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Cardinals on more national mid-season prospect lists

Last month, I showed how St. Louis Cardinals prospects stacked up on several national in-season list updates. Since then, two more notable rankings have been released. They are from, compiled by Jonathan Mayo, and from Kiley McDaniel.

Each is different, however. ranks 100 players. Otherwise, Kolten Wong at 55 would not have made an top 50 list.

McDaniel takes a much more radical approach. He includes all amateurs plus Cuban and Japanese players so it is in essence a most valuable properties list of those not currently in the major leagues.

Both Michael Wacha and Carlos Martinez did not make the top 50. Instead, the two are among a group of players acknowledged to be “Rookie Eligible, In MLB and Top 50 Prospect Caliber.” McDaniel told me he recently removed Martinez from the number 30 ranking due to the right-hander’s time in the majors.

Oh yes. Oscar Taveras is second on both new rankings and on five of the six.

Following is a summary of the four Cardinals placements on the six in-season lists.

Site BA BP ESPN Minor Lg Ball Scout
Rater Cooper Parks Law Sickels Mayo McDaniel
# ranked Top 50 Top 50 Top 50 Top 75 Top 100 Top 50
Taveras 2 2 2 4 2 2
Wacha 12 21 32 17 18 ineligible
Martinez 24 22 ineligible 9 26 ineligible
Wong 47 34 NR 39 55 NR

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7 Responses to “Cardinals on more national mid-season prospect lists”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    We are playing pretty well, on a bit of a roll. Joe Kelly has been super.

  2. blingboy says:

    “McDaniel told me he recently removed Martinez from the number 30 ranking due to the second baseman’s time in the majors.” Huh?

  3. JumboShrimp says:

    Apparently the 128 pitch complete game last time out, sapped some energy out of Wainwright. This is not surprising save to Mike.
    The Cards sent down Lyons and Martinez, either of whom might have made a spot start to give Wainwright an extra day of rest, given heavy use last time out. Instead, the Cards make petty moves of bringing up Blazek and Salas, while ignoring the important consideration of lowing the workload for Wainwright. Mo must wonder if he has to serve as the manager as well as the GM.

    • blingboy says:

      There is a lot of argument going on about whether the pitch count last time resulted in the historiclly bad outing this time. My feeling is that something caused it, and that it as likely as anything. Given Adam’s past public disapproval of being taken out, I don’t blame Mike at all. Adam has earned the right to have some say in his useage. It might be that he needs to smarten up about it though. He’s not a kid like he used to be, and his arm is surgically repaired.

      With Wacha likely out for the Pittsbutgh series and Martinez starting for Memphis tonight, what do we do?

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