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Cardinal Talk: KXnO FOX Sports Radio: World Series knotted

As I do most every Friday afternoon, I joined Ken Miller and Jim Brinson on KXnO FOX Sports Radio 1460 in Des Moines in our weekly series to discuss the St. Louis Cardinals, “Cardinal Talk.”

Of course, the discussion was about the first two games of the 2013 World Series, set in Boston. After a split, the two teams, the Cardinals and Red Sox, face off in the Gateway City for Games 3 through 5, starting on Friday night.

Cardinals followers in central Iowa can again catch St. Louis Cardinals radio broadcasts on KXnO (or on WHO when football programming conflicts) as well as my regular segment each week throughout the season, either over the air or via streaming. Or, if you miss it live, you can always catch the replay right here at The Cardinal Nation blog.

Click here for audio: Brian Walton with Ken Miller and Jim Brinson (11:17)

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16 Responses to “Cardinal Talk: KXnO FOX Sports Radio: World Series knotted”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    An interesting Game 3. The final play seemed reasonably called. Saltamachia made a genuinely bad throw. Even with his bad foot, Craig would have scored, if Middlebrooks were not on the field. Unfortunately for the Sox, runners cannot be impeded, however unintentionally. If the rules allowed obstruction, there would be a lot of it. Middlebrooks was unlucky because he could dive to try to catch the ball, but once the ball was past him, he was an obstruction and would have had to move out of the way.
    We shall hope Craig’s foot is not seriously re-injured. He is a tremendous hitter to have a month off and to rip the first pitch from the Red Sox ace reliever.

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    The Cards needed to win having used Kelly; having not whupped Peavy; needing to prevail at home; and having committed Rosenthal early.

    Two questionable decisions by Matheny. During the stretch run, Descalso got most of the SS starts. Going against an RHP tonight, Descalso should have been the starter. He might have KO’d Peavy in the 4th. While Pete blasted a couple of fly balls, he does not look like he has hits in his bat right now. We need to minimize Pete’s at bats.

    Another curious decision was using Martinez in the 8th instead of Axford. Martinez is a great talent and I know they are trying to fit him to the 8th inning role. But Axford has a lot more time in the majors.

    We got lucky Middlebrooks was slow to react to Holliday’s grounder that turned into a decisive two run double. We got lucky Beltran got brushed by a pitch.
    Nava had a fine game for the Sox. Holliday is having a super series.

  3. Bw52 says:

    The Cards inability to hit a flyball cost them a couple of runs at least. Why MM didn`t pinch run for Molina is a big question.Seems like MM managing to not lose instead of trying for the win.

    • Brian Walton says:

      I agree on the fly ball, but disagree strongly about Molina. You don’t pinch run for your all-star catcher in a tie game on the verge of heading into extra innings and an empty bench. There is wild risk and prudent risk. It would not have been wise to remove Molina.

      If I was going to question a pinch running decision, it would have been not putting in a pitcher on the bases for the injured Craig. However, it did not initially appear that run was going to matter. All in all, I have no issue with how Matheny handled it.

      • crdswmn says:

        It’s refreshing to hear someone not criticize every move Matheny makes. I have been lurking on VEB these last few days, and it has been non-stop post after post about how terrible a manager Matheny is. I finally got tired of it last night and stopped going there. The sabermetric discussions are not worth reading that arrogant BS. I don’t approve of every thing Matheny does, but I sure don’t think I could do a better job, like those clowns do.

        Brian, do you think Kelly should have been PH for in the 4th inning? With the bases loaded that seemed to be an opportunity to blow the game open.

        • Brian Walton says:

          Regarding fourth inning PH, I was 60-40 or 65-35 against. I saw the potential benefit, but it felt like a desperation move when one was not required. It wasn’t like the other guys were pitching Cy Young or that Kelly had been awful. I also wondered how the Cards would have managed five innings out of the pen and the potential impact ahead with games coming on two consecutive nights.

      • Bw52 says:

        I disagree Brian.Runners 2nd and 3rd 1 out.A faster runner than Molina could have made Pedroia hurry his throw .Molina was out by a mile even though JJ hit the ball hard.Might had been better if JJ hit a slow roller.

        • crdswmn says:

          Without clairvoyance, no one could know that Jay would hit a grounder there and Molina’s speed would matter. PR for Molina there with the spectre of extra innings would have been an even worse move. You take the risk and keep Molina in. Regular season game it wouldn’t matter, but in the World Series you absolutely do not lose Molina for extras.

        • Brian Walton says:

          Good point, Bw. A pinch runner would only have been out by half a mile. 😉

          • Bw52 says:

            Since Cards aren`t going to use Tony Cruz except as a injury replacement that means the bench is even weaker and that shows another reason why having Mujica on the WS roster was a poor choice.Loyal maybe………….using all your bullets no.

            • Brian Walton says:

              C’mon, Bw. You know most every team has a back up catcher that is not used unless an emergency occurs. That has NOTHING to do with the choice of the last reliever in the pen. NOTHING. I know you have to know that so why even try to go there?

  4. Bw52 says:

    Haven`t been to post anything on forums for most of the game.Keep getting ERRORmessage.WEBSITE NOT RESPONDING.This is ridiculous.So angry right njow I better wait to post after cooldown.Freese,Jay ,DD all pretty pathetic right now,Adams too.Cards hit like a bunch noodle bat wussies tonite.

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