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Stan Musial Collection auction underway

The big sale of Stan Musial’s personal memorabilia collection, run by Heritage Auctions, is currently underway.

The bidding, held on-line, runs from Thursday, November 7 through Saturday, November 9. However, the auction, which includes many other items, is split into three sessions. It appears the Musial items are in the second grouping, for which initial bidding ends Friday night. They also mention an extended bidding process, which seems to allow those who bid initially to raise their offer after regular bidding closes. I am not an expert in this, so if you are interested, please investigate the specifics yourself using the links provided here.

As I went to the site to check out the progress, I noticed a YouTube video prepared in support of the auction. It was not what I had expected. Rather than a walk through the catalog of items for sale, it was a general Musial history piece. The best parts are short interview clips featuring his mother, Branch Rickey and Harry Caray. It follows.

Not being a memorabilia collector myself, I am only following the proceedings with a detached interest. I do have one Musial item, though, an autograph card provided by Musial’s long-time secretary, Pat Anthony, from my investigation of the Musial number 19 photos.

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4 Responses to “Stan Musial Collection auction underway”

  1. Bw52 says:

    Cards sign Scott Moore 3B-1B 30 yrs old to a minor league contract.Major league time with Cubs,Orioles and Astros.Per Rotoworld.

  2. Brian Walton says:

    The auction reportedly netted $1.2 million, higher than estimates. A couple of the most expensive items were his 2011 Cardinals World Series ring for $191,200 and the four-page letter written to Musial by Ty Cobb in 1952 for $71,700.

    • kray66 says:

      Thanks for posting the link to the auction. There were some interesting items. Some I’m surprised the family parted with, but to each their own.

      If any visitors to this site happened to have bought the lot of autographed McDonald’s 100th anniversary cards, I’d love to purchase one from you. I remember that set as a kid (my parents wouldn’t let me have any of them until they had a full set for me to have when I was older.)

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