreement prior to that point. The last time the Cards went that far with a player was in 1999, though they have come close a couple of times since.

While there is nothing to stop the two sides from negotiating a multi-year agreement, I expect all three to settle for one-year contracts covering the 2014 season only. New arrival Bourjos has yet to establish himself with the Cardinals, while Jay and Descalso will likely play reserve roles.

In fact, I would not be surprised if deals with one or more of the three will be announced as soon as this weekend at Winter Warm-Up.

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6 Responses to “Of course, three eligible Cardinals filed for arbitration”

  1. Brian Walton says:

    Jay is the first of the three to come to terms. $3.25 MM per Joel Sherman of the NY Post.

  2. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    Rasmus, 27, is represented by Excel Sports Management. The left-handed swinger batted .276/.338/.501 with 22 homers for the Blue Jays in 2013 and played strong defense in center field according to UZR/150 (+15.2) and The Fielding Bible’s Defensive Runs saved metric (+11). Rasmus will be one of the most appealing free agents on next year’s market, though he could stand to cut down on this past season’s 29.5 percent strikeout rate. His $7MM guarantee tops the projection of MLBTR contributor Matt Swartz by $500K.

    • Nutlaw says:

      Very nice! Good for him!

      • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

        Colby went through one of the most insightful and dramatic coaching interventions I’ve ever witnessed……………… Jays took virtually all the arguments and philosophy of RC off the table. ……..They literally created a unique competitive dialogue between Colby and the pitcher that presented all of Colby’s strengths against a challenge to the pitcher to attempt and exploit his weaknesses. The 7 million shows the outcome. There is a possibility that with just a few adjustments, CR could have a monster year in 2014. I’m talking 30+ HR’s and a 300 average…… watch some of his AB’s for a treat…………. toes on the inner line…..straddling the plate…. It’s incredible to watch…………. tape measure Hr’s…….

        In the end, it isn’t going to be about Colby. Its going to be about Blue Jay coaching. Are they that good? Do they have a plan?…………… added thing…..the defensive metric is very much a by-product of playing on that rock hard carpet. Colby never came in well. You can’t even think about it there. I think he finally learned with no “forward” concerns, he could really get a jump back and to the sides. Another Jays intelligent analysis…….

  3. chiefshb says:

    Wrong birds!

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