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Cardinals improve again in Major League Baseball odds

Back in April, the folks at provided a set of odds on a number of Major League Baseball-related races. I updated them back in June, August and twice in September.

On Thursday as the NLDS was getting underway, they provided a refresh, a subset of which follows.

In this installment, we look at the odds to win the two league championships and the World Series, along with specific outcomes of the Cardinals-Pirates series.

Says Kevin Bradley, Sports book Manager,

“For the first time all year, the Red Sox at 15/4 have finally surpassed the Dodgers and Tigers as World Series favorites, but are not seeing too much action. In fact they have been lightly bet all year and as a result, the Red Sox winning the World Series would be an ideal result for the book.

“With the Playoffs getting really underway in just a few hours, we have seen quite a bit of Cardinals money, forcing us to drop them from 6/1 to 11/2. Out of the AL, it seems that the Rays, who have had to battle their way in, are the popular bet at 8/1.”

(In the tables below, teams are ordered by current odds.)

American League

Odds to win AL April June Aug Sep 4 Sep 18 Oct 3
Boston Red Sox 10/1 7/1 17/4 15/4 2/1 9/5
Detroit Tigers 4/1 3/1 7/2 2/1 5/2 2/1
Oakland Athletics 8/1 10/1 4/1 6/1 9/2 7/2
Tampa Bay Rays 14/1 9/1 4/1 6/1 10/1 4/1

National League

Odds to win NL April June Aug Sep 4 Sep 18 Oct 3
Los Angeles Dodgers 9/2 15/1 11/4 3/2 7/5 9/5
St. Louis Cardinals 8/1 4/1 10/3 5/1 9/2 2/1
Atlanta Braves 7/2 4/1 10/3 11/4 13/4 13/4
Pittsburgh Pirates 33/1 11/1 9/2 5/1 5/1 4/1

World Series

Odds to win World Series April June Aug Sep 4 Sep 18 Oct 3
Boston Red Sox 20/1 15/1 8/1 15/2 9/2 15/4
Los Angeles Dodgers 10/1 33/1 7/1 13/4 15/4 9/2
Detroit Tigers 7/1 13/2 6/1 19/4 5/1 19/4
St. Louis Cardinals 16/1 8/1 15/2 11/1 10/1 11/2
Atlanta Braves 15/2 8/1 7/1 13/2 8/1 7/1
Oakland Athletics 16/1 22/1 9/1 12/1 9/1 15/2
Tampa Bay Rays 28/1 18/1 17/2 14/1 20/1 8/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 66/1 25/1 12/1 11/1 11/1 10/1


Exact Series Result Games Odds
Pittsburgh Pirates 3-0 8/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 3-1 7/2
Pittsburgh Pirates 3-2 9/2
St. Louis Cardinals 3-0 4/1
St. Louis Cardinals 3-1 7/2
St. Louis Cardinals 3-2 11/4
Total Games in Series Odds
3 5/2
4 3/2
5 3/2

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5 Responses to “Cardinals improve again in Major League Baseball odds”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    Pedro Alvarez is not reading the odds.

    • Brian Walton says:

      Though he does not hit much for average and struck out more than anyone in the NL, it is a feat to be the co-league leader in home runs. Alvarez can be a very hot or cold player. The Cards had better hope he does not go on one of the hot streaks.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        The Pirates left swingers got good looks at Lynn. Alvarez also seems to like fast balls, Wainwright’s as well as Lynn’s. Lynn should have thrown him mostly curves.
        I liked it when Lynn threw Martin four curves in the second. Struck him out.

        Cole is impressive. He is a pitcher who has to be worked. It beat me why Chambers swung at the first strike ahead 1-0. Chambers should not even swing until he has two strikes, because with Cole, every batter has a duty to extend him to deep counts.

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    The series will be a war. To survive the war, the Cards will need to win one in Pittsburg.

    We tried to make the most of Lance Lynn, using him at home where he performs best. It did not work out, today.

    This is just a five game series. Pittsburg accomplished what it needed to do, which was win one at Busch.

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