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Cardinals and Red Sox World Series odds

On the cusp of the start of the 2013 World Series, the folks at offer the following sets of odds on a number of Fall Classic-related items.

Though St. Louis Cardinals fans may prefer their club is the favorite, rather than the underdog, they previously had the worst odds of any of the four teams in the League Championship Series and turned out just fine.

In this installment, we look at the odds to win the World Series, the exact number of games in the Series by team as well as Most Valuable Player candidates.

Though not listed here, one could also bet on all kinds of related events, such as which team will hit the most home runs, commit the most errors, ejections, grand slams and more.  Personally, I am interested for the entertainment value only.

Odds to win 2013 World Series
St. Louis Cardinals 6/5 (+120)
Boston Red Sox 5/7 (-140)
Odds to win the 2013 World Series MVP
David Ortiz (BOS) 15/2
Dustin Pedroia (BOS) 8/1
Carlos Beltran (STL) 9/1
Matt Holliday (STL) 10/1
Yadier Molina (STL) 12/1
Allen Craig (STL) 12/1
Jacoby Ellsbury (BOS) 12/1
Jon Lester (BOS) 12/1
Adam Wainwright (STL) 14/1
Michael Wacha (STL) 15/1
Matt Carpenter (STL) 15/1
Mike Napoli (BOS) 15/1
Clay Buchholz (BOS) 15/1
Koji Uehara (BOS) 15/1
Xander Bogaerts (BOS) 16/1
David Freese (STL) 18/1
Trevor Rosenthal (STL) 18/1
Matt Adams (STL) 20/1
Shane Victorino (BOS) 20/1
Stephen Drew (BOS) 25/1
Exact Series Result
St. Louis Cardinals 4-0 12/1
St. Louis Cardinals 4-1 6/1
St. Louis Cardinals 4-2 5/1
St. Louis Cardinals 4-3 5/1
Boston Red Sox 4-0 10/1
Boston Red Sox 4-1 6/1
Boston Red Sox 4-2 7/2
Boston Red Sox 4-3 4/1
Total Games in Series
4 11/2
5 13/5
6 7/4
7 7/4

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7 Responses to “Cardinals and Red Sox World Series odds”

  1. Bw52 says:

    Kozma who is only mainly playing because of his defensive ability screws up and open the door.Way to go.

  2. Bw52 says:

    And David Freese personally kills a rally with a weakass DP.

  3. Bw52 says:

    Jon Jay fails in a RISP situation.Cards are wasting chances to get back in this game.

  4. Brian Walton says:

    A rough performance all the way around.

  5. Bw52 says:

    Rough is being way too kind Brian,Crappy,pathetic,,terrible,lousy are all too nice to describe the keystone kops that took the place of the Cardinals tonite.A damned so-called “defensive” SS makes two costly errors,Your WS hero from 2011 makes a costly error,kills a rally with a feeble AB,Your “ACE” pitcher can`t find the strikezone and when he is just about to get oput of the inning intact his defense falters.Your top postseason hitter get hurt early.So tonite left rough behind a while back.

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