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Cardinals rank eighth in one view of system rankings

Recently, I recapped the league-by-league top 20 prospect lists compiled by Baseball America. This week, they have taken it one step further by weighing and totaling the scores by organization.

As such, it provides a pseudo-farm system ranking for the 30 MLB clubs. But remember, this is based solely upon the top 20 prospects in each league. Still, it is certainly worth a look.

The St. Louis Cardinals are ranked eighth, hardly an embarrassment. Yet it is a good reminder that the wealth of recently-graduated prospects cannot be sustained at that level indefinitely.

Any rankings of talent will have its ebbs and flows. The Cardinals recent number one ranking was great, but it was a reflection of a point in time that may have already passed.

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5 Responses to “Cardinals rank eighth in one view of system rankings”

  1. Bw52 says:

    So Boston is 1st because of Bradley and Boegarts and the Cards are 8th with Wacha and Wong and Martinez.Red Sox get more credit for developing a SS who is not playing SS right now mostly trhan the Cards do for developing a boatload of pitchers and Wong.

  2. blingboy says:

    They probably saw Wong bat and run and penalized us. 🙁

    The thing that should be remembered is that the Cardinal graduates who are helping the team were not all top prospects. Certainly not all started off as top prospects. Besides the obvious like Rosenthal, Siegrist and Adams, there is a guy like Joe Kelly. When the Cards called him up from Memphis instead of the then troubled Miller, nobody but the HPGF ever heard of him, and they were not all that impressed. ) He started off ranked 32nd in the January 2010 TCN prospect list, 27th in 2011 and 18th in 2012).

    Some of the discussion going on in the annual prospect ranking vote thread is dircting attention to the next crop of non-top prospects who may come out of nowhere to take the stage.

  3. Bw52 says:

    I have been voting in the ratings.Many seem infatuated with DSL and GCL prospects.

    • Brian Walton says:

      DSL is an especially long way away, but something like 12 of the Cards top 15 draft picks this year started in the GCL.

    • blingboy says:

      Those interested in the pipeline of prospects can be divided into two camps. Those that heavily weigh possible high ceiling with less concern for distance from the top of the system, and those who more heavily value proximity to the top with less concern for high ceiling.

      I personally value proximity, even if the guy will likely be a MLB UT or middle reliever. Others like to look at a hot 17 year old in the DR and see a potential big star. Makes for lively debate sometimes.

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