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Gonzalez is the Cardinals’ first 2013 drug suspension – sort of

When the 50-game suspension of Johnson City outfielder Yoenny Gonzalez was announced on Thursday, it became the first penalty for a St. Louis Cardinals organization player disclosed in almost 12 months. (Interestingly, the exact drug which led to Gonzalez’ suspension was not announced.)

Still, it has been a quiet season on the suspension front, after five Cardinals were busted during 2012. In fact, if no other violations are announced this year, it will be the fewest since 2007.

However, one might apply an asterisk. St. Louis signed two rebounders – players who were suspended by other organizations and immediately released. In those cases, the players had to serve out their 50 games after becoming Cardinals. Shortstop Diory Paulino (Red Sox) and pitcher Estarlin Arias (Nationals) completed their suspensions this season and are now active on the Dominican Summer League Cardinals roster.

Perhaps in most cases it was the normal ebb and flow of players moving on, but it is still worth noting that in the last year, six of the eight previously-suspended players that were active left the Cardinals organization. They are Juan Castillo, Delvi Rodriguez, Alan Ahmady (second suspension), Reggie Williams, Jose Pasen and Michael Swinson.

Along with Paulino, Arias and Gonzalez, the only current Cardinals who were once suspended are Springfield teammates Cody Stanley and Deryk Hooker.

The complete list of Cardinals minor league drug-related suspensions back to 2005 follows.

Date Player Name Substance Length
4/4/2005 Sal Frisella not announced 15 games
5/13/2005 Jeremy Cummings not announced 15 games
4/18/2006 Yonathan Sivira not announced 50 games
8/2/2006 Marcos Chavez not announced 50 games
8/2/2006 Jonathan Gonzalez not announced 50 games
2/20/2008 Scott Vander Weg not announced 50 games
7/29/2008 Braulin Beltre Boldenone 50 games
7/29/2008 Andres Beras Boldenone 50 games
7/29/2008 Yedilson Pena Boldenone 50 games
8/25/2008 Juan Castillo Stanozolol 50 games
12/1/2008 Wilfred Vivas Methandienone 50 games
4/9/2009 Deryk Hooker # Drug of Abuse 50 games
5/15/2009 Kenny Maiques Drug of Abuse 50 games
6/23/2009 Dail Villanueva Nandrolone 50 games
10/6/2009 Alan Ahmady Amphetamines 50 games
12/4/2009 Jefferson Segundo Stanozolol 50 games
12/21/2009 Tyler Bighames Drug of Abuse 50 games
8/31/2010 Jean Carlos De La Cruz Boldenone 50 games
8/31/2010 Delvi Rodriguez Boldenone 50 games
9/30/2010 Lainer Bueno Clenbuterol 50 games
6/24/2011 Andrew Moss Drostanolone 50 games
11/1/2011 Reggie Williams Methylhexaneamine 50 games
3/6/2012 Erick Hurtado* Stanozolol 50 games
3/27/2012 Cody Stanley # Methylhexaneamine, Tamoxifen 50 games
4/19/2012 Jose Pasen Nandrolone 50 games
6/25/2012 Michael Swinson Methylhexaneamine 50 games
9/6/2012 Alan Ahmady Drug of Abuse 50 games
8/22/2013 Yoenny Gonzalez # not announced 50 games
#  = active
* = signing voided

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5 Responses to “Gonzalez is the Cardinals’ first 2013 drug suspension – sort of”

  1. blingboy says:

    Speaking of guys with troubles, is anything of known about whether David Washington’s legal issue is reloved?

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    Gonzalez got signed after he ran a 6.3 second 60. He also is a switch hitter or non hitter as the case may be. For a fast man, he steals remarkably few bases, as in none.
    Maybe the reason they do not announce the drug in his case is maybe its just smoking pot.

    I wonder if big bonus Erick Hurtado was able to latch on with another team.

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