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Improving Uecker-level seating – at a price

I bet we’ve all done it. We’re attending a sporting event stuck in Uecker-level seats. Longingly looking down toward the field, we spy a mass of empty seats below just sitting there unused.

Warily dodging the ushers, we take our hot dog and drink and quietly slip down to improved accommodations for the remainder of the contest.

Well, this time-honored tradition is being legitimized – or should I say monetized – by hungry clubs seeking every potential dollar of revenue.

LetsMoveDown is a new mobile app that allows fans to bid on and buy unused seats during games. Prices are discounted more and more as the game goes on and less time remains.

The app was tested in Memphis by the Grizzlies during the end of the 2012-13 regular season. The NBA club is following up this fall by making it available for all home games.

Not unlike electronic airline boarding passes, LetsMoveDown will also allow those with smartphones to enter games without having to print or pick up tickets at Will-Call. Teams can also pass on special offers to these customers.

Details were disclosed in a recent Memphis Business Journal article.

First, MLB bought StubHub to take better control of the secondary ticketing market. Then dynamic pricing was introduced, allowing clubs to raise or lower ticket prices based on demand.

As this new feature catches on – and I have no reason to believe it will not gain wide acceptance – teams will have another weapon in their arsenal to gain revenue from unsold seating inventory.

Of course, such a capability will be far more valuable to clubs that do not regularly sell out their games.

Further, this is completely voluntary. If you want to remain in your original seats, you can.

What do readers think about LetsMoveDown?

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One Response to “Improving Uecker-level seating – at a price”

  1. kray66 says:

    It’s an interesting idea. I don’t know if I’d use it, but I usually get pretty good seats since I don’t go to many games. I guess it would have been nice for games that I won or had free tickets to (and wanted to upgrade).

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